RG1570 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (280 votes)
Ibanez: RG1570

Price paid: $ 1280

Purchased from: Ibanez Rules

Sound — 8
It's great for shredding, any solo works, riff's are ok until you want more classic punch and clean sounding rhythm patterns. But you can edit the EQ settings to get better sound for your needs. What about me personally I try to use this guitar only for overdriven Rock solos and lead patterns. With high gain patches this guitar just sings with a great resonance (at least for me). I love the solo sound I get from it. For the stuff like Rock, Metal, Blues it's a good guitar. For Jazz, Pop and other alike styles it's not the instrument you want to use. Again to be more accurate: I get great solo sounds for Rock, Metal and Electric Blues out of this guitar, I tried also to get some Jazz sounds but none of my tries were LIKEd by me and my musicians, the only way to get around was to use more EQ, it did the trick, but I don't like to use many of effects in chain - only what I need for the sound, so for stuff like that I'g get and alder or mahogany guitar with a little bit thicker neck for more "round" tone like Les Paul. But I can get Start-like tone out of with ease using the single coil middle pickup. Also I've got some great funky sounds out of it. But this guitar is meant for shredding! I'd give 8 out of ten because I use non-stock pickups and use this guitar only for some of styles I play even if it can be used for a whole live gig.

Overall Impression — 9
I've had some strats, les paul, JSs, Prestige RGs and another stuff. This one, the RG1570 has it's own place in my heart. There was a time when it was my main gig guitar, main practice guitar and for sure I used it at live performance. Overall it's a great alternative to the higher end and higher priced guitars I you make a pickup change (change the stock ones, the V7, V8, S1). It's great if you're a student and it's a cool guitar if you're a professional looking for new tones or want to get some Ibanez artist tones with a non-signature Ibanez guitar. I've got Satriani tones that people liked. Even some of them thought it was a JS serie guitar (some people don't feel difference in looks but has good ears). A good alternative to JEMs if loaded with proper pickups and some other. Overall this guitar suits for Rock and Metal very well. Pros: a great trem, fast and thin neck, 24 frets, good access to upper frets, solid tone machine for soling. Cons: low end stock pickups, floating trem - you get problems if a string breaks at live gig, sometimes need more EQ adjustments (for me it's because of the basswood body, but can get the right tone if adjusted properly with EQ)

Reliability & Durability — 9
This instrument is a tank too. It's very reliable. Great piece of Japanese Ibanez craftmanship. Straps are solid, hardware is reliable. But better to have a second instrument, you can never now what would happen next second. I'd buy a second sopy or a fixed Bridge copy to be insure the string breakage. Keep in mind, it has a Floys type trem system. By default (without the special hardware) any string breakage will set the other string out of tune. So no way without a backup! The finish is durable, it will with stand the live shows. I like it. It works for me personally.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Action can be tuned very low as I did. No fret buzz if the fret are good leveled. The neck is thin and straight. Very comfy. No flaws with electronics of looks. Great quality. It would be better to have a matched headstock but Black looks great with Candy Apple body.

Features — 8
Ibanez RG1570 Prestige Mine is a custom one, it features DiMarzio pickups and master level adjustments included in Platinum service level by dealer. Mine is a 2009 RG1570 purchased in 2009. Made in Japan prestige quality guitar. Frets: It has 24 jumbo frets. Must be medium jumbo cause they are not too big but definitely bigger than normal classic size. Perfect for shredding, and tall enough to get the feel of scalloped neck but not too tall to feel weird. Very comfortable frets for the neck. Neck: It's a Wizard Prestige. Great maple neck of great shape. It's made of 5 pieces including two stripes for strength. Well, compared to my one piece JS Prestige necks I state it's stronger than them. Guess it's because of glue and wooden strength stripes. Anyway, there's nothing wrong for me with these more-than-one pieces. You just don't feel it when you play, you just know it. And these 2 stripes on the back of the neck just look very cool, at least for me personally :) Good high fret access with AANJ type bolt-on. Top: I've got the Candy Apple (CA) colored one. It's very glossy, I'd say glamorous. On my first stage performance with it a friend of mine called me Red Baron, the color is just very cool and you will be first person noticed on the stage ) Red is the color that takes notice first! It's very cool, a couple of friends also says it's matte-like but it's very shiny. Nothing like matte I think. Body: The body is basswood. Got some deep bass and high-end frequencies but mid range needs to be adjusted as well as overall EQ. If you use high levels of gain no matter what you use your amp will mostly overlay the basswood and create the character of the sound you can shape further with amp controls. For the clean sounds I use my mahogany bodied instruments (mostly in studio). But it can handle the whole live performance without any doubt. Body style is a superstrat and it's very comfortable also. Strap buttons are very solid too. Bridge: Edge Pro bridge. I find it one of the best bridges. But not the best. The quality is premium, but if you want to intonate it... here the adventure begins! With old Edge and other Floyd Rose copy bridges you had The Key to help you. Now it's very low profile and there's no room for The Key. So you have to intonate it manually, and i'd say it's a big hassle. I usually prefer a professional to maintain it just not to waste my precious playing time. Time is Money! But playing quality is great. It's very ergonomic and comfortable under the palm. For those who get used to classic EDGE the EdgePro is a little bit stiffer to shift. Overall very comfy in use. Double-locking nut and fine tuners are working great. Electronics: I've loaded mine with passive DiMarzios. Namely PAF Joe (neck), True Velvel midlle and Mo'Joe (bridge). It's has a volume and tone control and a five-way pickup switch. Tuners: The tuners are Gotoh, very solid, but the guitar has the double-locking trem system. So no-way to get any tuning issues. Ibanez Prestige case included.

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    trying to decide between a second hand version of this with dimarzio evos for 600 and the new rg370 dxZ for 450 and then reploacing the pups ...anyone have any ideas?
    Get the Prestige one. They are 370 dxZ is uncomparable to Prestige. 1570 is a good instrument.