Iceman IC300 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (92 votes)
Ibanez: Iceman IC300

Price paid: £ 350

Purchased from: Rimmers Music

Sound — 10
I play metal mainly, however I am a professional musician so I am required to play a plethora of different styles and the Iceman nails them all. Of my 4 guitars this one is and always has been my favorite, and I'm pretty confident it always will be. I use it with a Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 with a Celestian Vintage speaker in it and a Boss NS-2, GE-7 and Ibanez DE-7 in the effects loop. This setup is not noisy at all, it sounds a little bit muddy when I drop tune to anything below C and play very chunky stuff, but that's to be expected really as British gain wasn't ever really meant for that. I use a variety of different settings on my amp depending on what style I'm playing, but for metal I use a slight mid scoop on the amps on board EQ, then a fairly large mid scoop on my Boss GE-7 running through the FX loop. I use the delay pedal to thicken the tone slightly, mainly for solo's... so just a short discreet delay setting. The setup does most definitely sound very very full, yet bright. I have to say that it doesn't sound anything like as good as it does with my Iceman with another guitar. Overall it is very versatile, and it is break away from the grain really because most versatile guitars do lots of things but to an average kind of Standard. This guitar however does everything, to a very high Standard! I am very, very impressed indeed! The only sound you can't really get out of this thing is twangy single coil tone, but perhaps that could be fixed by splitting the coils with the correct knowhow, I'm not sure.

Overall Impression — 10
I have been playing for 6 years or so at the moment, I own an Ibanez RG, a Dean Far Beyond Driven ML and a Jackson King V. Of all my guitars, as said this one is my favorite; by far! If this was stolen, lost or unfixable damaged somehow I would actually hunt this another one of this guitar down un-relentlessly. I believe everyone has their match guitar wise, and I believe the Iceman 300 is mine. I love the shape, I love the feel and the sound... Hell I love everything about this guitar, every little thing near enough. If I was to pick one feature that is my favorite I would probably say the unique appearance of the guitar would be it. I tried many, many different guitars to suit my needs of versatility before I purchased this one, I didn't have much experience at the time but I think I definitely made the right choice! If there was one thing I personally wish it had it would probably be a set neck construction or neck thru construction but with the same neck profile, as the newer Iceman's necks just simply aren't as comfortable as the 300's in my solemn opinion.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've lost count of the amount of gigs I've played with this guitar, I always play with a backup as a rule, because with my luck the one time I didn't something would go wrong. However this guitar is built like a truck, it has it's dings and bumps/scratches but doesn't every guitar that's been through the works? It's lasted 4 years so far, and many more to come I suspect! I replaced the strap buttons with detachable ones a month or so after I bought it because they were a little to small to give me peace of mind. Not a bit of the finish has worn off for me on this guitar, it is flawless and doesn't scratch easily either. The only bits it has come off on is the bottom curl, and where it's received heavy knocks.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar was setup poorly when I bought it, however I suspect that it was more Rimmers doing than the factory as they set the guitars up in house before they go on display. Needless to say they are an absolute rubbish shop and don't seem to have the foggiest what they're talking about most of the time. I set it up myself personally when I bought it though, plays like a dream now! The action is very, very low and smooth. The neck is a wizard 2, which is the kind that is on most of the RG series, a shredders neck to be honest. However that's just how I like it. If only it wasn't bolt on. The pickups were fairly recessed when I bought it and it dulled the tone a little, nothing a screwdriver can't fix.

Features — 9
The guitar was made in Korea however not too sure what year this was made but I bought it in 05, It has 22 frets of which are very nice, the fretboard is rosewood I think and the body is basswood. It's a black finish with a creme binding round the neck and the body. The tune-o-matic bridge on it is brilliant, stays perfectly in tune no matter what the tuning or string gauge, I've had everything from 14's to 9's on this and it performs brilliantly with the lot. The pickups are passive as Standard and are actually pretty damn good, I swapped them out for a swineshead Xbucker and a Seymour Duncan Invader eventually but they were by no means a hinderance. There is a single volume knob and a tone knob, and a les paul style Switch. After 3 years my pots got crackly and a bit touch and go, so I had to replace them. Also the Switch is very hard to wire new pickups to, it's very much enclosed which makes soldering fiddly to say the least. The tuners are non-locking and as far as I know they are Ibanez ones, but once again they most defininately perform!

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    reaper_x wrote: albinokrikit wrote: horandago wrote: Wigert wrote: horandago wrote: yes, i can get 12 different sounds from my 2 fret ibanez No, 18 actually.2 x 6... no its 18...remember the open strings? /ownage.
    I agree with the above statements by reaper_x and Josh Shiells... Ownage is always for the win. I used a .12 heavy set with mine, awesome noise... All you hear is ground-breaking crunch!
    CodeXANA writes: Live with this, America!!!
    Marley Tokunaga
    I'd love to play a guitar with two frets I can just imagine how light that sucker would be!!! what is that?? like a 12 1/2 scale length??? LOL
    literally all these review are in-accurate to some extent. Also I dont think im going to listen to a guy that plays a mg practice amp, but then adds that he plays through a marshall stack.....