RGR320EX review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 5
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (102 votes)
Ibanez: RGR320EX

Price paid: $ 545.34

Purchased from: Music Produktiv

Sound — 9
Readng up on the Ibanez website, it says that the RG series of guitars is designed for metal music. I play all sorts of music, Heavy metal, blues, rock, classic rock, and this guitar hasn't failed me in matching any of those styles. I have a Laney HCM30R amp, and this guitar sounds quite good with this amp. On the treble pickup, it does sound a lot brighter and better than my previous guitar, which was a Les Paul Copy, and the rythm pickup also soudns very good.; Thier is hardly any noise produced on either pickup, and the pickups are still extremely responsive. By using the tremelo arm on the guitar, it is possible to make a whole range of extreme, wacky and breathtaking sounds, but the whammy bar does occasionally make the guitar go out of tune while using it, but a slight knock in the opposite direction sorts out that problem.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall impression of this guitar is that it is very good. It suits all my styles of music, so that part is good. I have been playing electric guitar for around 3 years now, I own many guitar pedals (mainly Behringer) and this guitar works well with all of them. Before I bought the guitar, I do wish that I was told about how it would need a set up, as that would have saved me a lot of money and bother. If I lost the guitar, I would definatley buy it again, because of the sound. The EMG pickups are amazing, and I am sure that if I wanted to replace them for EMG actives, they would work very well with the guitar, and wouldn't alter the looks. My favourite feature on the gutiar is tremelo, but that is also my least favourite feature at the same time, as it is a hasstle, especially as I didn't expect it to be. I compared this gitar to an Ibanez RG370DX, and I had to choose this one because of the pickups, which was definately worth the 40 price difference. In short this gutiar is very good, but yopu have to know what you are doing before you buy it.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Since I tuned it a week ago, the guitar hasn't gone out of tune, so it holds it strings very well. It al lfeels sturdy, and like it was built to last, so I don't have nay worries about hardware problems and the strap buttons feel solid, so I won't worry about my strap flying off while I play it. At the moment, I can't depend on I. I had a school concert before the guitar as set up, and I brought a backup and I was right to as the guitar went completely out of tune, and wouldn't tune, so untill I am sure the guitar is fine, I will always bring a backup if I'm gigging. The finish seems very good, and I haven't scratched the guitar amazingly, it does leave finger prints though.

Action, Fit & Finish — 5
Now before I got this guitar, I didn't know all about set ups, so igot the guitar, and played it for a few days, then decided to tune down to drop d down 1 step. the whole bridge sunk, and the strigns wer touching the pickups and it needed all to be raised. I raised it up and had numerous problems and took it a shop for a set up. The man told me it wasn't set up at all and that it was in a bad conditon. Before it is set up also, it WILL NOT tune. I got it to the right note and then it went flat so I tightened the string again and again, and this ended up lifting up the bridge, so it is absoloutely essential that this guitar is set up properly before use, but other than that, now it is fine, the action is good, and everything is staying how it should.

Features — 9
This guitar is new for 2007. It has 24 jumbo frets on an Ibanez Wizard II flat neck, and edge 3 double locking bridge with tremelo, a basswood boday, and it has a textured matt black finish, which Ibanez name roadrage black. it's a Super Strat style guitar, with passive pickups designed by EMG for Ibanez. It has two of these EMG humbucker pickups, and a 3 way selector Switch. The tuners are also locking.

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    wen u tuned it down, did u realise that u cant jus tune it down on a locking tremelo?
    the reason why the guitar got out of tune was simply because the bridge was no where near parrelelll. that is all sorted out now though, and the guitar is absoloutely amazing. a divebomb sounds great on it, and i now have no complaints about any part of it i dont think
    I have This guitar. Its my second Guitar, but my first with floyd rose. But i read and watched vid's on how to tune so it whas no problem. It is Extremly good. Love it. It's very good for Any type of metal and is easy to play
    im thinking of buying one of these so would u recomend it and how much did it cost u to get it set up?
    Can i just say that now ive had this guitar a couple of months and got used to it, its absoloutely amazing!
    Well, first of all thank you for the review, it hepled me a lot. But I think it's a bit obscure to write a review about a guitar with a whammy bar without having experience with it. I bet if you would have really locked the locking nuts, the guitar wouldn't get out of tune while using the tremelo.
    no i didnt realise that. im 14, this is the most advanced gutiar ive ever palyed, i unlocked he things on the top, and thought it would be fine. i'm told it will be fine now though for tuning down. just lack of set up
    i would do that, but i cant afford it, spent all of the money on the guitar, does any1 know if the whammy bar sneeding to be moved the other way to get it sounding right, is that normal?
    U think if i put some original floyds will make it work...as in..solve the problem with the crapy edge 3?
    HAHAHAH, you have to adjust the spring tension if you change the tuning, also the intonation. I suggest you get someone to show you to save 80 bucks next time. It's not rocket science... i don't think the tuners are locking in this case. He prob meant a locking nut.