MTM2 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (156 votes)
Ibanez: MTM2

Price paid: $ 650

Purchased from: Local Music Shop

Sound — 9
Definitely for anyone into metal of any sort. I'm able to get this thing tuned down to drop A without it sounding like total sh**. This is amazing for all the new really really low end rythum based death metal going around lately. With 10 gage strings it gets a really good all around tone but with a nice emphasis on the lows. With lower gage strings this thing will rape your ear to death with a deep, grungy, yet still articulate tone. it's pretty amazing.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, if you're into metal, especially the heavier or more technical kinds, this is a really good guitar in the price range, so long as you don't mind havin no whammy bar. It gives an awesome tone for the price and the only durability issues are purely cosmetic. Go try one out before you buy it, you'll love it.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Definitely a reliable guitar, I've never had any issues with it in the months that I've owned it. One thing that I like is when I don't have any extra strings and I break one, I can usually just reclip it and reuse it. As far as actually changing strings goes, it can be kindof time-consuming, not something that I'd wanna do in the middle of a show especially. The finish need alot of attention being that it's very scratch prone. In fact it's so scratch prone I was somehow able to scratch it with a cloth meant for cleaning glasses, but the scratches aren't extremely obvious or anything, but it seems to be pretty impossible to keep spotless looking. Also if you palm mute a lot than you're gonna probably lose some of the paint off parts of the bridge, revealing the copper underneath the solid black.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I got this from a music store, not from the factory, so I don't know how that affects this, but when I bought it everything was perfect, set up exactly how I would've done myself. But I have heard from some people online who got it from the factory of minor problems with the action and stuff. Nothing that you can't tweak yourself though.

Features — 7
Firstly, we'll start with the bads. There's no tone knob whatsoever, which, after playing on this for about six months, is finally starting to get pretty annoying. although the guitar does offer great tone in general, without the ability to tweak that tone (amp aside), it can get a little old. Also the bridge is another problem for me. Although it does offer fine tuners, which is awesome with the locking tuners, thats about all it offers. no tremolo on this guy, which will undoubtedly give you plenty of "ah f*** there's no tremolo bar!" moments. When I first bought this guitar I had high hopes that maybe I could just buy a Floyd Rose or something, but after talking to a few people, it sounds like a better idea not to even TRY to attempt this. Now the good? Despite all the bad, the overall tone of this guitar is still something to brag about, the pick ups do pretty nice, especially for the price. I don't know the brand but they're very decent for being passive. It's also really nice to get a guitar of this style with mahogony at a cheap $599. The reverse headstock is awesome, not only does it look amazing but makes tuning a bit easier. Oh and the back of the neck is painted the same sleek black as the rest of the guitar, looks really nice. All hardware works perfect after 6 months.

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    so many people bitching and whinging about this guitar. a si said earlier....i have one...i love it....and i play the shoit out of it. too all u people like me who know wat ya talkin bout....cudos.....too all u wankers who got something irrelevant to say without know what the fook it is u tlakin about.....FARK OFFF!! this guitar is a cheaper version of the top model....but it still kiks ass. out.....
    Lord Ordevan
    Right,I am in a tricky situation. 3 Guitars I am looking at. MTM2 (this one), MBM-2 and RGT6EXFX... What I thought would be cool if I bought this, then a couple of months later, fitted it with 80/85 EMG pickups. Would that ruin it or should I go for the RGT6EXFX which comes with anyway? I love playing metal, heavy metal... Metal and nothing else... none of the rocky stuff... ADVICE PLEASE
    i have thought about wakkin emg actives in my mtm2.....but decided against it. u have to considr that in order to put them in.....ur gonna have to sacrifice ur guitar a bit....and possibly the sound too. u have to get cavities cut into the wood of ur guitar for all the extra shit to go in.....possibly affecting the tone of ur guitar. i decided against it and put a seymour duncan matched invader set in. not active, but possibly the the most powerful passive pickups i have ever played, lol. screams!! unless u want to hack at the body of ur guitar.....get one that already comes with the emg pickups. but then again...its all up to the what u will man.....this is just the advice u asked for, lol.
    for the price so far this is the best guitar ive seen, can anybody tell me if the strings are far away from the neck requiring me to push hardly or are they nice and close for comfy soloing and to avoid getting my fingers tired?
    autonationrule wrote: can i just say how annoying i find it on these reviews when there arent many pictures of instruments, let alone one of the whole instrument. i know this must seem annoying but can any1 tell where i could take a complaint like this.....?
    if you just click under the main picture on the part that says "pictures" it gives a full pic
    Lord Ordevan wrote: Right,I am in a tricky situation. 3 Guitars I am looking at. MTM2 (this one), MBM-2 and RGT6EXFX... What I thought would be cool if I bought this, then a couple of months later, fitted it with 80/85 EMG pickups. Would that ruin it or should I go for the RGT6EXFX which comes with anyway? I love playing metal, heavy metal... Metal and nothing else... none of the rocky stuff... ADVICE PLEASE
    id recommend getting the RGT6EXFX those are awsome and r great for playing metal and soloing
    If anyone tells you an RG whatsit whatsit is the best thing on the planet, IGNORE THEM TOTALLY, unless its the RG2200X which is pretty haaaawt... but anyway, MY ADVICE TO YOU PEOPLE, The MBM2 (Matt Bachand) is much better value for money. Pre installed EMGS and some pretty fancy artwork with a tremelo for about 100 is a better bet
    Donkey Fly wrote: bitter.sweet wrote: Well. I think it's a nice review, but I'm not sure this guitar is actually like the GUITAR OF GUITARS. This guitar is, or what I've heard of it, definately heavy metal. How much is the price range for this thing? I'm thinking of buying a new guitar, so I'd be pleased if someone could recommend a guitar that played rock, jazz/blues, but also some heavy stuff. Thinking of an SG or Les Paul so far. You need to think outside of the boring Gibson range.
    Gibson guitars are pretty good. That's why people buy them. If you go guitar shopping and you find that a les paul or sg or whatever feels the best and sounds the best, then you should buy it. Better to use your money on a guitar that you like instead of wasting it on something you dont just to "stay out of the boring gibson range" and to be "innovative".
    All of you whining about V7 and V8, I can tell you - V7 is really good, but it's more for clean sound. It's a good pickup but the magnet is weak. Basically you use V8 all the time (as this guitar is for metal). When I got it at first, like 7 months ago, I was really disappointed. I had some strat clone at that moment, which sounded even better for cheap two hundred bucks. The problem was that you HAVE to adjust it yourself. First of all, get some good strings, then, adjust pickup height. When this is done, changing pickups into best Seymour Duncan passives would improve only the tone, which is kinda personal thing. Don't let pickup name to f*ck your mind, you can really make this guitar sound beast from what it has already. But I would recommend getting Boss MT-2 along with it, and maybe NS-2 aswell. Seriously, this combo makes you sound better than SlipKnot itself. I guarantee.
    I Have had this guitar now for three months, and other than some of the paint coming off the bridge, there have been no problems. The pickups were actually really good for the price, the bridge ISN"T a pain in the arse, and it plays great. I only payed $990 and compared to the comparitive "metal" guitars on the market, I have found it miles better. Hell, I ran it through a 9 watt practise amp without any FX and still got some great sounds out of it.