RG370DXZ review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (100 votes)
Ibanez: RG370DXZ

Price paid: C$ 396

Sound — 8
I play mainly Metal and classic rock like BFMV, Metallica, and Guns & Roses. This guitar is way better suited for the average metal player because of the tremolo, thin neck, and overall sound. The stock infinity pickups are high out put and that's it, they're absolute shit. Cleans are very dirty, gains are pretty muddy just with the Guitar and Amp, you might want to add a few effects or just Switch out the pickups with Seymour Duncan 59s for the Warmer tones or if you're the metal player, the DiMarzio X2N and Super Distortion if you can raise your budget by $150 As for the Tremolo, the Edge Zero with ZPS stays in tune 90% better than the Edge III, if you don't do serious dive bombs and trem effects, this trem is good for you. If you do od the dive bombs and abuse the tremolo, order an EDGE PRO from Ibanez's site. This is what i did, the EDGE PRO fits inside the cavity of the Edge Zero from my experience.

Overall Impression — 8
Decent, that's all I need to say, Decent. If you're a good guitarist, this isn't the guitar for you. This guitar is great for the amateur. If you have an $800 or so budget, I'd go for a nice ESP or Schecter over this or a Ibanez Premium. The overall line of the RG's isn't "Awesome" It's a bit overrated. I'd suggest the Ibanez S570B over the whole RG Standard line: -Mahogany (IMO better for metal and Classic Rock) -Ibanez ZR Tremolo (20% better than the Edge Zero II because of less friction due to the ball bearing joint and tuning stability) I have an S570 and S420 for $525 just $30 mroe than the RG370DXZ, If you can spare $30 more, git the S series with ZR. Much better but it's up to you. Try it out yourself.

Reliability & Durability — 8
It's been a month since I've had it and I did a small gig at school and it went out of tune by a half step or so right during a song. Sadly I didn't feel well because I used the trem a lot. This is a pretty sturdy guitar it has taken a few hits without the paint job being affected but it's pretty strong for a basswood guitar. I had an old 350dx but I ruined it, the EDGE III eroded away, the paint job lost it's sheen even with special care. The care taken into the creation of this guitar wasn't great but it was one big step from the older model.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
My guitar was reset up by the shop my friend got it from so I'm not sure about the "out of the box" quality but the stock pickups were out of place a little so it took some adjustment. I checked up on the ones still in stock and the nut needed filing, the frets weren't all the way pushed in and the tremolo arm was bent irregularly. Maybe it's quality control or shipping damage, I suggest checking out the guitar yourself with your own opinions.

Features — 9
This guitar was manufactured in 2011 as is the Edge Zero II Tremolo. It has a basswood body with a bound basswood neck with a rosewood fretboard of comfort and weight. It has 1 tone and 1 volume with a 5 way selector for the HSH pickup setup. It has Infinity 3 and 4 Humbuckers with a single coil Infinity 3.

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    I got an ibanez grg 170 dx in red, and I wanna change the pickups into ? more chunky cruchy fat sounding sound with nice cleans, its the bridge pickup, which pickup would I consider? Thankss
    If I had a buck for everytime 'I play mostly\mainly metal' was said in these reviews id be rich enough to move to Fiji and drink coronas on the beach for the rest of my life
    if you dont get a decent metal sound out of a guitar with basswood body then you probably have "wrong" pickups for your guitar or your not good enough at adjusting the sound on you equipment.
    andr3vv : need help deciding between this and a second hand rg1570
    Go for the RG1570.
    guerilaliberate wrote: I got an ibanez grg 170 dx in red, and I wanna change the pickups into ? more chunky cruchy fat sounding sound with nice cleans, its the bridge pickup, which pickup would I consider? Thankss
    Fat, Crunchy, Nice cleans? I would suggest the DiMarzio Evolution, or Seymour Duncan 59 or JB all are very versatile. You should try them all out for yuor own opinion
    The stock infinity pickups are high out put and that's it, they're absolute shit.
    Bull. They're not high output at all, and they're far from poor. They're stock pickups on a lower/mid-range model so of course they aren't going to be amazing, but they're perfectly usable for most purposes. I have these on my RG350 and my only bad point is that exceedingly fast playing isn't always tracked perfectly. But hey, anyone who wants a super-shred guitar would buy something more high-end anyway
    DimebagZappa wrote: A 9.5 for a 370 with an edge zero. I think not. Yet another 'quality' review on UG. The edge 3 isnt even that bad, Ive had my 370 for 3.5+ years and though its certainly no Floyd it holds tuning fairly well. Even when the 'herman li grab n shake' technique is used I just gotta dip the bar to get back to tune. This review sucks.
    The "Herman Li Grab Technique!?!?" Steve Vai Did It First, And By The Way, Dragonforce And Herman Li Suck Hairy Suicide Silence Balls
    wario_mt wrote: ibanez = junk.
    im willing to bet that those "junky" ibanez guitars are much better quality than your $40 walmart guitar, eh?
    I've played ibanez before and have to admit they are extremely comfortable but you have to get one with good pick ups(naturally like any other guitar)
    I dont know what the problem with Basswood, EVH use and sounds great! If u dont like it, pick another guitar! And thats ridiculous u say this guitar is for that stile, every guitar can be for every stile, Dave Murray use a Stratocaster and plays Metal...