RG350DX review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (473 votes)
Ibanez: RG350DX

Price paid: £ 350

Purchased from: Music Room

Sound — 8
I got this guitar because I'm creeping into playing metal but the Floyd Rose does make things difficult to drop tune without tinkering with spring tension, so iv kept it in Standard E for now and it still delivers a nice heavy tone. I'm using it through a Marshall 50dfx 115watt and it sounds sweet, would like some distortion but the guitar drained my funds for this month. the pickups are great for clean and distorted and the trem offers a whole new sound with screaming dive bombs and hard trem work.

Overall Impression — 10
I play a lot really, from Indie to metal. this guitar does seem to suit Standard E but that's only because I haven't changed the springs, I may do down the line. if this guitar was lost or stolen I would deffinatly get this again, it's the best guitar iv ever played and iv tried 1200 gibsons and fenders, but that may be down to taste. it's serious value for money. I love the finish, the pickups and the hardworking trem, iv fallen for this axe! I always used to compare guitars to my SG, but now it'll definatly be compared to this Ibanez.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar would easily withstand Live playing, but as it is Floyd Rose, it could get annoying as the venue heats up and the strings go out of tune, so for that case I'd still take my SG. hardware looks solid and well made and the strap buttons are the best iv seen on any stock guitar. the finish is beautiful, will definatly last. I bought this guitar because it had a pickguard, I don't like to scratch it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
My guitar came with a small bit of card with about 6signitures of the quality checks and varies people Who had tinkered with it through it's building and it came very well set! the guy in the shop explained my trem and how to maintain it properly. the only problem was the strings were going abit dull so he threw in two free sets which was nice! the finish is awesome. I love it to pieces, you just don't get this kind of detail on guitars of a similar price.

Features — 9
This guitar was made about a year ago when I bought it and was made in Indonesia of all places. It has 24 frets on a beautifully shapped "C" shaped maple neck. I already have an Epiphone SG and Fender Strat HH but I wanted the qualities of both these guitars roled into one, that's where the Ibanez came in. Powerful pickups, slim, fast neck and a hardworking trem. perfect. The finish is awesome, pure with black hardware and white neck binding. already for 350 this guitar is giving you your monies worth. This is my first Floyd Rose trem, it's difficult, but serious fun to tinker with. as soon as the strings have settled in I can't see any problems with it. the pickups where good straight from the shelve being better than my SG with singing harmonics. it has a 5 way pickup selecter but I only use the bridge pickup and the centre pickup does have a tendancy to buzz. the guy threw in a gig bag, 2 sets of strings and a music book I wanted, bringing the guitar down to 315 but with all the extras 350. (the guitars lable cost was 350, he discounted the guitar and added the price of the extras back to 350. so I basically got the extras free)

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    I'm confused - Why do some guys say it stays in tune really well and others say it doesn't at all?
    Because there are so many guitar noobs that dont know left or right when it comes to balancing and maintaining a trem like the edge 3. Trust me ive had both a floyd and a edge 3 and the difference is large but i would still say the edge is a decent trem, get it right and it will play right, if you cant use it then blame yourself, not the guitar. And plus its become "fun" on the guitar to say ibanez trems suck and floydz ro0lz.
    This guitar is a ****ing beast! If you want to drop down to D i give u the advice to just tune the guitar in D and then you can just change it by tuning it to e on the tremolo, itś really easy. And i have tuned my down to A# and i can whammy as much as i like, it always stays in tune. If you dont agree you are using youre guitar wrong! It is really good for any styles but mostle rock, and metal.
    This is a really nice guitar. Im more of a heavy metal guy, so i play metallica , iron maiden , on this guitar. And its sounds very nice . Im using a boss -metalzone 2 and amplifier Carvin sx-100. So i recommend this guitar for peopel who play heavy metal. only 1 bad thing: if u use the whammy much u need to tune it often. But anyway Best Guitar For Heavy Metal Players:::
    It gets out of tuning when I dive-bomb... WHY LORD?!?! but still it is awesome. Can somebody help me with that problem please?
    I have had my rg since christmastime, and its ok, i guess. I have a problem that my saddle broke after a month. the trem is ok, but mine falls out all the time and it is really annoying. It stays in tune all the time if you have it locked down enough at the nut. it tunes to drop D nicely if you do it right. works nicely, very crisp. But im tired of it and am looking to get rid of it. the floyd rose is just too much for me to keep up with when im using it at school. if you have an offer around 250 dollars (buying at mostly anywhere new would be 350), i've only had it for a few months, and it is like new. Not a single problem, its just not the guitar for me. if anyone wants it, send me an email. nintendoshark@aol.com
    why did you guys pay over 400 for it from ebay and other places when you could get it at guitarcenter for 400 mine i got there for around 300
    Do you think it would be best travelling and buying this from a shop, where it has been properly set up, or buy it online? Cheers
    i know this guitar has a locking nut, but from other comments on this, ive also read about tuning problems. so does this guitar get out of tune a lot or something?