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manufacturer: Ibanez date: 04/25/2014 category: Electric Guitars
Ibanez: RG8FM
This 8-string guitar suits almost all variety of metal as well as jazz. The overall look, but more importantly the feel, playability and tone of this guitar are just great.
 Features: 9
 Sound: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.2
RG8FM Reviewed by: Jband84, on april 25, 2014
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Price paid: $ 599.99

Purchased from: The Players Bench

Features: I'm reviewing my Ibanez RG8FM manufactured in 2013 in Indonesia. It has 24 Jumbo frets with a Rosewood fretboard on a 27" scale Wizard II-8 5pc maple/walnut neck. Basswood body with flamed maple top in transparent grey burst. Fixed bridge. Passive IBZ-8 pickups, volume, tone 3-way pickup selector. Ibanez tuners. // 9

Sound: This guitar suits exactly my style and needs, I play a variety of metal ranging from hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, grindcore, djent, pretty much metal in general. I'm playing thru a Peavey Vypyr VIP-1 20 watt model, the amp has many effects but I just got the amp so haven't played around too much yet with all of them mainly just on the overdrive/distortion channels of the 6505, 6534, and XXX mods. For being just the stock pickups it sounds really good. It's an 8 string 27" extended range with 24 frets so definitely has a wide variety of sounds. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Out of the box this guitar was set up almost perfect, needed a couple slight adjustments to fix some minor buzz and intonation issues but easily fixed and sounds and plays awesome. The pickups were adjusted perfectly. The top is uniform and has a fixed bridge so no routing issues. There is a very slight flaw in the finish on the bottom horn inside edge looks like a very slight rub thru in the polishing but would never notice it unless you scrutinized it. Quality of wood is great the flamed maple top is gorgeous, the neck is so smooth and comfortable plays great. All hardware is secure tight and working properly. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have not played a live show with it yet however I will be and will do so without a doubt in my mind it will perform perfectly. I was actually surprised at how good of quality hardware came on this guitar at this price point the tuners are non locking but stay in tune very well, the strap buttons feel as solid as can be, I usually replace them with strap-locks however I feel like that is not necessary with how durable these are. I would definitely use this guitar with no back up and feel confident in it. The finish is absolutely beautiful and seems like it should last for years and years to come. // 10

Overall Impression: As mentioned above I play a variety of metal and this 8 string as an absolute perfect match. I also enjoy playing some jazz styles which this is great for too. I have been playing for about 16 years now, I own a Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Elite, an LTD H-351NT, and besides my practice Peavey Vypyr I have a Huhges & Kettner 100 watt Black Vortex head thru a Randall 4x12 cab. I did plenty of research before buying this guitar so no regrets on questions about it. I would replace this exact guitar in a heartbeat if god forbid anything happened to it. I love the overall look, but more importantly I love the feel, playability and tone of this guitar. The few and very minor things I dislike about it are the plain white dot inlays, even some abalone dot inlays would really make this a beauty, and also would like to upgrade from the stock pickups and possibly the tuners to locking tuners. Both stock items are good but would like them to be better. I compared the Schecter and LTD models that were in the same price range and just found the neck to be the deal maker for this guitar, being so flat and comfortable is what sold me on it. Also I absolutely love the look of the transparent grey burst which is something neither of the competitors offered. // 9

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