RG8FM review by Ibanez

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (15 votes)
Ibanez: RG8FM

Price paid: $ 599.99

Purchased from: The Players Bench

Features — 9
I'm reviewing my Ibanez RG8FM manufactured in 2013 in Indonesia. It has 24 Jumbo frets with a Rosewood fretboard on a 27" scale Wizard II-8 5pc maple/walnut neck. Basswood body with flamed maple top in transparent grey burst. Fixed bridge. Passive IBZ-8 pickups, volume, tone 3-way pickup selector. Ibanez tuners.

Sound — 9
This guitar suits exactly my style and needs, I play a variety of metal ranging from hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, grindcore, djent, pretty much metal in general. I'm playing thru a Peavey Vypyr VIP-1 20 watt model, the amp has many effects but I just got the amp so haven't played around too much yet with all of them mainly just on the overdrive/distortion channels of the 6505, 6534, and XXX mods. For being just the stock pickups it sounds really good. It's an 8 string 27" extended range with 24 frets so definitely has a wide variety of sounds.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Out of the box this guitar was set up almost perfect, needed a couple slight adjustments to fix some minor buzz and intonation issues but easily fixed and sounds and plays awesome. The pickups were adjusted perfectly. The top is uniform and has a fixed bridge so no routing issues. There is a very slight flaw in the finish on the bottom horn inside edge looks like a very slight rub thru in the polishing but would never notice it unless you scrutinized it. Quality of wood is great the flamed maple top is gorgeous, the neck is so smooth and comfortable plays great. All hardware is secure tight and working properly.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have not played a live show with it yet however I will be and will do so without a doubt in my mind it will perform perfectly. I was actually surprised at how good of quality hardware came on this guitar at this price point the tuners are non locking but stay in tune very well, the strap buttons feel as solid as can be, I usually replace them with strap-locks however I feel like that is not necessary with how durable these are. I would definitely use this guitar with no back up and feel confident in it. The finish is absolutely beautiful and seems like it should last for years and years to come.

Overall Impression — 9
As mentioned above I play a variety of metal and this 8 string as an absolute perfect match. I also enjoy playing some jazz styles which this is great for too. I have been playing for about 16 years now, I own a Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Elite, an LTD H-351NT, and besides my practice Peavey Vypyr I have a Huhges & Kettner 100 watt Black Vortex head thru a Randall 4x12 cab. I did plenty of research before buying this guitar so no regrets on questions about it. I would replace this exact guitar in a heartbeat if god forbid anything happened to it. I love the overall look, but more importantly I love the feel, playability and tone of this guitar. The few and very minor things I dislike about it are the plain white dot inlays, even some abalone dot inlays would really make this a beauty, and also would like to upgrade from the stock pickups and possibly the tuners to locking tuners. Both stock items are good but would like them to be better. I compared the Schecter and LTD models that were in the same price range and just found the neck to be the deal maker for this guitar, being so flat and comfortable is what sold me on it. Also I absolutely love the look of the transparent grey burst which is something neither of the competitors offered.

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    Glad to see more guitar manufacturers putting out 7/8 string guitars with longer scales for decent prices. The new schecter 8 strings will have 28" scale and now there's a 27" scale ibanez. The schecter is twice as expensive, though.
    I don't want to be an ass, but... "I play a variety of metal ranging from hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, grindcore, djent, pretty much metal in general." Besides djent, these have a lot more to do with hardcore than metal.. Sorry but had to point it out. Overall ok review, though.
    Also note the lack of variety. Every single one of those is essentially the same genre with minor variations (inb4 someone fights about how different Djent and -core are). But it does look like a pretty sweet guitar. Thought the RG8s were ugly until now! That flame maple top makes all the difference!
    Agreed. There are way too many subgenres of metal and hardcore. A few of them have legitimate differences. Very few. Most of the subgenres are just random words thrown together by bands who want to claim that they don't sound like a billion other bands, even though they obviously do, and they know it.
    Unbelievable, last time I will ever contribute anything to this site so a bunch of retards can nit pick little pointless things like genres and talk shit about how many strings a guitar has, bunch of ****in douche bags
    Don't worry, there is always going to be a percentage of people being bitter d!ckwads, I and plenty of people will appreciate your review, there are plenty of good people around these parts it's just the weaker minded are generally the loudest.
    If you wanna see ignorant douchebags getting all butthurt about the number of strings on a guitar, just check out the comments section on Schecter's facebook page every time they even mention the new 9-string Hellraiser.
    Nice looking guitar! Good to see much cheaper 7 and 8 string models! But I think I'l stick with my baritone 6 string in drop G# . I have no use for extra strings!
    Honestly UGers, who gives a sh!t if someone calls metal hardcore or visa versa. I don't get why messing up music sub genres is the ultimate-panty-bundler on this website, enough to warrant leaving a comment about it.
    I find usual tiny genre debates to be dumb, but there IS a difference between hardcore and metal, they're not even sub-genres, they're actual separate genres. And it does look... weird when someone basically says he plays all kinds of metal, and then proceeds to list only hardcore or crossover genres which are still mostly hardcore. To put it bluntly, it's a bit like if someone said he loves blues and then proceeded to list jazz sub-genres. (I don't even have much clue about either, but I think the comparison makes sense.)
    I find sub genre debates to be dumb, yet I'm gonna sit here and debate em all day...
    These are not sub-genres, these are GENRES. You've made a basic mistake in a serious review, and it would do you much better to just admit it. There _are_ crossover genres between hardcore and metal but you specifically said you play mostly metal and then listed only crossover or pure hardcore genres. I wouldn't continue this any further, but the two of you seem to have some problem with me just because I pointed that out (in a much softer way than most people would, believe me). And before you try to use that card again, I'm not even close to being an elitist.
    Look man, I've never been one to break things down into sub genres, I'm a metal head to me it's all metal. I listen to bands like the black dahlia murder, after the burial, thy art is murder, carnifex, born of Osiris, cattle decapitation, whitechapel, the tony Danza tap dance extravaganza, glass cloud, carcass, suffocation, through the eyes of the dead, veil of maya, lamb of god, as I lay dying, and so on and so on I could go all day with that. But when I wrote this review it asked to be specific and asked for 500 characters so I threw some sh!t out there. So what I don't know my genres or sub genres from my a$$, the point of writing this was about the guitar if I wanted to debate genres I'd find a thread for that.
    If you were a metalhead, you should know that Hardcore and Metalcore (which isn't bands like Killswitch Engage or As I Lay Dying BUT RATHER bands like Zao or Botch) are NOT Metal. If you continue to to call Hardcore "Metal", you will continue to end up being looked on as an idiot.
    Oh so crazysam23 is the elitist hard-on faggot, you know what, **** you dude. I am a metalhead, just not a faggot one like you who has nothing better to do with your life than troll thru threads and call people out to try to make yourself look "awesome!" cause you're actually a loser who thinks your metal is better than whatever metal you don't listen to. Fucking douche bag
    this comment speaks the minds of any metal head whose ever been attacked by crazysam for metal-nonsense!
    I think im echoing alot of people when I say a metalhead is someone who loves metal music...aggressive guitar music came from Sabbath and Maiden and all the strings of genres that came from it-well hey, everyones got their things. You callin people out saying "if you were a metalhead"-I guarantee you you would be surprised at how non-elitist most of your favorite metal bands are. Didnt know we had to take a class to be passionate about something. Stop taking everything so damn seriously and trying to make people feel bad cause im sure alot of the bands you idolize would from on that considering they are all most likely really nice guys. (as metal heads and metal musicians almost always are)
    And if you really wanna get technical, there IS such thing as HARDCORE METAL what do u think bands like Hatebreed, Terror, Full Blown Chaos, Madball and ect. are?
    I did list the price I paid for it not sure why it posted $599, I got it for $569 out the door $613.10 after tax, but this was at a local guitar shop everywhere else like guitar center, musicians friend, sam ash and other corporate stores all wanted $599. And thank you rockgodman sorry I'm not good with stupid sub genres to all these metal hipster/elitists
    People can be really passionate about music, man. Hardcore is something that metal purists tend to look down on, it's like saying the Olsen twins are metal. You're gonna raise some eyebrows.
    Great review, have been interested in the RG8 ever since it was released. I'll also go right ahead and defend your 9.2, because ratings are based on personal experience. I have played a $3000 brand new Fender and a somewhat old $150 squier. The only difference noticed when playing was the sub-par pickups on the squier. So it's all relevant.
    Thanks man appreciate that. I definitely recommend it for an 8 string I've always been a big fan of Schecter and ESP/LTD but this Ibanez just had a better feel than those manufacturers of comparable models. I gave it the rating I did based on the value I felt of this guitar, it feels like a guitar worth more than what I paid for it, less the pickups, I will be replacing them for sure. You can go with a black or white RG8 for $200 less than this one but I've always loved flamed maple and the grey is just gorgeous so aesthetically I feel it was worth it to get this one.
    You know, it'd be cool if you would actually tell us how much you paid for it.
    Well, at least in the video the guy says the suggested price is $599, so we can have an idea.
    The problem with these reviews are that they're often by people who actually bought the guitar which usually means that they liked it in the first place. I played one of these at GC through an engl, a diesel, a mesa and an egnater. I wasn't a fan of the pickups at all. You could barely distinguish 0 and the 1 from each other. Very muddy. The higher frets were ok but it sounded flat. It was beauitful, a beautiful disaster. I went with a 6 string PRS CU24 S2.
    It's the first thing in the whole review you ****ing ******* 'Price paid: $ 599.99'
    My Last Words
    If you give this guitar a 9.2, then what will you give to a RG2288? Or even better, a LACS Ibanez? This rating system is so messed up. IMO We should have seperate ratings: One rating for the overall quality of the guitar (which, for a $600 guitar should be no higher than a 7,5) and one for the price/quality ratio. The current system allows people to give a 10 to playability on a squier if they want to. It's ridiculous.
    It's all in the eye of the beholder mate. If that squier was the best guitar they have ever played they'll probably give it a 10. I don't think it takes much to give a guitar a 10. I have a Gibson (70s Tribute Les Paul) that pretty much sits on the guitar rack most of the time because my little imported Schecter Damien Elite shreds it to pieces. Gibson cost me £900 and the Schecter cost me £400. I'd give it a 10 any day of the week. The Gibson? Probably a 7 or 8.
    To be fair though, that's because most gibsons these days are overpriced as hell, and riding on their name to be sold, whereas the imported schecters are among the best quality mass produced instruments in the world.
    All you need to do is take into consideration of the rating to the price point of the guitar. Of course its ratings would not be as high if it were being compared to an RG2228 or M8M or Prestige model.
    They could just as well save some money and make the guitar with only the bottom string and the first fret, seeing as that's all the djent losers are going to be using anyway.
    You are a ****ing moron, go listen to After The Burial. Your comment is now invalid.
    Good for you bud, if you're not into them why bother even looking at the review or leaving a pointless comment.
    How do you think this compares to the RG8? I did a quick check last week on the specifications and it seems the neck is cut differently.
    It's basically the same guitar, there is no differences in the neck. The only differences between the RG8 and the RG8FM is the FM, flamed maple top.
    All the specs are completely identical on both the RG8 and the RG8 FM - neck shape, bridge, pickups, hardware body wood etc. - apart from the flame maple top. The Ibanez prestige RG852 has a slimmer neck and a larger radius. You might have been looking at the one. If that's the case then it goes without saying the RG852 blows all the others away, but that'll cost you about $800 over the other two.
    hey, zakarai. Just got a baritone recently, looking to go drop G# as well. what gauge strings do you use if you dont mind me asking?
    I've got an IIbanez but cant find model number, serial number is f9751255 can anyone tell me which Rg series it is. It is v7-v8 pickups