SAS32FM review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (93 votes)
Ibanez: SAS32FM

Price paid: $ 667.8

Sound — 10
I play everything, rock, blues, metal. This guitar offers many options. It has 5-way pickup switch. I mostly use 5th position for great lead sound, 2nd and 4th for clean stuff and 3rd for blues. The best thing on this guitar is sound. It is just amazing! I use it on Microcube and I also tried Cube 30 and Cube 60 and it just rocks!

Overall Impression — 10
Like I already said, I play many things and this guitar is perfect for it. I've been playing for 2, 5 years but I heard many guitars, crap guitars like cheap Arias, Squire, and some Les Pauls and other Ibanezes, and this one is one of the best I heard! It also looks fantastic and I wouldn't change it for any guitar that costs that much! Many guitar players have tried my guitar and they all absolutely love it! Go get this guitar!

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have owned my babe for only 3 months so there is no much to say about this. I haven't performed live yet since I bought her, but I haven't had any problems with her for this 3 months so I'll give her 8. I don't know what else to say here. I'll know more after some time.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
When I bought it it had low action. I like it and I haven't changed it since. Finish is dark red sunburst and it didn't contain any flaws or anything else, like the rest of guitar. It was in perfect shape when I bought it. Pickups don't make any noise and I am satisfied with them.

Features — 9
My Ibanez SAS32FM has flamed maple top/mahogany body. It has 22 medium frets. Scale is 648mm/25.5". Neck is 3pc SA set-in neck (rosewood fingerboard, I absolutely love it). It has 2 humbuckers (neck pickup AH3(H), bridge pickup True Duo Bucker(H)) and 1 volume and 1 tone control. Bridge is SAT Pro bridge. The only thing I plan to change after some time is tremolo. I also got some tools and cable with this guitar.

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    i soo totally agree, i got this guitar a few months back and i love it, the red sunburst looks soooo gd in the light
    man this guitar kicks ass! couple of problems though:1) the screws holding the pickups in fell out, so i had to tape over them, 2)if you detune, the whammy bar has no threads, so itll fall out if you turn around . .. . dont knock the trem cos for its price (i got it for 330 quid) it does the job. otherwise this is a f*cking aaaawesome guitar. rock on y'all!
    Jeroen HP
    Which one 's the best: a 'SAS-36 FM DRS' or a 'SAS-32 FM DRS'?? I think the '36' is more beautiful then the '32'. But on the other side I think this one 's better. Or maybe not, I don't know...
    At my local music shop a guy told me you can open up the back cover, and put something in behind the bridge to stop it from pivoting and that sorts the whole tremolo issue... dunno if its that easy, but yeah I have the same slight tuning issues. But other than that its a sweet piece of gear! light, sexy and comfy as hell, could play it for days.
    I have before the same problem and I just leave open back cover from tremolo all the time. About complain tremolo!If you already do not know,back cover on guitar must be open and guitar must stay about 1 hour in the same place when you play.Then tune up and tremolo will work well.And do not use 8- string but from 9 up,beacuse they can not 100% tune with 8 thin string!
    i got this at a shop in doncaster about 2 years ago. it was retailing around 400, but you can and should haggle to around 350 as that is the price it goes for online it would be a really great guitar, but mine needs to be retuned every 10 minutes. seriously. i never even touch the tremolo on this thing any more because it goes out of tune so easily. i think there is something up with the tuning pegs because no one seems to be able to fix it. the colour is deceptive; the lavender blue version i have is far more purple than it appears on the ibanez website. i think the mother of pearl is a little gaudy. it is very light and comfortable however i am keeping this guitar as a spare for gigs and for teaching with, but i am getting an s470 to serve as my main guitar, simply because i want to be able to touch the tremolo. when oh when will ibanez make a medium fret guitar with a string lock on the headstock?
    Guitar Sletten
    I got exactly the same guitar as in the picture Unbelievely great guitar, with a incredible sustain, and it NEVER drops out of tone!!
    I love this guitar!! I figured its better to have this than some cheap, imitation epiphone sg. Besides in my opinion Gibsons are way overpriced/rated. Quick question, and yes it sounds dumb, but im thinking of switching the pickups to a pair of SD Invaders. So when i push/pull the volume down/up, there will be no difference, right?
    Mikey p
    Ive bin playing for 5 years and this is my second guitar. I was gunna get an SA 260 FM but when i saw this i fell in love with it. the only thing I have found a bit annoying is that the slightest tweak with the whammy bar makes it go out of tune but i lost my whammy bar so i dont care. Its is an awesome guitar and it plays anthing form bluesy stuff to Trivium or metallica sounds with ease. the humbuckers are so powerful and now i got it set up theres alot more warmth and power from the pickups. BUY IT but dont mess around with the whammy bar and youll be fine. NICE
    sexy i would stick my penis in it if the hole was big enough lmao jkz ALL IBANEZ GUITARS KICK ASS!!!!! NIGGA
    i like the low action but an original floyd rose and a rear-loaded gibson 500t would make it sing
    Why on Earth do Ibanez guitars have such stupid names? It makes it impossible for me to actually remember which ones Iv played and thought were good
    only 22 frets? Booh!!! It might as well have 21 or 17 1/2 frets for that matter. Ibanez makes some really good instruments, but comparing it this guitar to a PRS is just plain nonsense
    you know with the straight string path and tilt back headstock with no string trees a set of sperzels would prob keep this baby in perfect tune. A PRS for less?
    I have the Sa260FM. Its also an great guitar. The body sits so perfectly on the strap when seated and standing. Its the perfect shape and the single coil pickups both sound spot on. The humbucker offers a surprisingly wide range of harmonics and the tremolo system is fantastic too. I am shortly getting the trust rod adjusted and the frets dressed. I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking in this price range. I got mine for 299
    It's hard to get a good tremolo without paying top dollar. I just got an Ibanez s520 (not in production or on ebay anymore), and the tremolo is great. It is just like the s520ex, but the body is different. You however should try getting a locking nut, for it makes all the difference. Cheap tremolo + locking nut = less retuning..... or broken strings lol. but mine is fine \(>.
    well tremolo is bad but if i'm not too harsh with it (i mean if i don't use it like satriani uses it), it works very well.
    i love ibanez guitars. i have just a cheap g10 and it plays ten times better then a comparably priced squire or other starter. and in response to muppet: did you check to make sure your strings are locked? thats one possibility.
    The tremolo on that guitar is the worst piece of crap ever inventet. The SAT trem is more unstable than a Fender trem. I had a guitar with that trem. Make a tremolo vibrato and it goes out of tune.
    The names give specific features on the guitar. SAS32FM = SA-series, S32-model, FM-flamed maple top. RGT42DX = RG-series, T-tremelo, 42-model, DX-deluxe? anyway if you look at the names and features you can figure it out. The only problem I have with this guitar or any of the S series is that they only have 22 frets