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manufacturer: Ibanez date: 04/23/2013 category: Electric Guitars
Ibanez: S570MQM
I play Prog./Metal/Rock/Classical/etc. This guitar fits my style more than anything I've picked up thus far. I can finally say that I've found the guitar series that is perfect for me.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 9.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9
 Features: 9
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overall: 8.6
S570MQM Reviewed by: NathanRobbins, on june 07, 2011
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Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: New 2011 model. Indonesian Ibby. 24 jumbos of course, maple fretboard on a Wizard 3 maple neck which is SWEET as usual. Mahogany S series body which is thin around the edges and fatter in the middle for tone. Quilted maple top with the new finish-Trans. Red Burst. I cannot adequately express with words how beautiful this guitar is. The combination of the brilliant red and that maple fretboard with black Dot inlays is to die for. ZR trem with the ZPS2 (I'll get around to this later) Pickups are the usual INF-1, 2, and the single in the middle. 1 Vol. 1 Tone control. Five-way (giggity) HSH configuration. Double locking of course for the trem. Came with the wrenches and that cheap ass cable they always throw in. What drew me in to this guitar at first was the maple fretboard w/black Dot inlays. There aren't enough Ibanez models with maple fretboards in my opinion. Also, the tremolo is one that I've been wanting to try out for some time now. What sealed the deal for me, however, was when I saw a picture of the Trans. Red Burst finish other than the stock photo on Ibanez and Guitar Center. I don't know what they were thinking, going with that photo, but it doesn't do it any justice at all. This thing is RED. Brilliantly red! I decided to go through with the buy and oh how glad I was that I did. The great features on this guitar just keep stacking up the more you look at it. I'll give this an 8 though because the pickups will, of course, have to go. Not much of an issue though. I've definitely seen worse in this price range. // 8

Sound: I play Prog./Metal/Rock/Classical/etc. You get the picture. This guitar fits my style more than anything I've picked up thus far. I play through a Mesa Boogie Mark IV and my effects loop consists of a Visual Sound LIquid Chorus, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal JR., and a Boss DD20 gigadelay. Honestly you could put just about any pickups through that setup and make it sound pretty damn good but with me it's all about the subtleties. The pickups are the stock infinity series which, unfortunately, blow. No problem though. I've already got a set of Dimarzios that I'm about to plop in this beautiful guitar. Liquifire and Crunch Lab. Mmmm... The deadly duo. Of course with the five-way it's one versatile instrument. You can get pretty much any sound out of it that you want, and, with the mahogany body, that sound is gonna be good. I also own an RG4 and RG350 which both have basswood bodies. Mahogany wins hands down obviously. That's why the RG4 shall not keep it's pickups for long. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: Out of the box: Action was good. A little high on the high strings. A little too low on the low strings. Minimal buzz but it was easily removed. The neck pickup was a bit high which made for excessive picking noise, also easily solved. I noticed that one fret had a little bit of what looked like an impurity in the metal but it's not causing any problems. Just a tiny speck of discoloration. The main issue is the volume knob. About half way through the sweep it becomes stiff then as you continue turning it it loosens up toward the end of the sweep. So if it had numbers I'd say between 4 and 7 it's pretty stiff. Very odd but I'm sure I can fix that I just haven't gotten around to it. The jack is a little difficult to get a cord into. Everything else was great. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The Zero Point System 2. A GOD SEND! I read a lot of reviews on this tremolo, and I heard a lot of negative feedback for the ZPS. I can honestly tell you that I dive bombed the hell out of this guitar. Dropped it as far as I could and strummed the floppy strings at the bottom for a long time. Then I let it back up and without wiggling it to get it back in tune I played a perfect G chord. Then I checked the tuning. Amazingly still dead on. I was so freakin excited. Even on the pull ups (I did the Herman Li thing and picked up the guitar in front of me by the trem bar) stayed in tune. I was amazed. I can't see why people give this thing a bad rep, or maybe they don't stretch their strings out first in which case no tremolo will keep your strings in tune. STRETCH YOUR STRINGS DUMMIES! I could see it being possible to break a high E string or the B string and stay in tune, but a low E or an A would most likely throw it off by a bit. Still, a gigantic improvement over the Standard floater. Sure it's a bit stiffer to dive with but hell if that's the price I have to pay for stability then by god I'll live with it. Probably the only guitar in my collection that I would gig without a backup (still wouldn't though but that's just me being overcautious). As with most of the finish on Ibanez trems it probably will wear off eventually. That doesn't bother me that much. Btw keep your trem covered with a light coat of WD-40 and you should be good in that department. // 9

Overall Impression: I can finally say that I've found the guitar series that is perfect for me. I thought that the RG's would be my bread and butter but this thing blew me away. The necks are the same, super smooth and super fast. Legato lines are really fun to play on this guitar as well for some reason (maybe it's just the look that makes me wanna play smooth). Once I get the other pickups in, this thing will be unstoppable! The ZR trem is so smooth and the ZPS2 is a life saver. The quilted maple w/red burst finish will make you cry because you don't have it and I do. I will definitely stay in the S series of guitars from now on. The bodies are just so well fitting both while standing and sitting down playing. Lighter than my RG's and with mahogany tone! I don't see what could make this a better guitar other than it coming from the factory with good pups. Great guitar guys. Don't hesitate to try one out. // 10

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overall: 9.6
S570MQM Reviewed by: jma1111, on april 23, 2013
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Price paid: $ 525

Purchased from: The Guitar Gallery (Vic DaPra's store)

Features: To start off this review, I will say this guitar was a 2011 model, and I dated the Serial number back to December 2011. About 17 months later I bought it at this shop, it was new, on display, still had pickup stickers on it! This Ibanez was made in Indonesia. It has a super fast and smooth maple 3pc wizard neck, 24 jumbo frets, with great high access on the 22-24th frets! The tuners feel to be of great quality also. The finish is the BBB, which is beautiful with the quilt maple. The mahogany on the back is an awesome purple blue color. It comes with the Inf1, Infs1, and Inf2 passive pickups, which are not as bad as some say. The neck pickup can get muddy, but with some eq tweaking is can sound very smooth distorted. The bridge is fairly bright, but also has a good bassy chug. It is a bit sterile, I will add. The middle pickup is very bright, has an almost acoustic sound, not bad. The in between positions are very "quacky" with a clean tone, and distorted they have a smooth low output kind of feel. Personally I usually just use the humbuckers. I may change out the pickups, but the stock ones really aren't bad. The tremolo is absolutely great! The ZR, it comes with the ZPS stop bar for stability and keeps you in tune if a string brakes, I took the ZPS out so the bar had less tension on it, and so the tremolo can flutter. The tuning stability is very good, and that's without the ZPS. If you buy this guitar from a GC warehouse, it will have allen keys, a cheapo cable, a not so great strap (Sometimes)and of course booklets. Mine had nothing because it was hanging in the shop for sale/testing. I did get a allen from them though. Also this guitar was usually $650 from a corporation like GC. The shop wanted to sell it for $545, we got him down to $525, great deal! I'll give it 10 because it has everything I need for a metal guitar, Good locking tremolo, 2 Humbuckers, 24 frets, many sound options, very adjustable, just a fully featured guitar! // 10

Sound: I mostly play thrash metal, and several other forms of metal and rock. It suits that very well with the 2 humbuckers, but this guitar can do many styles of music. It can do blues well, my pap plays mostly Hendrix, SRV, and rock like that, he got some good tones from it. The pickups are designed for many genres, that's why many people don't like them, they aren't specified for one genre. Rather than doing 1 genre very good, it can do all genres fairly good, then you swap the pickups if they don't suit your needs. I've used this guitar on a Blackstar tube amp (forgot exact name) on a Drive channel, sounded amazing! Lately I've used it with the Fender Mustang II, also sounds good. I use the EHX Metal Muff for distorion with the Mustang. It can get a huge variety of metal and rock tones with that combo. There is a very small amount of hum with these pickups. My Strat has SD Hotrail pickups and they have less, but I only really notice it when I turn the gain up past half (which is tons for the metal muff, half is enough for thrash). // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I don't know about from the factory, but they set up the guitar a bit from the shop I bought it from. It was set pretty good, the trem needed lowered like 1mm, and the bass side needed highened to remove low E fret buzz, after that, perfect! The pickups had even volume, but I raised the bridge pickup a bit. The guitar has no flaws at all. The hardware is great, even after well over a year in a shop and a week at my house.Everything feels solid, from the tuning pegs to the pots (which are fairly large and high quality). The body itself is made of mahogany, and has a maple top, no flaws, you can barely notice the 2 parts in the top. The transparent back lets you see the mahogany, which looks of very high quality wood. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I've only had this guitar for about 10 days, but I can Imagine it can withstand lots of use and gigs. The hardware is a solid metal, it's not going anywhere! The strap buttons Ibanez uses are exellent! After using my strats strap buttons, which are shaped like upside down triangles, and having the guitar almost fall, these are great! This guitars strap buttons are shaped more like mushrooms, which lets your strap get locked in the middle part, while the larger end hold it in. Very stable. The finish is tough. Being a poly finish, it will not wear off in decades. I would definately gig without a backup. // 10

Overall Impression: I play several types of metal, mostly thrash, fits me very well. Great for fast solos, but also heavy power chords, and even clean melodic riffs. I've been playing for something like 5-6 years, I also have a Fender Stratocaster, my first electric, with Seymour Duncan Hotrail bridge humbucker. It could do metal well, but only has 21 frets and the tremolo is, well, you know, a Strat trem... If it were stolen I would definitely get another Ibanez S, but this exact model is discontinued. The S570DXQM is todays equivalent, but the MQM has a maple fretboard, which is rare for an S, that's what I like! My favorite feature would have to be the tremolo, being my first guitar with a double locking trem, I've had lots of fun and got good use out of it! I was going to buy the S420 online, but I decided to go to this shop, and they had this right there in the store. I had wanted a S570DXQM before I settled on the S420, so I decided to get this for such a good deal! // 10

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