RG520QS Review

manufacturer: Ibanez date: 01/17/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Ibanez: RG520QS
Basic RG shape, 24 jumbo frets, mahogany, transparent blue with a green under coat, Floyd Rose licenced dual locking tremolo, 1 volume and 1 tone control, passive humbuckers, V7 in neck and V8 in bridge, 3-way selector switch and a wizard neck.
 Sound: 9.6
 Overall Impression: 9.6
 Reliability & Durability: 9.4
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.6
 Features: 9.2
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overall: 9.4
RG520QS Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 04, 2008
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Price paid: $ 500

Purchased from: ebay

Features: Original edge tremelo and locking nut, 24 jumbo fret, wizard neck(maple with a stripe of bubinga? wood), mahogany body, quilt sapele top (blue on mine). Standard rg body. 5-way selector 1 volume and 1 tone, gotoh tuners. Pickup config: HH normally v8 and v7 I think, but mine has DiMarzio evolution and paf pro. Came with hardshell case and trem arm. // 10

Sound: I play mostly rock including metal, classic rock, and instrumental rock and some jazz. The pickups are both very defined and punchy. The neck pickup (paf pro satriani's old neck pu) is not muddy at all and is great for clean and keeping articulate under distortion. The evolution of course is one of Vai's pickups. It is very hot and is great for leads as well as crunchy stuff. I play through a 6505 combo; it has huge and fantastic distortion. Though that amp is much too loud so I usually play my little 30w Behringer. The pickups and electronics are fairly quite for passives. I can get uber distorted rhythem on the bridge pu. It is hot but not sort of screechy. Chords on the neck pu are very fat and open. note that these are aftermarket dimarzios, not stock and I don't really know what the stock pickups sound like so caveat emptor. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was ridiculously low compared to my old prs SE Custom. Of course the floyd style trem requires a fairly large amount of maintenance and adjustment as per usual. The previous owner had left some buzz on the low e string which I had to fix. The neck was basically as straight as I wanted it. Of course a lot of set up is personal choice. The wizard neck feels like butter compared to my relatively fat and sticky prs SE Custom's neck. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I think the guitar will stand Live playing. My old prs se was like a rock in this regard and I played on stage on several occasions. This new guitar feels slightly less solid I'll admit. Maybe it's just a feeling though and I will definite take it on stage(with my old guitar backup of course) soon. All the hardware feels solid. it's already an 8 year old guitar and the finish still looks great so I hope that's a sign of it's durability. With proper set up the Edge tremelo can go crazy and come back in tune much much better than I even had anticipated. With my Prs se's(trem version) crappy tuning stability I am much relieved at this new guitars trem system. // 8

Overall Impression: I tried a bunch of guitars at guitar center and my local shop and I really liked the Ibanez ones. So like my 6505, I went to ebay to try find a nice deal on a made in japan Ibanez et voila I found this masterpiece. This guitar matches my lead playing style fantastically. Unfortunately, as with all Floyd Rose guitars, you have to go through lots of time and anguish to change the tuning and strings as well I guess. So I'll keep my prs se permanently downtuned for metal songs. If it were lost or stolen, I would definitely get this guitar or a similar made in japan Ibanez, perhaps a rgt or s series prestige if I had the money. I wish it had more a tiny bit more sustain and the Floyd Rose style trem were easier to deal with. Many of the flaws are inherent to all Floyd Rose style trem guitars so you can't really blame this guitar for it. But the freedom and tuning stability offered by the floyd are worth it imo. Of course not floyd style trems are made equal so watch out. There are a lot of online resources in addition to your local luthier to help with the trem system which can be difficult for people new to it. My favorite thing about it is the playability, which is of utmost importance to me. Despite it's shortcomings, the edge tremelo offers amazing feel and sounds, with the various tricks that can be performed on it. This is a no gimmicks or super special features, player's guitar. // 10

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overall: 8.6
RG520QS Reviewed by: EscapingAnxiety, on september 17, 2007
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Purchased from: Long $ McQuade

Features: Basic RG shape, 24 jumbo frets, mahogany, transparent blue with a green under coat, Floyd Rose licenced dual locking tremolo, 1 volume and 1 tone control, passive humbuckers, V7 in neck and V8 in bridge, 3-way selector switch and a wizard neck. I'm not sure where it was made, I think Ibanez's are made in japan but I'm not sure and I'm not sur ewhat the fretboard is. // 8

Sound: I play mainly melodic-death metal, metalcore and thrash metal. I play through a Boss ME-50 and a Fender Princeton 65 DSP. This guitar gives me exactly what I need to play, with it on the bridge pickup it just shreds out the leads, the rhythms are average but there not that much concern to me. I also rarley play some lighter stuff like Johny Cash and even some classical like Vivaldi, and with it on the neck pickup it's possible and quite pleasent, this guitar can get a large range of sounds. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I bought this guitar used and it was set up terribly, the pickups were too low, the action was to high, the Floyd Rose was sunken into the body and it didn't have one of thoose platic things on the 3-way switch, but all thoose problems took just a day or two to fix. The paint job is ok it stands to normal wear and tear but it has gotten scratched when I was changing the strings by the allen key. // 7

Reliability & Durability: this guitar has been through somewhere around 10 gigs and couple band practices a week, I have never had a problem with it, it stays in tune thank sto the dual locking trem, the electronics have never crapped out, and the strap buttons are much larger then any I've seen besides strap locks. I would never gig without a backup though because of the floating trem changing strings would be a bitch and would really cut into a set, but I would depend on this guitar. // 10

Overall Impression: I play through a Boss ME-50 and a Fender Princeton 65 DSP. I primarily play metal and I couldnt have asked for anything more. If it were lost or stolen I would definately get either this or another Ibanez because these are hard to find but I can't even imagine playing something else after I felt that neck all other guitars feels like logs. // 9

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overall: 10
RG520QS Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 04, 2009
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Price paid: $ 230

Purchased from: local music store

Features: It was made 2001 mahogany body with a quilted sapele top. Very nice looking and sounds even better 24 exjumbo frets on a rose wood fret board edge tremolo it was made in 2001 in japan before Ibanez made the prestige line so this is actually now adays considered a prestige model. // 10

Sound: The pick ups are a medium set humbuckers with a coil tap. The neck is great for solos and the bridge gets great pinch harmonics. All around the stock pickups are great for this guitar but if you want a little more you would switch them out. But I love it this guitar is great the way it is. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The action on this is great I made come hard maple blocks to stop the edge tremolo and to give a lot more sustain it worked. The guitars action is amazing it gets preally now and I use a higher guage string (11-49) not to much bigger but it makes a differance when I put the blocks in there was a great increase in string tension so that's awesome because I love a lot of string tension. the finish is a little dark for my taste but in the light of a stage it lokoks black and outside on a sunny day oit looks amazing. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Great durability I gig with it all the time. It's my hands down fav guitar. I don't know what else to sday but if y0ou get a chance to buy one do so immediatly. It's a great guitar and you wont have any doubts about it ever I played it once and then bought it usally I try it out for a a few time then compare but I loved is so much I just had to have it. I work at guitar center and this thing blows the Schecter hell raiser out to sea. // 10

Overall Impression: Greatness At It's Best. It's amazing for the priceit stands up to my friends pussy Schecter pretty well.or ecven blows it away. I play threw a few pedals and a mesa cab with a Line 6 head on top. it sounds beastly I have Jackson soloist that I don't love this much I'm even considering selling the soloist. This guitar just will blow your mind once yopu play it it's awesome many differnt things you can do to it and it can do for you. // 10

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overall: 10
RG520QS Reviewed by: gabe-padilla, on february 04, 2009
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Price paid: $ 230

Purchased from: local music store

Features: 2001. made in japan, 24 extra jumbo frets, mahogany body with a quilted sapele top(dark blue one)wizard neck with some "b" wood. Edge tremolo 5 way coil taped double humbuckers just the simple vol, tone but it's great for it's price and then some. all made in japan but the wood is all imported from africa (I do to much research when I'm buying something) it's great it looks amazing and sounds even better in the light you really get to see the blue quilt and is sexy as a devil. // 10

Sound: This guitar sounds amazing. some say the pickups are weak there mids so there real nice sound reall hot though. I love the coil tap it's awesome. you get preat pinch harmonics from this and it's very easy and comfortable to play for long periods. I play metal and the bridge is great for that metal-y hardcore sound the neck humbucker is thick and is amazing for solos. I some times play taped for slow songs and it's great with that too. it's very quite in a good way there isnt any feedback at all. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When I got this guitar it was set to A Standard which is too low for me I bought new strings and I custom made solid hard maple blocks to stop the edge tremolo.(don't judge me, I don't like floyd that much)so it will get more sustain great increase. the action was great when I got it the frets are all even on the fret board so that's amazing japan work for you. all I did was lower it a tiny bit I can't even fit a dime between the high e and I can't fit a nickel between the low e it's got great tension on the strings and sounds amazing too I also raised the neck humbucker just a little. the hardware all matches the cosmo colors of Ibanez. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Great it's very solid feeling. but it's not impenitreble when I got it it had some "thrashing scars" just minor ones though. it's very thick coated and will last forever I would deffintly bring it on a gig seeing as I do I don't even bring a back up (should but don't) I trust this thing with my life as I treat it like a infant child. // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar is amazing I play metal blues and some others but this thing can handle it all it's just that good if you ever have a chance to buy one do so hands down I know what I'm talking about I work at a guitar center and I've tried almost every guitar in there and it keeps up with guitars over $1000 easy. // 10

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overall: 8.4
RG520QS Reviewed by: Lucifarion, on january 17, 2012
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Price paid: C$ 100

Purchased from: local Pawn Shop

Features: I just got what I believe is a 2001 RG520QS, it was made in Japan. I got it used at a local pawn shop in a trade for a Jackson DX10D. It has 24 nicely dressed frets on a nicely figured rosewood fretboard. I believe the frets were listed as "jumbo", although they do feel much smaller then that. It's a solid Mahogany body with a quilt Sapele top in a really really deep transparent Blue (almost black). It has a wizard 1 neck, which is a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and a bubinga skunk stripe. The body style is a classic Ibanez RG body. It has two passive humbuckers an Ibanez V7 in the neck and a V8 at the bridge. The Bridge is an Ibanez Edge Floyd Rose double locking tremolo. The controls are nice and simple 1 volume and 1 tone pot. The tuners are the same high quality tuners installed on any Japanese Ibanez... As I got this in a trade I didn't get any accessories. // 8

Sound: I play mostly Metal and Classic rock, this guitar suits my style 1000 times better then the Jackson (which was a very nice guitar itself). As for amps and effects right now I'm using a Line 6 Spider II amp, with no other effects at this time. This guitar is as quiet as they get with passive pick-ups. The Ibanez Edge tremolo is ludicrisly stable which allows for some crazy Tremolo use with no worries about going out of tune. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I can't speak for how it was setup from the factory as I got it used. When I got it it was in need of some serious TLC. The strings were rusted, the action was set way to low, and they had messed with the floyd so it was impossible to tune to standard. It has a few battle wounds but all in all it is a very sturdy guitar. All the flaws I have seen on this guitar were both easily corrected and a result of poor ownership, nothing to do with Ibanez at all. After a clean-up, setup and new strings this is the most amazing axe I have ever played hands down and I have played ALOT of different high-end guitars over the past 15 years. // 7

Reliability & Durability: Yes this guitar will withstand live playing, no questions don't even have to test it. The Ibanez RG's are among the most professionally touted guitars on the market.. Don't believe me watch any live metal shows, go out to one of the multitude of metal "fests" and start counting the Ibanez RG's being played.. There's a reason they are so common in the metal industry they are among the best of the best of the best for reliability, and sonic presence. I would 100% depend on it, I would of course bring My LTD EC series as a back-up... But that's just incase of string breakage. The finish on mine has some chips and dings and the lot.. But again it was abused like a red-headed step child before I got it. // 9

Overall Impression: I play Metal all kinds of metal, as well as classic rock, and blues. This guitar is a great match for me on all fronts. I have been playing for over 15 years. My other current gear consists of a Strat parts-caster that I built, a Jackson Dinky, an LTD EC-100 (a 2001 before they got crappy), a Line 6 Spider II amp (best little amp on the market IMHO). I asked all the right questions before I bought it, and knew exactly what I was getting. If it were lost or stolen... Well I don't know how I could lose it lol... As far as if it were stolen well dude better run fast run hard and never look back, I would kill. But in reality I would buy another one if I could find one, I would think about getting an Ibanez Prestige if I couldn't find one. I love everything about this guitar the neck is beautiful, the body is light weight, the pick-ups are great, the Edge tremolo is flawless. I compared it with a tonne of other guitars including Gibsons, Jacksons, ESP's, and Fender American Deluxes (Teles and Strats), and few other "boutique" guitars... This Ibanez surpasses everyone of them in every way. The only thing I wish it had were a set of EMG's (81/85's) instead of the V7/ V8's (even though they sound great for stock passives). // 9

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