XPT700 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (309 votes)
Ibanez: XPT700

Price paid: € 727

Purchased from: Power-Sound

Sound — 10
The D Activators sound great with all music styles I play (pop to metal), both clean and distorted. Obviously, this is a metal guitar and the distorted sound is incredible, especially palm mutes. There's also almost no noise at all. If you try the XPT700 acoustic, you can really hear how well it plays and the sustain with its neck-thru-body is some of the best I've seen.

Overall Impression — 9
Pop to metal, clean to distorted, this guitar sounds great. I've played about 1-2 years and this is a real keeper. While my other guitars keep changing, this one will not (at least not in a long time). If it was stolen or lost, I might look into similar guitars with a fixed bridge instead, but it's very well possible I'd get this one and just block the floating tremolo again. I love the sound, finish and overall feel of this guitar. I hate the extra tweaking and floating tremolo. I ended up getting this one due to the affordable price, neck-thru-body build, great sustain and the amazing look & finish. The other "contenders" at the time were the Jackson JS30WR and Ibanez XPT300. They come with a bolt-neck and cheaper pickups. I wish it had a fixed bridge, but you can always block it. For its price, the XPT700 is excellent quality and value.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I see no reason why this guitar couldn't be played live, but due to the FR-type tremolo, it would obviously need a backup guitar. If a string breaks, all the other strings go out of tune and replacing strings with a floating tremolo is not a 1 minute work like with fixed bridges. The finish quality seems very high and nothing feels cheap about this guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
Negative things first: the guitar was poorly set out-of-the-box as it needed a lot of tweaking and tuning to get it in playable shape. The strings were even fret-buzzing at the first frets. And, unfortunately it requires much more tweaking in general than my other guitars. The pickup height needs to be constantly adjusted to get a good sound and Edge III Tremolo (and FR in general) is a pain in the ass - I ended up locking mine with blocks of wood under it (where the springs are located). It seems the D Activators are extremely sensitive to the height they're set to. If they're not exactly on the correct height, the sound is garbled/muddy crap. My other guitars are nowhere near as sensitive about the pickup height. The finish and outlook of the XPT700 are great, however. I have the red chameleon color and it always manages to impress people when I open the case and show the guitar. It truly looks fantastic.

Features — 10
My guitar was made in Indonesia, but the build quality is high. Seriously, this guitar looks and sounds great! There are 24 jumbo frets, the body is in a kind of an X shape (copied from Jackson's Warriors?), pickups are passive DiMarzio D Activators and the bridge is an Edge III tremolo with locking tuners. There is a 3-way selector switch and volume & tone knobs. I got a hard case with my guitar for the same price, which was a very nice inclusion.

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    i just got the sam ash exclusive limited edition XPT750. D-Activator X's kick so much ass, and i love the look in combination with the red finish and shiny grey/black hardware. got it for 499 too, get yours while you can! hah
    To the people who are having trouble with the tremolo system and the setup, I had some problems too, but they are not impossible to fix. I am not good with that kind of stuff, if you are willing to spend ALITTLE extra money, take it to a shop, or of you know somebody who is good with guitar maintenance give it to them. I gave it to an old teacher of mine who owns a shop, once he was done with it I have not had any problems. It plays PERFECTLY....it is the perfect guitar for me. Hope this helped
    I actually got a chance to test one of these babies out a little bit back. I'll put it this way: if I had the money to buy it right then and there, I would have.
    so u guys are saying that ibanez made a $1200 guitar with a bad edge III tremolo and a misplaced strap? wtf!!!
    thats exactly what they are saying,and they nailed it. MrSir4 is right, with some work it can be an acceptable guitar, but at the same time you shouldnt have to spend anything beyond a setup to make a 1000+ guitar playable. The root of the problems with this guitar is the quality of workmanship(put it side by side with a Korean or Jap IBZ, you'll see), although the D-activators dont help at all. The D-activators were a good idea, but Dimarzio missed the mark with the sound. I never had a problem with setting up the tremlo, but the action was always terrible, even with a perfectly straight neck, and without moving the strap button, its a pain in the ass to play. Long story short, I had mine for less than a month before I sold it and went back to my korean made RGT w/emgs.
    ax1 wrote: Is there a reason the price is as low as it is? I'd expect to pay a lot more for this kind of beast the guitar is made in indo but there is a qc .so dont worry
    The guitar is made in Indo but a few were initially made in Japan as well. I have the red Chameleon Japanese model.
    i own the green chameleon japanese version and i love it.. i fixed the whole strap problem which a lot of people complain about but its an easy fix.. i plan on switching the pickups out for some SD blackouts.. the feel of the guitar is amazing and it shocked me on how comfortable it is to sit and play this ax..
    after playing it for a few months ive come to think it sounds a little thin compared to my schecter synyster custom, probably because it's half the weight. i tend to turn the mid up a bit on my amp which helps, but i'm still a little disappointed as its tone doesn't match its awesome playability and feel. still great value for money though, but i'd say 7/10 is more accurate than 10/10...
    I have an Ibanez S470 that is completely stock. I am also thinking of getting one of these. Is it worth getting from a sound/playability point of view? I obviously like the looks too but wondered how much better the pups are compared to the INF ones in my s470? Thanks...