JS1000 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (112 votes)
Ibanez: JS1000

Price paid: £ 750

Purchased from: machinehead music

Sound — 9
I play many styles of music from thrash and nu metal to mid gain blues to Pink Floyd stuff. But I mainly focus on hi-ish gain bluesy shred similar to Joe Satriani stuff (go figgure xD). I play through various stomp boxes and I use an Engl fireball with a matching cab. This guitar can fill almost every style very well. The coil tap gets some really prestine cleans and some pushed blues tones. And the basswood makes the guitar very articulate. It cleans up fantasticly when you activate the high pass filter and roll the volume back. When you clock the gain up and activate the humbuckers you get some really punchy leads and growling rhythms. Turn the tone down and you can achieve some smooth bass/mid heavy vai tones. The guitar can sound a little weedy when you go past the 15th fret but that's probably more to do with my amp setttings. Turn the gain up s'more and you get really saturated ball breaking rhythms. It does get very noisy though, but nothing a noise supressor cannot solve:) When you start to downtune the guitar is when it becomes less impressive. It just gets really muddy. I would not take this guitar any lower than drop d / d Standard. She has fantastic harmonics too. Very rich and clear and with enough gain, I can even get some on the 2nd fret! To sumarise the tonal capabilities, this is a very versatile guitar, it shines in bluesy shred and cleans, but it really doesn't cope with downtuned metal.

Overall Impression — 10
This guitar couldnt be more perfect for me. I have been playing for around 6 years and will be taking grade 7 shortly and the guitar fulfils all of my needs. I would never get rid of it unless threatened by loansharks.and if it were stolen I would repace it in a heartbeat. Then I would find the guy whole stole it and make HIM eat his own balls. I've constantly tried to find a guitar that outdid mine for the price and just couldn't. What makes me love it is just the feel of the neck and the fat tone it constantly delivers. My only reserve is the ghastly blue cow finish:s I may even refinish her just to make her perfect. It may not be your thing but I can't think of anything else I would rather have for the money.

Reliability & Durability — 9
NEVER gig an floyd equiped guitar without backup. That's just stupid. However solid it may seem, a string breakage could kill the whole show. But the hardware and all seems solid as joe calzaghe on steroids. The straplocks seemed a little dodgy but again, easily fixed. I immediatly installed some cliplocks and she was fine. The finish chips easily and is like a fingerprint magnet but none of this bothers be as wear, tear and chips to me are like battle scars.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
well seeing as I bought mine used as a 4 year old, it was in really nice shape, naturally there were a few dings and scratches as you would expect, but most of the hardware and electronics were in perfect working order. There were 1 or 2 exceptions though, the 3 way toggle on mine comes loose every so often which gets annoying and when you touch the vol/tone controls with your fingertips you get some annoying static, possibly a grounding issue? Both issues couldve just been one offs and both easily fixed so no serious downmarking here.

Features — 9
This guitar was made in 1994 in Fujigen, Japan. It features a 22 jumbo fretted bolt on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. The fingerboard has a 9" radius and Dot inlays and uses jumbo fretwire. The back of the neck is very fast and smooth. As far as I know, the guitar has Gotoh non-locking tuners. The body is a solid basswood doublecut and has a burned on transparent blue satin(? ) finish. It has a HH configuration with a DiMarzio Paf Pro humbucker in the bridge and a DiMarzio Fred humcucker in the neck position. It has a 3 way Switch, 1 volume knob (which when pulled up works as a high pass filter), and 1 tone knob (which when pulled up acts as a coil tap). She also boasts an Ibanez edge pro double locking bridge. Mine came with an Ibanez plush form fitted hardcase and some allen wrenches.

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    Music MadMan
    Can anyone recommend good products for cleaning this guitar (body, neck, and fretboard)? Just got one and Im paranoid lol