S570B review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (60 votes)
Ibanez: S570B

Price paid: C$ 575

Purchased from: Long & McQuade

Sound — 8
I play a variety of music, but the majority of the time I'm playing rock to hard rock to metal. I've switched between 9s to 11s and the 11s didn't feel right with the guitar so I went for the middle ground and play with 10s. Pretty good stock sound, even for infinity pickups. But of course, more stock pickups are not very toneful and these are no different. They lack picking dynamics and don't have very rich harmonics. The bridge is crunchy but lacks that low end you'd get with aftermarket pickups, a bit too bright for my taste in my opinion. The neck pickup actually sounded good, creamy and warm. The single coil was pretty good as well, it paired very well with the two pickups and gave a twangy, warm Strat tone when the 2 or 4 positions are selected. As of now I chose to upgrade the pickups to DiMarzio Mo'Joe and PAF Joe pickups and left the single coil stock. Those pickups gave me the sound I wanted from the guitar, and the single coil still pairs up nicely with the two humbuckers, although the 2 position is more bright compared to stock. Maybe sooner or later the single coil will be replaced, but right now its fine. I'll give the sound rating an 8 because well the pups did do their job at first, over time I'd hear that the tone was not very good, and to achieve a more dynamic tone, you'd need an upgrade.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall I love this guitar. My hands don't cramp up when playing as much anymore, I love the tremolo, the look of this guitar can kill and it was all for a good price. At this time, since this was my first tremolo guitar besides having a Strat tremolo, I can see the ups and downs of it. If you are a person who regularly changes tunings, this guitar might not be your best choice. Unless of course you have more than one guitar or don't use it for live purposes, then by all means this guitar could probably be good for you. It still contains the typical issues and playability as a Floyd Rose equipped guitar would have, so if you wanted something that plays like a floyd but better, the ball bearings and ZPS system make this guitar seem like a floating trem but with better support and action. If you want full floating, you can always take out the zps, so all floyd players feel right at home. Bottom line, great guitar. I love it, I can't put it down, all I'd need is a Les Paul and a Telecaster and my guitar collection will be of great variety and versatility. Oh, and it DOES flutter, even with the ZPS.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is made of mahogany, and although it is very light, I believe it will take a beating. I can count on the guitar being in tune thanks to the ZPS system and also the tuning pegs and locking nut are solid. I've heard negative reviews about the ZPS system saying it's bad for the trem and it's adding more tension to the block, therefore it will break over time. It may seem that way, but I believe it will be just fine. It may probably break under the tension that 11 gauge strings might put on it (the thumb screw is almost turned to the max), but I think its fine. It allows me to play drop D and even go half step, all I have to do is mess with the fine tuners and it gets in tune and usually stays there. Ibanez really designed this guitar with innovative solutions to minor and major problems guitarists might run into when using conventional hardware, and they do that with utmost quality.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Again I got the white model, with black binding on the body. It has a poly finish, has a high gloss to it, and the hardware comes in black. Also the tuning pegs, nut, and pickup rings are black. A really cool thing that I saw was that the pickup rings were made of metal, and on the guitars I've had, I've never had metal pickup rings so I thought that was pretty cool. The neck pickup ring is also custom fit for the 24 fret neck, so its notched out at the edge that sits around the neck. When I got the guitar, it was setup perfectly. Only thing wrong with it was that the trem arm socket wasn't even secured to the trem plate, and funny thing was that I told the sales guy about it, he takes it on himself to screw it himself, only to drop the screws on the body and scratch the finish with the screw driver, only to have it come lose again when I got home (yay long&mcquade). But don't worry, I screwed it snug with the provided allen key and it hasn't loosened up since (it's been about 6 months). It is setup perfectly for 9s out of the box, so heavier gauges or hybrid gauges require a little setup, but surprisingly that can be done in about 10-15 mins with practice. Instead of the springs being screwed into the body, they are latched onto a thumb screw system where you can increase or decrease the tension by turning the thumbscrew on the rear of the guitar. Just turn it until the bridge is level with the body and you're good to go. So that means that alternate tunings can be achieved with less hassle with this tremolo system, which is awesome.

Features — 10
Specs from Long & McQuade's website: HSH pickup configuration - infinity pickups. Vol, 5-way, Tone. The original and famous Ibanez S body Heavy mahogany tone without the heavy mahogany weight 24-fret Wizard II necks Many new colors and finishes for 2010 ZR Zero Resistance trem with ball bearings offers smooth and stable arming I bought the white model, and I love it. The black binding makes a bold difference in the appearance of the guitar, but that's not the only stand out feature of the guitar. This guitar is THIN, not to mention, it is very light and won't cause any strain on your back. Also, the S570B uses the usual Wizard II thin necks, and coming from playing thicker necks, it actually wasn't a big deal to get used to. As a matter of fact, I found it easier to play on this neck compared to my Schecter and Fender guitars. Also, the S570B features 24 frets compared to the Standard 22 fret necks you see on s-series models which is good. I basically bought this guitar as an alternative to a different guitar that caught my eye, the JS2400. The ZR tremolo is just awesome, never played a tremolo that was so smooth, thanks to the ball bearing system. As far as I can see, and from what I've played, this is a solid guitar and it has the hardware that's good as its looks. It gets a 10 for its sexiness.

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    My mate has the 470 and its not too different from this. main complaints: Sounds rubbish and is a bitch to take care of but apart from that, its hard to match.. even if thats not much to go by o.0
    Hmm I dunno about a 10 for features, those infinity pickups sound bloody awefull, I got some in an RG model and I changed them for blackouts within a week
    SLonergan wrote: TheAmadol wrote: how is the arm socket on the trem? i've heard that it breaks easily its only because of the "ZPS" which does more harm than good. It put a ton of extra resistance on the bridge, so you have to push that much harder to move the trem. Ibanez claims that the ZPS keeps the guitar in tune when a string breaks. This is a lie. All the ZPS does is make it so that when you bend a string, the adjacent strings don't go out of tune, as is prone to happen with floating bridges. You get this negligible bonus at the cost of losing the ability to flutter, and easily breaking the arm socket. IMO, take out the ZPS.
    All i can say is that you must have it set up badly.... There is a little more resistance than a standard floating trem but not that much and when a string broke on mine it stayed in tune well enough to finish the song.... also tuning up is a breeze... I have nothing but good things to say about the trem system... But i suppose it all boils down to personal preference
    all i see is 10/10/10/10/9/10/9/8. so this 400 euro guitar is the best guitar in the world? only a few guitars can top this fine piece of art? come on guys.... it does look good. and about the trem, i have no experience with that brand, maybe i'll go play it in a shop or something.
    I find that Ibanez make far mor reliable grade floating trems then other brands, I am still to test this new ZPS, however from the positive's over the negatives I will side that once you learn how to adjust and become used to such a thing, there will be no problems to speak of. I also find Ibanez trems the best for flutters
    bartnijman wrote: all i see is 10/10/10/10/9/10/9/8. so this 400 euro guitar is the best guitar in the world? only a few guitars can top this fine piece of art? come on guys.... it does look good. and about the trem, i have no experience with that brand, maybe i'll go play it in a shop or something.
    compared to most guitars in this range its high up there. These ratings are high, but i'm no expert. these ratings were based on personal ratings and preference. I'm sure for someone with more experience, you'd see a better review and explaination.
    check sweetwater.com it has really good pics (and prices at that) for this guitaR
    i have this it has an amazing dirty distorted sound...however very one dimentional
    Poddy92 : i have this it has an amazing dirty distorted sound...however very one dimentional
    are u talkin bout the shape or the sound?
    TheAmadol wrote: how is the arm socket on the trem? i've heard that it breaks easily
    no that wa on the 470 i think this is its replacement ...i think its the highlight of the guitar