S470 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.2 (399 votes)
Ibanez: S470

Price paid: £ 289

Purchased from: Spectre Sounds

Sound — 8
I play 2 types of music mainly, Metal and punk rock (weird I know but yh... ) This guitar can handle both these genres well, however it does lack sustain which is quite annoying in solos. I use a Laney LX120RH with this guitar and iv managed to get a desent sound out of it, nice and chunky (in the good way). It gives little feed back and hum which a great bonus, except for the single coil but that's what ud expect from a single coil so it aint bad.

Overall Impression — 7
I'm not fully happy with this guitar, but I'm still happy with it it does the job well and looks great. Its just the pickups mainly I don't like them very much. Also the cosmetics on it arnt very stable and tend to do weird stuff. But overall I would like this guitar a lot more if it had better pickups, it's great for the budget aswell.

Reliability & Durability — 7
I've had no electronic problems with this guitar wat so ever it's very solid and iv used it in a lot of gigs and it's held up very well. The only problem have been cosmetic, the ones I listed above. I can depend on this tho it has never let me down before and iv used it alot.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
When I got this it wasn't very well set up, the pick up arrangement wasn't great, it was ok just not great. This can be easily fixed tho. I've found a fret rattle on the 9th fret on the d and g, this is extremely annoying and can ruin your music, well that's how I feel about it. The action is good tho not as low as it could be I feel however, but I haven't had this guitar professionaly set up yet. Also the bolt thing that can be adjusted on the tremelo where the whammy bar is screwed in has worn down and now unless you have the whammy bar in the bridge, that bolt falls out. The bolt isnt nessassary for a function but it still has worn down, cheap metal I guess. One thing that really annoyed me was that the chrome hardware went black and decolourised, then went back to a lighter chrome, but that took quite a while to happen, it sort of ruins the look of the guitar. Apart from that everything else was good.

Features — 7
This is a very good looking guitar, it's Ultra thin, satin black and dark chrome hardware. It has 22 frets, which is enought I think I've never had a need for anything above that that I can't bend to. The neck is very good, it's Ultra thin and you shaped, this helps greatly with playing, trust me it really does. It has a Ibanez zero resistance tremelo which is ok, it gives great tonal reach and is very smooth and easy to use, but it gives different amounts of slack to each string when it is used which is annoying when your bendin a chord or set of notes as doesnt't sound very nice. The pick ups are Ibanez made; Infinity 2 (B) this is a good pick up and can deliver a nice distortion, however the sustain isnt fantastic and it is not as sensative as I would like. Infinity 2S (M), this is a single coil, it is very nice for the clean setting and gives great tone, it's even ok with distortion. Infinity 1 (N), This is great for bluesy type or rythem in most types of music, it gives nice tone, but again is not good with sustain or sensitivity. It gives great tonal variation, the 5 way Switch lets you combine and create lots of different styles with your pick ups. The lockin nuts are very good and the tremelo keeps the strings in tune very well, I hardly ever need to tune this guitar. and wen I do it's only slight and the Precision tuners make this very easy.

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    deafening wrote: who cares if herman uses it LUKE HOSKIN USES IT Oh hell yeah! Go protest. He's moved on to the prestige model but he did play the 470 for a while. He's one of the reasons I bought mine.
    one single coil pickup, which gets in the way a little when palm muting
    lower it with one of those screwdriver things