RG220B review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.5 (39 votes)
Ibanez: RG220B

Purchased from: vic litz music

Sound — 8
I play a lot of hardcore and it works great. I have a les paul with EMG's and I prefer this over it for the feel of the neck, and how well it is balanced. the tone is also pretty good when I use it in the drop C tuning I leave it in. with the Randall I have it can scream but hums a lot when not being played, I don't use pedals or other effects with it cause I just don't like them. I haven't really tried any blues jazz or anything else with it but for metal, hardcore, or any other the other genere's that use hi gain distortion it would be great.

Overall Impression — 10
For the price it is amazing, while it isn't a high end RG by any stretch I still love it, I have been playing 7 years and have consetnly been buying new guitars and this was my best one in my opinion, the low price matched with good quality was a winner for me cause as a musician I can't claim to have money for the high end guitars. I wish I had asked about the bridge a little bit more brofre I bought it but with a little work it is good. If it were lost or stolen I would buy another one as soon as I could. The only thing I wish it had was the higher end neck and the middle single coil, but if you want that just get the RG 350 series.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have beat this guitar into theground and it still keeps working, I love it to death cause of its overall reliability, I had to buy a second epi les paul cause I couldn't trust it but this doesn't need a backup. The hardwear is good but I replaced the tuners with some nice grover tuners and the strapbuttons with Dunlop strap locks cause I have them on all my other guitars. I have giges this guitar with out a backup and would keep doing it too. The finishseems to be pretty thick as I have one chip from a show and could see the thickness.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The action needed to be set up when I got it but that was because of the strings I use, the extra tention was pulling the bridge almost compleatly forward. The finish is amazing as I have said before. The neck it tight in the socket and doesn't move at all but that was expected. And the finish is a gloss midnight blue.

Features — 10
I'm not sure on the exact year, but from my reserch it is a 01 made in japan. the 24 fret rosewood neck is my favorit one to play out of my 5 guitar, beating out my Strat, my Epi Les Paul and my es 335. The XJ frets are great and don't feel to big like they do on the other RG's I've played. The finish I have is the midnight blue color and I love it, it don't scratch easily and it has stood up to being played, dropped, thrown in the back of the van, ect with no problems with chipping. The floyd rose isn't my favorit bridge but I love the fine tuning that it offers, I would upgrade the bridge if you use the trem alot, but it is stil a good bridge. I use some 7 string strings that I take the high string out of so there's 4 wound strings and a low 52, making me put 2 extra springs in the back but that was expected. The electronics aren't the best and I personaly would love some EMG's in there, but they are good for what they are, a little bit twangy when run through my Randall RH100G2.

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    The Shark
    Bought a red RG220 w/ 2 Ibanez Powersound humbuckers & a licensed floyd rose trem back in 2001 @ the local music store. Like many other musicians, I had a tight budget & was looking for a good deal. Good thing they had a lay away plan! When I bought the floating trem was all the way down to the body and needed adjusting. A manual was incl and showed how to adjust the trem and the action. I don't know if it was beginners luck (First time adjusting a floyd & setting action) but the action was perfect and never had to be messed w/ again. With the locking sys my guit never went out of tune. Most times I would take it out of the gigbag & It would be already in tune and ready to play. Sometime the high E string needed slight tuning. The slim neck made it easy to shred. I couldn't believe it's playability. seemed effortless. I agree w/ many others that the bridge pick-up should be change out. If you have a good dist pedal or overdrive pedal you can work w/it. The clean sound was amazing. W/dist the bridge pick-up was a bit bright and needed more crunch. This was a fun guitar to play. Light around my neck when playing live. Even a friend of mine whose a beginner, when playing my RG220, seemed to breeze thru scales. Unfortunately, In 2004, like many other musicians struggling financially, I lost my RG220 to a pawn shop. I remember arriving w/money in hand to take it out only to find out I was a week too late. Somebody had eyed my guitar there and bought it. I begged the cashier for info on who purchased it so I could buy it from them. No dice. The info was confidential & I was out of luck. I also own an '86 japanese made Charvel w/Kahler trem, an early 90's B.C.Rich Warlock w/licensed floy rose, & a B.C.Rich Rich Bich from their limited edition body art collection. I would easily buy another RG220 But I seem to clench the thought I might run into my original one for sale @ a local pawn shop or garage sale.
    The Shark
    If you are thinking about purchasing an Ibanez RG220 I would say go for it! For the price it is an excellent guitar.
    your problem with sound anywhere other than the neck nd bridge is that you have a 5 way switch on a 3 way guitar.. that makes a big difference