RG350DX review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (473 votes)
Ibanez: RG350DX

Sound — 9
Ok this really suprised me. The Ibanez infinity stock pickups actually have a great sound. I play it through a Crate 30w amp I can get lots of styles with the infinitys. The sound is rich and full for metal and distortion stuff. But you can get decent blues/classic rock from it too. The rhythm pickup is amazing for sweeping and solos. The sustain impressed me a little too. The only thing is that the pinch harmonics aren't that great on it, you have to be really spot on.

Overall Impression — 9
Ok I play metal and punk and I've been playing for around a year. Thisd guitar is great, both in looks and in playing. it's really better than a lot of expensive guitars, which is why I bought it. If was stolen I'd buy it again. The only thing bad is the pinch harmonics and the readjusting if you tune it down to drop c, ect. If you like changing tunings everyday you probaly shouldn't buy this. I just wish it had a black pickguard, but il probaly put one on soon anyway. but One more time, IT looks amazing and plays amazing.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have not played this Live. But everything seems solid. I had the strap fall off once but thankfully I caught the guitar. The finish shoouldnt wear off I don't think. and the hardware seems durable. But then again I've only had this guitar for two weeks. but I would bring a backup just becausee.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Pretty much everything was fine. The neck just needs a little adjustment because the ninth fret keeps buzzing.Other than that the action was fine. Also as you heard the whammy bar is a little loose, but I'm not a huge whammy fan so it doesnt't bother me a lot But again this guitar looks amazing.

Features — 9
Ok So I switched my SG ex prophecy for this. It was made last year in... indonesia ahaha. it's got an insanely comfortable and flat wizard-II neck with 24 jumbo frets and sharktooth inlays. it's very easy to play on. it's a solid top. The white finish is amazing and contrasts perfectly wiht the black hardware. And if you don't know what an rg looks like, it's like a well "hornier" version of a Strat. The pickups are Ibanez stock infinity pickups, hsh style I think it's called. It has an edge III tremolo and 5 way selector Switch. 2 volume knobs. It also came with tools and a little cable.

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    well i bought one that had absolutley no problems, great neck, easy tuning, if u know how to tune a floating tremolo, pinch harmonics ring perfectly, sustain is great, no complaints at all. i have played through a 15 watt crate and a jcm 900 head and a flat face 4 x 12 bottom and it sounds great through both. i read alot of complaints and then they a little farther down the paragraph ppl say they are using shitty little amps, theres ur problem, duh.....
    Well i have an Rg350dx and man i love it! its helped me play faster and i love it. But for people looking to buy it if u plan on doing any major detuning, half step down, drop c etc etc. this aint the guitar for that and probably keep ur old one that can or buy one with tuning. And just another thing i just restrung myn and i was so nervous the whole way. my first time restringing a floyd so i recommend either getting a demonstration in a shop or just google some stuff cause its really odd. but overall its a great guitar and sounds good with any style even though its blues or metal. just keep in mind the tuning issue. There's my two cent. I hope they come useful, doubt they will cause everyone said it all before but these are my opinions. I know this is cheap but, check out my youtube acc. www.youtube.com/Pantallica17 ok peac guys
    Black Rat 1214
    I bought one the other day after several months with it in the back room of my local guitar shop. I got it back and plugged it in on clean, and it made the crispest and sharpest sound that i had ever heard a guitar play on my amp. Insane distortion (i got a line 6 Spider 2) and it was so ballsy i cried! nah i didn't really, but seriously, this is such a good guitar. its only my second one, but i've been playing about 3 years now on a shitty little Stagg strat copy with the thickest neck ever. And to be fair, the only bad point i can pick at this marvel of luthiery, is the tremolo arm cannot have its torque ratio adjusted, so i'm considering changing the Ibanez Edge 3 for an Edge Pro or Zero. But it's fine for now. And for those saying you can't play it in drop D, of course you can you twonk. And to those saying you can only play it for metal, try the beatles, nothing else matters (by metallica admittedly), time of your life (i know its feeble, but it was the first song i learned) and machines by biffy clyro. I highly recommend this guitar, it is simply stunning. Now to get a girl with it.
    i have one just so people knoww the dx is a white (might be a black one too but not sure) witha rose wood neck the ex has a maple neck and ive seen it in black (never seen one in white i have the dx and damn the finish cn take a beating white never shows fingerprind exceptin extreeme light sounds prett good for intermediate guitarist id prefer to have seymore dincan jb put in it better harmonics and tonal clarity the pickups is kiinda muddy on lower gain sometimes sounda better the lower the tining to me thou
    also to answer black rat 1214 the rg 370 dx come with an edge 3 maybey u have an older one ? idk
    does this guitar really go out of tune as much as people say or what? iso some real opinions, not random bashing