RGR321EX review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (160 votes)
Ibanez: RGR321EX

Price paid: $ 549

Purchased from: Thomann

Sound — 8
It suits metal primarily. But I've used it for punk, hardcore, blues, rock, grindcore, thrash and death metal. It's a very versitile piece of equipment. I run it through a Korg AX3000 into a Marshall Half Stack. I also use a Boss DS-1 for a boost in solos. I also use wireless from my amp to guitar. I never get any unwanted feedback, the only time I get it is when I run it through the amp distortion and control it myself. This guitar can make ridiculous ammounts of sounds. From a deep, warm blues tone. To a high, screaming metal. This can be a downfall, you have to take notes of your settings, one dial knocked will completely change your sound.

Overall Impression — 9
This is my sixth guitar and currntly my favourite. It plays amazingly, it sounds increadible, feels perfect and is just a great guitar. I play metal, along the lines of Slipknot, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage. And it matches it WELL! I've played for four years, comepletely self taught, so I have 100% my own individual style. This guitar will not be for everyone. Mainly due the the styling of it. It's a good looking guitar, no arguments about it. But it's function over form. This guitar has impressed me so much I'm getting a custom version of it made. The only difference will be mine will have just one knob (volume) and a pick up selector. Also it will have a thinner body and proper thru-strung bridge. When I bought it I was between this, an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and and ESP EX400. I think I made the right choice. All I wish was different was real EMG pickups, as opposed the the Ibanez/EMG versions on it.

Reliability & Durability — 7
Ibanez are well known for being very durable, and it is. But the piano finish on it is a bitch. It shows up every last scratch, finger print, smudge. It's easy to clean, but it needs it every time you play. The hardware is tough! And I mean you could throw this thing at a wall and pick it up, plug it in and play (my previous guitar, Les Paul, failed this test). However, the plastic cover on the pickup selector Switch seems to have gone missing. The strap buttons are beyond perfect. I have had the same strap on since the day I bought it, and I still strugle to take it off. Let alone put it back on again. I don't use straplocks, I don't feel the need. It's just so secure. The easily marked finished is a let down for me though.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar was an amazing set up. Perfect action. Everything in line. Nothing loose. Just how it should be. I did raise the lead pickup about 4mm up towards the high E. But that's probably just me Who likes it that high. It's Standard strings felt amazing and I want to know what they were, but nowhere can tell me. I had to replace them due to thembarely being playable in low tunings. Lowest I could get them was drop C. I play in drop B. So I had to change to Ernie Ball Beffy Slinkys. They play well, but I wouldn't mind the origionals in an 11.

Features — 9
Okay I'm keeping all this simple, because I'm playing whilst writing this and am getting distracted easily. I don't know where it's made, but hats off to them. 3pc Wizard II neck. Basswood body. 24 jumbo frets. Fixed bridge. EMG/Ibanez pickups. Black piano finish. 1 tone, 1 volume, 3-way pickup selector. Locking tuners. Comes with gig-bag (kicks it waaay out of tuning), strap (still on from the day I got it, very durable), cable (unused, I use wireless).

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    First! Yeah, I tried this at Ibanez guitar shop at Helsinki, and this one was pretty good! The Rosewood fingerboard is pretty sticky though... :/
    I got mine a short time ago and I'm loving it this far. Great sounding and great playability. Good review, everything you pointed out is true!
    i just got this last weekend for 500 and went for some setup and changed the default 'designed by EMG' pickups to dimarzios paf(neck) airzone(bridge) - bought these 2 at around 300 here in singapore. this guitar totally owns.
    Does anyone know where is it made?? What's the best, this or Schecter Omen 6?
    Btw - Like the reviewr,I run this one thro a korg 3000g too.Can the reviewer or others who use the same setup share some settings and tweaks for this combo ?
    All i can say is: OMG! I'm a guitar newbie (only been playing for around 4 months) and this just blows me away. I've had a B.C. Rich Warlock Bronze (agrhrr) for about 4 months and today it broke. Got reccomended this particular guitar to me by a guy working in the music store. I went for it. Oh my god, until now i had no idea how bad my Warlock was! Ibanez = value for money. Love it!
    what a guitar...what a price and all ibanez's should come with the upside-down headstock
    Ryan 9359
    Amazing guitar for the price i payed, 200 Action and playablity is excellent and sound is great too. I wish it came with real EMG's though. I have had only 1 issue with this guitar and it has an awful amount of fuzz/hum coming through which is stopped if you touch the bridge or the strings. I think this is down to the fact the RGR i bought was ex-demo and its soon to be repaired. Something wrong with the soldering i think. I was MEGA gutted when i realised it was the guitar not my amp haha. i was easily willing to risk my marshall but not this baby. tis' a shame but should be back as good as new soon. Anyways. Buy this guitar if you wanna play anything heavy. In the future i shall be replacing the "Designed By EMG"s with EMG-HZ's or a passive version of EMG's.
    This is an absolutley great guitar, it has a good tone and is excellent for metal and hard rock. Great for begginers.
    Yeah, I dind't even consider the RGR320EX because of the hassle it would be to have that Edge III for a bridge.
    oliver105 : If you're more into metal, you should pick the RGR320EX
    its got a rubish edge III trem on it which is just crap. and some players prefer hardtails i love my rgr321ex
    i have the same problem as thoman, lp standard or this ibanez. I wonder if its white around the guitar?
    Lukeydoodly wrote: Yeah and im getting it
    That makes two of us. At first I thought of getting this guitar's sister, the RG321MH. But then I looked at this one and it seemed exactly the right guitar for me. Only a little more expensive, I'm picking this one.
    i tried this one and the RG370DX at a store and i bought the 370 as i think it suits metal guitarists better but however they both sound the same and r extremely strong and have sharp sounds but this one also has a fixed bridge which is one of the reasons y i didint get it
    i got this guitar a wk ago, and this is pretty good, considering the price. the emg designed pickups are ok, although its a bit messy due to the very high tone output. overall, you can't say it's a crappy guitar. im going to change to real emg, but till then the emg designed would do.
    Captain Edd
    I agree an excellent guitar for an amazing price! i also own a vintage fender telecaster 600.00 and id still use this for indie and blues ha ha perfection at its best!