RG2550EX review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (58 votes)
Ibanez: RG2550EX

Price paid: $ 1030.68

Purchased from: A German Internet Store

Sound — 10
I play guitar for 5 years now. I love to play metal mainly. But I still like playing blues, jazz or some other balade-like things. I use a Hughes & Kettner Matrix Combo with a additional 2X12 Box. In my setup I've got two distortion pedalas (DigiTech Metal Master & Boss Metal Zone). The other effecs are in my amp. For this things the RG 2550 is the very best chice. The Bridge DiMarzio pickup is a great! When you play him on clean settings he's warm and blues-like. But when you swith to distortion (I preffer real much gain and less mids) then you will get a metal sound of the very nice kind: not so monotone like the EMGs and not to unidentified for rock (you'll have to find the right gain amount, because the bride pickup is very hard). The mid single coil is superb for all clean settings. As at home, so live he always serves best, without noising around and stuff. The neck one is simmilar to the bridge pickup but sounds much lower. A real bass machine. The between-settings sound ok but nothing, compared to the one pickup settings. You can make a lot of sound, because of the rich amount of pickups, but I think this guitar serves all heavy-types of music best.

Overall Impression — 10
As I said, I play metal (death, speed, doom), Blues and Jazz. All in all it fits the music directions without a problem (with an ordinary metal axe, you've got a problem with jazz or some real good clean things). I play since 5 years, using a Hughes & Kettner Matrix Combo with a additional 2X12 Box. in my setup I've got two distortion pedalas (DigiTech Metal Master & Boss Metal Zone). The other effecs are in my amp. If the guitar would be stolen or lost I would be very unhappy and start collecting new mone for the same instrument! I love the colour and the metal pickguard. The best things are the bridge, the pickups and the neck. It is the best guitar I ever played, and trust me I tested many ohter like SG, Strat, or other RG's but I realized, that at this point the guitar has everything I want, the only guitar I would like more ist this one as my own signature verion (than I would change the neck pickup in a Seymour Duncan Black Invader and turn the HEadstock upside down, like the RG of seven from slipkont, but this is only fantasy, the RG2550EX Prestige is real!

Reliability & Durability — 9
I play this guitar live and it's much more solid, then it looks like. Two times a friend of mine bashed the nek of my guitae where the Head starts and there wasn't even a scrath. But I scratched the fingerboard ones, but you nearly see it, and it doesn't disturb when you play. I have allways a Epiphone SG (it the property of our bass player) when I play live, because it is really long work to changa a string and tune the floyd rose bridge, but it's in all floyd rose-bridges guitars, so it's ok. It is very tune-stabilize. so you can play live without beeing afraid of beeing out of tune! I play this guitar for two years now it's still like on the first day (exept the scratch I did).

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar was set very well at the factory. they gave very good strings on it (I think D'Addarios). The pickup were adjusted well too. I had to adjust the bridge, but only because I use dountunigs, but with the user-info inside the case it was not a problem. The guitar arrived without any stains or flaws. Everything was great.

Features — 10
The Ibanez RG2550EX Prestige is a wonderfull electric solidbody guitar. Its body is made of basswood and is typically RG-shaped. This RG has got the special Wizard neck. It is very thin and really comfortable to play on. The neck is made of maple and has got 24 jumbo frets. The bridge the guitar is equipped with, is called Pro Edge and it's (nearly) the same as a floyd rose. The controls we've got are a volume and a tone cnob, thas all. The electronics and pickups are passive. We have got two humbuckers and one singlecoil all from DiMarzio in the H/S/H position. When I bought it (for only 818 euro) I got a Ibanez Prestige case, which is a really nice one with much pockets inside, and also tools and an how-to-use-instruction. For the price which is much cheaper then now (818 Eur then, 998 Eur now). I have baught a superb guitar in a superb case and superb accessoiers!

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    nothing really, one of them is the old version that was sold cheaper (like 818 ) and the other is the modern one (for 998 ) but its jsut the price the guitars beside this the ex and e are exaxly the same
    Dust_to_Dust wrote: whats the difference between the RG2550E and the RG2550EX
    colour i think..
    I just got my, though it is the '08 version so it is a RG2550Z. Wow what a axe. Love it not complants. Came perfectly set up( though the store set it up upon arriving from the factory). Color, shape, weight, sound, tone all A+. Let my teacher shred on it, and he said one of the best. Quick neck, I play faster, cleaner. No feedback, tremlo is sweet. Still havent played around with all the fine adjustments but will start soon. Really no complaints that I can even think off right now.