JS100 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (142 votes)
Ibanez: JS100

Price paid: £ 599

Purchased from: Rimmers Music leyland

Sound — 10
This is simply the highest quality guitar that I have played. Even though I've put it through unbelievable levels of overdrive through marshalls, Line 6's and currently a Bogner stack, it's a crystal clear as distilled water. Don't get me wrong, the pickups channel the gain like lightning rods, so pinched harmonics and all the high end tricks are all possible, maybe even boosted, but it always sounds clear. You hit a note with full distortion and you'll always hear the note, not just the distortion as a noise. You can even get satriani's signature 'satch squeal' from this guitar. Believe me I've tried and somehow succeeded.

Overall Impression — 10
I play pretty much most styles, but my focus is classic rock, with some blues, metal and jazz mixed in for good measure. This guitar is simply unbeatable for this. I used to own a Zakk wylde Les Paul and this gets better squeals; I've played custom shop les pauls that sound less emotional either dirty or clean. Simply put, this guitar utterly embarrasses guitars with an extra digit on their price tags. This is simply my opinion however, so I urge you to play the guitar to see for yourself, but this is the guitar for me. Very little comes close save the updated versions of itself.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've played it through stacks and combos at live volume, given it fierce treatment with my legato/hybrid picking/complicated chords-based playing style. It has never faltered once; not a half-hidden judder, quack or squelch. Any squealing you hear from it is just the pickups doing there job, after you start playing you'll realize this. Hit a harmonic and then tell me you don't get a shiver and I'll be very suspicious.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
At the factory I think that the action was set slightly too high, or it may have been done accidentally when the first set of srtings were put onto it. I took it to a guitar tech because I wanted titanium coated strings on it and he fixed the action so now it's perfect. I can't vouch for all of the guiatrs, but mine was easily fixed despite the minor problem. Mine is finished in completely black and has eroded at about the same rate a granite boulder does when faced with a water pistol. It simply hasn't faded, blanched, peeled or paled. Aesthetically it's a beautiful guitar, and it's never embarrassing to play, as it somehow looks both old and new at the same time; like a Jimi Hendrix reissue, same old grain and fuzz, but it's sharp and crisp and somehow better.

Features — 9
The JS100. Where to start? Well I'll just start from the beginning(the really obvious stuff) and work through to the really analytical stuff(the things non-musicians won't realize). This guitar has 22 frets on it's bolt-on neck, and features an edge-pro tremolo system(a floyd rose-like series of bolts, bars, screws and knobs that helps to keep the strings in tune and it particularly useful when using a whammy bar). It has DiMarzio double-coil pickups for both it's treble and rhythm setting, and in total has two pickups: one for lead and one for rhythm, and the middle position of the Switch turns both on. Now this guitar is incredibly well-made in my opinion, and it's versatile Nature pushes it into a class of it's own. I've played a steve Vai signature before and it felt worse and sounded worse than this. And this guitar is new, not used. Same with the SV signature. The only drawback with the features it there's only one volume dial and one tone dial, so 'kill-switching' is impossible. But it has one feature that more than makes up for it. By pulling the tone dial up and pushing it down, you can Switch between using single or double coils in the pickups, making this sound like a Stratocaster without the Stratocaster drawbacks, or simply a fantastically clean sounding instrument.

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    is this guitar any good for playing metalcore or death metal in drop c tuning?
    This is a cheep ass guiter that isn't worth $300 letalone the people who pay $1000+ for it. you are Name Whores!
    MaDc0w wrote: is this guitar any good for playing metalcore or death metal in drop c tuning?
    music is like a apple only a retard bothers with the core eney way its not down to the guitar to wot music you play on it ive seen strats do i fine job with heavy metal and jazz players with les pauls and 7 string rg,s its down to how you play and your amp set up but to set up a floteing trem for drop tuneing is a pain in the ass as most ot of the time you have to uprate the strings on the trem to counter the extra tension of the heaver strings just get a hard tail and you wont have to wory about it
    The Ibanez JS 100 is not for every one. But it plays many styles very well, fast neck and top quality construction. Took mine home and played for 3 hours on it and it never came out of tune and stayed with me on every style I went to. Its my 3rd Ibanez and all Ibanez guitars I have bought are top quality in construction and the sound I get from them..I have my own recording studio in my home and I have a Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard I use for my summing mixes and the JS 100 compliments this summing box very nicely. It's looking like this maybe my go to guitar. Its has a big fat deep and wide sounding lower notes and buttery mids with creamy rich chimmey highs. Now thats not a bad combinaton, for the price I paid brand new, in the Candy Apple Red color there's not a Fender or Gibson with in miles that can sound as good as this for this price....not a chance.... and I have owned a few...
    Mine's Black, early Korean made. Swapped out the pups for Dimarzio Pro & Fred (N&B), and swapped out the LoTRS-II for a USA made heavier trem with a brass block. Play 50-80's rock through my old Marshall JCM800 & 2x12 which I've had since 1981, and it does just fine, fast and comfortable. I've also added a red one recently (got it for $250.00), which I have modded with Seth-Lover's, a single locking trem, replaced the locking nut with a Gibson Bone nut and changed the neck to a flat Fender neck and it plays and looks awesome, a kind of Satch-Strat and no filing or cutting mods required, so everything can be put back the way it was. Why would I do this? 'Cos I love the feel & look of JS100 body and Strats, and people who know Strats are very curious - hehehe!!!
    awesome guitar to play anything!
    delta777 wrote: guitarfreak222 wrote: RFer wrote: Mine doesn't keep in tune. It actually "detunes" very fast, does anybody knows what can be happening to it?? you can put tune lockers (I think thats what they're called) on the fretboard. Except that cuts your convenience to tune down to drop D without removing the tuning thingies.. you can use the the microtuners (i think thats their name) on the bridge
    you can't actually. this guitar isn't designed for that kinda drop tuning.