RG220B review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.5 (39 votes)
Ibanez: RG220B

Sound — 10
This guitar's sound rocks! I am using it on a cheap M2A-110 amp from First Act, and even with this cheap amp, it outdoes any guitar any of my friends have had. Even with the gain control on the amp all the way up, there isn't much noise, even when near the TV or computer. The sound is very full and satisfying when overdriven, but even clean, as long as you back off the tone just a bit, it sounds awesome. I love the sound it gives with the lead pickups on some of the solos from AC/DC. Even on the cheap amp, I was able to sustain a note for 5 minutes.

Overall Impression — 10
I play mostly rock music, like punk and '80s metal. I've been playing for 7 months now, and I only had my acoustic up untill now. Already, this guitar has proven useful for me, as I can now play some solos in some awesome scales, and I can start playin on those scales and making my own. I don't think there is a single thing I don't like about this guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I'm still using the strings that were originally on the guitar. The person I bought it from never replaced them or played them for that matter. I haven't had to make any adjustment to the pickups, or the truss rod. The action is almost perfect. The guitar has an awesome finish, that I think will hold up over years of use.

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