Indie Shape Standard review by Indie

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (16 votes)
Indie: Indie Shape Standard

Price paid: $ 602.07

Sound — 9
This guitar, despite the companies title, is a rock/metal guitar. It can be used for Indie but it begs for big solos and loud riffs. I play rock/metal/punk and more virtuoso style guitar (i.e. Vai, Satch, Ali DeLamola etc) and it for the 1st 3 it's simply fantastic. One could argue the lack of a F-Rose bridge limits its potential with the more virtuso style of guitar, but on the merit of its proformance with rock/metal/punk/alt/etc I will let it go. The guitar sounds big, its pickups are high-output that can Switch very sucssful at changing between genres as they change there treb/mid/bass properties very well with the guitars tone Switch (more so than on most guitars) so it can be scoop'd mids in heavy metal, then with big mids+trebs for punk bite, then into mid heavy classic rock solos a'la Free, Led Zep. Very impressive and sustains like a Gibson.

Overall Impression — 8
The guitar originaly took my attention due to its cosmetic aperance, then after playing it I was sold. Up until finding this my plan was to buy a 300-400 guitar and get it a pickup upgrade. With this there really is no need (you could but the stock pickups are of a very good quality that unless you payed for top end bare knuckels, Seymour D's or Emgs the diffrence would only be minor). Obviously it has to go outof tune eventualy but it is one of the bester guitar for staying in tune for longer piriods, I would recomend asking for a one with locking tunners if you are a big string bender, but still very good. Not the best guitar on earth so (unlike those kids whom reviews things like a Squire Strat Affinity as a 10 on this site) it's going to get a good result, but there are many better guitars out there in the world (and my guitar collection), but this is definetly one of the best in its price range. Don't let the lack of a (at this moment in time) press/big name players on indies put you off, these guitars are very good and relitivly original looking (how often can you say that) guitar for there price. A find I am very proud of.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar has its place as my heavier/drop tunnings line in my guitar, not so much taking 2nd place to my Gibson SG Classic, just that they fufil different roles, so I could rely on it without back up, but if you play live without a back up your a bit of a goon. I use Jim Dunlop Pro stap locks which work brilliantly but I fixed these as soon as I bought the guitar so I cant comment on the orginals (sorry). Yeah it's a solid guitar that a trust live on the stage as much as I do at home.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The guitar isn't the most complex of beasts, infact its simplicity was a big attraction point to me, it feels solid (the kind of solid where you dont fear droping it too much). All in all it was set up well, bar from a low e fret buzz (as you get on nearly every guitar under 500 at 1st) which took me a full 7 mins to fix.

Features — 8
Indie are a UK based guitar company who make guitars that are of a far higher standard then one would think at 1st. Despite being a relitivly new company (I my self only heard of them a year ago) they can now been seen getting good reviews in UK based guitar magazines and websites. The 'stats' of this model of guitar: - Body: solid mahogany - Neck: 1pc mahogany, set Construction - Fingerboard: rosewood - Fingerboard Inlay: 4mm dot + Indie logo - Head machine: Indie diecast tuner - Top nut: graphite - Bridge: Tune-O-Matic with stop tail - Hardware: black - Pickups: 2 humbucker/Indie standard - Electrics: 1 volume, 1 tone, 3-way toggle - Truss rod: 2-way dual action - Scale Length/Frets: 635mm (25")/22 frets - Finish: satin black Nothing out of this world but very good. The guitar has a good weight to it despite the smallish body size, which comes through in the tone very well.

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    Hey, this was my review and i final did add that seymour duncan, as the stock pickup as it just didnt have enough bass drive for my style. ! Now it sounds amazing !
    hey i was thinking about getting an Indie SG have u got the dark burst finish i wanna get one in cherry i think the silver looks very tacky on the pick ups on the SG but meh its more about the sound. how do they compare to a Gibson? ive tryed the Indie but i cant get hold of a Gibson to try
    Mr Freemind 12, get in touch with indie and they will coustom design an indie sG to anything you like (e.g. single pick up, any artwork/paint jobs) costing only 15% more than the original model, for your own coustom guitar. also for the price you are paying even with the 15% its better than its gibson rival. as gibon sg specials aint worthy of thier price tag, these are. Unless you can afford an Sg standard or above take the indie option
    just thought id come back and tell you i just bought an Indie SG on ebay: 300 brand new! and now they have discontinued the SG without even offically releasing the cherry version! anyway ive got one on the way now. Another great indie guitar: the indie DRagon if you have playewd you are lucky they are insane my perfect guitar perfect old school rock tone... but very limited availability i cant get hold of one unfortunatly. Bu t if i could they are well worth the 700/800. Get one and keep it!
    Another great indie guitar: the indie DRagon if you have playewd you are lucky they are insane my perfect guitar perfect old school rock tone... but very limited availability i cant get hold of one unfortunatly. Bu t if i could they are well worth the 700/800. Get one and keep it!
    well.... i own one but the problem is i cant remember the model, i know its the dragon but there is a code tht goes with it and i think it's IRJ or sumthing then a load of numbers.... can anyone tell me what the code is??? For me it sounds awesome and it has become part of my "distinct" sound... no matter what amp i plug it into it all sound pretty much the same... a great guitar it is... and by the way i spotted another 2 on ebay the other day and im contemplating on buying a second
    I have an indie 'Tube 20" amp and it's great!! indie are an amazing make and u should by one of their amps!!
    Anybody know a rough value for a mint condition well loved Indie Dragon? I am thinking of selling mine and I am really not sure what to ask for it. As far as I know they produced 750 dragons but i cant be sure that this is true. As Xyon said they are insane, I love mine to pieces, they are half way between a bluesy Strat and a Hard rock Les type thing...which normaly would mean its a guitar trying to be too many things at once and not being good at anything, but in this case it just falls on some magical middle ground all of its own...I shall shut up my dismay she must be sold....when she goes I shall cry....much like the dragon set to the neck pick up through a fender twin.....oh i shall miss her so....
    there were only ever 750 made, they were sent to the super dealers and the smaller dealers only ever got 1 or 2 of them in. i would suggest thinking it through, like how much you payed for it brand new, how long you have had it, its condition. i would say atleast 300 as they are immense guitars, never any faults with my indie.
    Emanual wrote: ...As far as I know they produced 750 dragons but i cant be sure that this is true...
    Havent been on here in a while but in November 2007 i went to Music Live @ NEC Birmingham and spent ages chatting to the Indie guys as i need a replacement Trem... I was told by the dealer i got mine from that there was 750 in the world... The guys at Indie corrected me on the fact that they were all hand made and only 75 were produced... Unfortunately i had to leave but the guys were'nt in any hurry to go and were really interested in the fact that i got one of these.
    my band is endorsed by indie guitars they rock ive been to their Canada based warehouse more than once. i love my indie, i set it up with the Gr8 indie custom pickups and an emg 81 in the bridge. the guitar is sex! and im on their artist page!
    Had an indie super t till last month ( sold it) sort of a bling tele single coil @ the neck and a humbucker on the bridge . see through black nice finnish and a realy good solid wieght. nice maple neck with gotah machines rosewood fret. i bought this on fleebay for 170 comp.with hard case ,,,bargain , got it and it played like a dog ,setup was crap trussrod too tight so it buzzed like a swarm of bees and puney 9 gauge strings so to work a went striped the strings fender 10 builets went on and adgusted bridge,saddle,trussrod even the pickups ,,tada, played like a little hunny ,fantastic action and great punch from the stock indie pickups realy opened up my eyes these realy are great guitars , got a prs custom se 24 now but,, regret the passing of this indie, by the way ,,,got more than a bought it for, so 2nd hand value may be climbing on it,,or was i lucky ??