S7320 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (68 votes)
Ibanez: S7320

Sound — 9
I play mostly metalcore and deathcore styles and I was instantly wanting one when they brought it back forhigh-demand. My biggest influences are Buz and Ken from Unearth and they use the exact same guitar from the '90s (7620). It nails there sound even without the EMG 707's that they have ni their bridge position. Might not get those because I don't like the active pickups maintenance needed. Might get dimarzio's for it down the line though. The pups in it are great bright sounding and have next to no noise. I can make everything from clean chord arpeggios that make you wish you could spend less time shredding and more time playing clean stuff to whammy bar madness that the likes of Herman Li and Steve Vai do (elephant noises, horse whinney's, mortocycle sounds, etc.). I run it through a Zoom G7.1UT then through a DigiTech Death Metal for really great sounding high gain into my Kustom Quad Jr. Half stack, and it's great. Had to turn down the bass from before when I was using droppped tunings on my 6's because of the pickups and it worked out for the better for all of the guitars I use. This guitar is great for variety for a 7 I think. Clean tone is amazing and it can rip peoples face off with high-gain. I'm gunna use it in jazz band next year to be different with the extra low string.

Overall Impression — 10
For the metalcore Unearth style playing this guitar nails it which is why I bought it. I own an Ibanez RG320FM and an Ibanez ADX120 from before I turned to the dark side of 7's. I've been playing for 4 years now and shredding Giles on it by Unearth that I learned today is just the funnest thing to play. I wish I would have asked how to maintain the tremolo but I had a manual from when I bought the RG320FM and it explained everything. If it were stolen I wouldn't rest until I found Who had stolen it. If they had broken it I would sue their ass into getting me a new one at the very least. I love everything about this guitar from the thin neck, to the ZR tremolo to the fact that it has 7 strings! I have nothing to hate about this guitar. My favourite feature is the bridge for sure and how easy it is to adjust and maintain. I played an Ibanez RG7321 a month before buying this one and this one is just so much better in my opinion. I might buy a RG7321 down the line for another 7 and for throwing one in drop A just for kicks. The only thing that I can muster up that I wish it had is the 5-peice neck just because of the looks hahaha. But that's not important enough for me to care about. I am so in love with this guitar I've only played my 6's a few times since I've brought this oen home. 7>6.This guitar will rock your world if you play Metalcore, Deathcore, Grindcore, or anything else hardcore or metal, maybe even something else! I definantly would recommend you go play one and join the 7-string army!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I'm going to play this guitar Live. It's built very well and is made of good woods and materials. The hardware is great and will last as long as nothing stupid happens to it which won't. I was doing guitar flips with my RG320FM and the entire strap button came out because I replaced it with strap lock buttons and the guitar fell to the ground but with this guitar the screw holes were smaller so wen the new strap butons were installed by myself, they went in with no stressing and they weren't loose in the screw hole at all. Probably not gunna take my chances with a guitar flip because I love this guitar too much at the moment. I will depend on this guitar for Live play but I will always have my 6's there just for back-up because I always want to be good to go no matter what. The finish is awesome on everything and it won't be wearing off anytime soon for sure.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
It wasn't horribly set up when it came into the store. Wentworth is the most awesome place I have ever bought instruments from. A different place that I ordered a RG7321 from I had to wait 7 months for me to get there and when it got there it had a messed up neck (back and fretboard) and they sold it to a different person before I could get there again. But wentworth made me wait 2 months and it came in when they said it would. The bridge was a little bit forward but it was easy to fix with the adjustment roller on the back. The pickups were adjusted well at the factory and they didn't need to fool around with them at the store. They sound fine in my opinion so I won't be adjusting them anytime soon. The guitar had no flaws when I payed for it and took it home. Just needed new strings for my preference and the bridge was a bit forward. None of those were anything worth telling them about so it was great.

Features — 10
It was made in 2007 in Korea (first one in Canada to my knowledge might not be but it was the first ordered from the store I bought it from). It has a 22 fret thin Wizard II 3-piece maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, the body is made from carved mahogany in a black finish. It has a Strat style body with much more comfortability to it. It has the new ibanz ZR (zero resistence) tremolo which is so awesome compared to the Edge 2 style tremolo on my RG320FM. It is so easy to adjust with the opening on the back that allows you to tighten or loosen spring adjustment. I wasn't used to how to make it work when I first got it because you have to untighten the string holder at the bridge then cut the ball end off the string. It came with D'addario 10-56 but I switched them to DR 10-56 because they feel much better to myself. I may Switch them to 10-60's in the future but they seem to be perfect the way they are as they are. It came with the Standard Ibanez pups which are suprisingly powerful for stock pups. They are passive which I like because of not having to worry about a battery or the sound dying off. It has one volume, one tone, and a 5-way pickup selector for the double-humbucker pickup configuration. It has the Standard locking nut with the tremolo and the Standard Ibanez tuners which are fine by my perspective because with the locking nut it doesn't really make a huge difference. I bought the Ibanez hardshell case with it and it fits like a glove in it. You COULD throw it down a flight of stairs and it would be fine but why would you unless you were just trying to take the risk. I also bought 2 sets of DR 10-56's to replace the ones on it and to have a spair set. It came with Ibanez Prestige tols which are very nice and have soft grips on them for easy use. Came with a black whammy though all of the pictures I've seen the whammy is chrome. looks better with the black strap locks and nickel in my opinion.

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    Absolutely fantastic guitars, i love mine something cronic. Did you read the "7 string legion" thread for reviews/suggestions etc?
    d!zzy wrote: Ph03n!x wrote: What's the difference between the 7320 and the 7321??? the 7320 is an S Series body. The 7321 is an RG style body
    Not quite. 0 on the end means a tremelo and a 1 on the end means a hardtail.
    isnt the body really shallow? as in, is the body really small width wise? id love to buy one of these, im just afraid one bad drop and the guitar cracks in half. but i hope they dont discontinue this model. no guitar center in around my place doesnt carry this guitar anymore
    I'll have mine in a few days!! this is one seven stringer that plays beatifully! You can't compare the S7320 with the RG7321 because of the major differences in what woods and hardware are used. Besides, the RG7321 is a low end model and the S7320 is middle class.. If you got the money, you should buy one of these(but excange the Pick-ups, dimarzio's will do just fine)
    i think there awesome. ive always wanted a s series and i already have an experience with 7 strings. maybe i should get one?
    This may be the first seven string guitar i get, i'm just a bit concerned about the lock nut top; can i order it with a graphite top instead? I already have a locking nut guitar and i hate it; that's really the only thing that's stopping me from getting this guitar. I think it would be cool to have a seven string, easier for drop B and A
    Excellant review man! I ordered mine a week ago and it should be here in next 2 days Im a huge fan of Ken Susi and Buz Mcgrath of Unearth and thats why I chose this guitar, so I could shred to their tunes! Except same thing happened to me as regards to the guitar strap coming out and guitar crashing to the floor. I done a guitar flip with my Rg370dx and strap lock came out Luckily I caught the guitar so only the headstock hit the ground. Anyway I hope this guitar lives up to its reputation and better!
    ordered this guitar 2 months ago at a local guitar shop and STILL dont have it. hopefully it comes in this week
    Carrot wrote: Lt.DustyBanana wrote: d!zzy wrote: Ph03n!x wrote: What's the difference between the 7320 and the 7321??? the 7320 is an S Series body. The 7321 is an RG style body Not quite. 0 on the end means a tremelo and a 1 on the end means a hardtail. wrongg mate S7320 has an amazing ZR trem, mahogany body, RG7321 is basswood body and no trem. i love the S7320 its a must buy for any 7 stringer
    The RG 7-string WITH a trem is the 1527. But because of the brilliant trem the S7320 is better than the RG1527, especially when you consider that it is usually about 15% or as much as 25% cheaper. I've just bought myself an S7320 and it's almost faultless - Although as with most Ibanez's you could always benefit from replacing the stock pups.
    Lt.DustyBanana wrote: d!zzy wrote: Ph03n!x wrote: What's the difference between the 7320 and the 7321??? the 7320 is an S Series body. The 7321 is an RG style body Not quite. 0 on the end means a tremelo and a 1 on the end means a hardtail.
    wrongg mate S7320 has an amazing ZR trem, mahogany body, RG7321 is basswood body and no trem. i love the S7320 its a must buy for any 7 stringer
    aaah yes. Definately buying one of these. It'll be my first 7 string, so better be as good as he says it is!! lol.
    Just noticed my post got cut off...anyway, there are a lot of differences. ZR trem on the 7320, fixed bidge on the 7321, different body wood, etc.
    Ph03n!x wrote: What's the difference between the 7320 and the 7321???
    the 7320 is an S Series body. The 7321 is an RG style body
    I own both 7 and 6 string guitars. I like the 6 string for solo's and more technical playing because the neck is nice and thin but the 7 string is more for the brutal riffs. So this bullshit about 7>6 is just nonsense, it's about what kind of music it suits best.
    Pity they're quite expensive in the UK, otherwise I'd be all over one.
    i've had mine for a few months now but i am having a major problem with the low b string. the bridge groove doesnt seem big enough to fit the string so its buzzing everywhere! has anyone else had this problem? also ths pickups were wired incorrectly but i wont bore u with the details on that one