RG760 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (17 votes)
Ibanez: RG760

Purchased from: The Guitar Shop

Sound — 9
This guitar suits my music style which is mostly hard rock and metal. I am using a Tranzamp G30 amplifier and DigiTech RP80 multi effects pedal with this guitar and I love the sound. I almost never get feedback or extra noise. This guitar is very versatile and I can get great tones for jazz, blues and other styles that use cleans with the single coils, while with the humbucker I can get great tones rock, metal and other styles that use a lot of distortion and gain.

Overall Impression — 10
I love this guitar. It's thin neck and low action makes playing a pleasure. I have been playing 2 years. This fits my playing style which is mostly hard rock and metal. I also own a Tranzamp G30 and DigiTech RP80. I think both of these are crappy, but my RG makes them sound good. If it were stolen or lost I would probably try to find one again, or buy a new prestige Ibanez. The thing I love about it is the double locking edge tremolo system, because I can dive bomb, and do many cool tricks without going out of tune. I didn't compare this to other guitars because I stumbled upon it at a local guitar shop, for only $299. It was listed at this price because the employees thought it was a used Ibanez RG370, which is a very inferior model compared to the RG760, and both look very much alike.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar looks like it will withstand live playing. It is a solid, well built guitar. The hardware seems like it will last since it already has been holding up for a long time. The strap buttons are nice and tight, and big. I can use a normal strap without strap buttons, and not worry that the guitar will fall off. I can also depend on it, and I would use it on a gig without a back up. I know I can trust this high quality guitar not to fail on me. The finish seems like it will last for a long time. As I mentioned before, it held up great for 17 years, and still it almost looks like a new guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I got this guitar used, so I am not sure how it was set up at the factory, but when I got mine it had low action, with no fret buzz and was very comfortable and easy to play. This guitar does not contain any flaws. There are no chips on the finish(despite its age), just some scratches. Even after 17 years it is holding up great, and the tremolo sytstem still isn't worn out! This shows the superior quality of this guitar! The only thing is that the paint on the knobs has worn out, the humbucker is a bit oxidized and the bridge is a bit dirty.

Features — 9
- Made in Japan, 1989 - 24 jumbo frets, rosewood fretboard with shark tooth inlays - Solid top - Basswood body, 1 pc. maple neck - Solid jewel blue finish - Super Strat body style - Ibanez Edge tremolo system - Passive electronics - 5 way pick up selector, one volume and one tone knob - H/S/S pick up configuration, IBZ F2 humbucker, and two IBZ C2 single coils - Non-locking Gotoh tuners.

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    It appears that the RG760 was never made in dark blue, although I'm sure it couold be special ordered. The company states the the IBZ C2 pickups are actually "vertical humbuckers". Look down the back of the neck at the neck pocket in the body. Is it square, or angled? The upper models have an angled neck pocket. Here's the '89 catalog: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/anniversary_j/pa... r=1989
    That picture is jewel blue. it is the exact same color as mine.I believe the Rg 760 was discontinued because it was too much guitar for the money. Ibanez decided that a guitar this good should sell at the JEM or JS prices, so they killed the RG 7XX line in its entirety.If you see for sale, I recommend that grab it. The specs are the same as the Jems of that era minus the monkey grip. Truely a special guitar!