IPR Solid Body review by Indie

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (14 votes)
Indie: IPR Solid Body

Price paid: C$ 500

Purchased from: Guitar Shack

Sound — 10
This guitar will suit every kind of music style. I play it through my Roland minicube and as you change the settings the guitar take son another personality. The Acoustic sound of the guitar is wonderful but feels slightly superficial since it's not hollow. The dual humbuckers allow it to play heavily distorted metal, and be a rhythm guitar at the same time. The GR8 pick ups truly are great(no pun intended), they are slightly dark sounding but with a quick adjustment of the tone knob on the guitar and amp this can be easily fixed, or you can just use it to cover some base lines. Over all I once again have to give this guitar a top score for the amazing sound it generates, the sustain is unbeatable and the entire guitar vibrates, the only problem would be the lower E (which would be the highest note) tends to be slightly more quite than the other ones, emphasizing the lower sound of the guitar. I would definitely recommend this guitar for metal and british rock (and even classic) as it can go from playing wonderwall by Oasis with a beautiful rich tone to the darkest metal punk rock.

Overall Impression — 10
Over all for a $500 dollar guitar this thing surpasses expectations. I am comparing this to an Epiphone dot, a Gibson Les Paul and a Gibson Acoustic guitar. As much criticism as I am going to recieve from toehr people I actually prefer this gutiar to a Gibson Les Paul. The way the guitar feels is more natural, it is well balanced and seems better well put together. Do not be fool by the low price of this guitar and under estimate it, Indie is a truly great brand new company which I'm sure will succeed in the future since they are providing great products at an extremely affordable price. If this guitar was ever stolen I would definitely be pissed and immediately go out and buy another one. Please comment I am interested to know what everyone else's experience was, cheers.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar would definitely withstand live playing, I have no gigged with it myself, but have jammed with my friends and have only gotten positive feedback. The strap buttons are extremely solid and quite big, it doesn't look like the strap is going anywhere and after proof testing it myself while jumping around playing, I think it pases the test. Even though going to a gig with out a back up is damnright stupid, if I had to pick a guitar to go to a gig with out a backup with would be this one, the hardware doesn't sound like its going to die any time soon and the Axe is built like a rock. The finish seems like it will last along time and so far has been quite easy to clean the finger prints of and still keep its shine.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The setup was perfect from factory, the frets are all perfectly filed down and make bending the strings for the effects a real pleasure. The neck is as straight as an arrow. The top is perfectly matched to one another, The finish es extremely glossy and looks like it will last a while. The color is a sort of black burst with the wood under it stained black to emphasize the beautiful maple top. All of the hardware is a beautiful chore and so far the screws don't show any signs of rust, the grover tuners are a charm to work. The only reason why I'm giving this a 9 out of 10 is simply because the back plate for the electronics doesn't have a perfect fit and curves out a bit towards the outside, but then again it is barely noticable and only bothers someone as picky as me.

Features — 10
The year made is unknown, even though it can be assumed that it was made in '08. Indie prides themselves in being one of the last guitar manufacturers that still makes and owns their own factory in Korea. -Body: Solid Mahogany w/Cream Binding Neck: Set Neck, Graphite Nut Fingerboard: A- Grade Ebony, 24 Fret Headstock: Black, Chrome Grover Machine Heads Hardware: Chrome, BH115 Combination Tailpiece Pickups: Neck GR8, Bridge GR8 Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 Way Toggle Truss Rod: 2-Way Dual Action Blonde Flamed Maple Even though the original price of this guitar was $549, the people at guitar shack gave me an incredible offer where they lowered it to $500 and gave me a $50 Indie backpack gig bag, a free capo and discount on lessons, and no I don't work for them I'm just extremely happy with their service and unhappy with the service from places such as Long & Mcquade. Over all for $500 bucks what you get is amazing, the high quality of the craftsmanship is unbeatable, I have owned an Epiphone Dot before this and have had some problems and complaints including the fact that the binding was [painted on and not real, this guitar has REAL binding all over the place, over the body, the neck and even the headstock!

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    I was looking to get the Indie IPR Natural when I stumbled upon a guy looking to sell his for $480 online. But there was a catch... he had installed Seymour Duncan pickups, a '59 and a JB, a new bridge (Wilkinson) and better tone and volume pots. He mailed it special delivery and I had it checked over by a guitar tech. In total it cost me $560. I feel like I've gotten the bargain of the century. The neck is super fast, it looks great (I love the look of the PRS style body and natural blonde wood. I wish more guitar were made without all the garish colours / burst etc). Of course the pickups sound awesome in this guitar.
    Why does this website never get reviews through like a Twin Reverb or JMP PA20? It's always practice amps. Granted, a Roland Cube is better than a Spider or MG, but still.
    Seref wrote: Why does this website never get reviews through like a Twin Reverb or JMP PA20? It's always practice amps. Granted, a Roland Cube is better than a Spider or MG, but still.
    People who buy $500 guitars can't afford $1k amps.
    @ZenMasterMe: You sure got an amazing deal! i'm the guy that wrote this review, and for $500 in my opinion this surpasses most guitars out there, do you know if the other indie's are any good? i heard somewhere that indie's are gong to be the next gibsons that their value is going to sky rocket after some time.
    Hey elargentino, I don't know anyone else that owns and Indie but all the reviews I have read online have been really good. The guitar tech that set it up for me is also a luthier and he says that its a very high quality instrument and will last me the rest of my life if I want it to. Since they are all made in the same factory in Korea I assume that the quality is consistent. I really hope that they stay affordable so that I can keep recommending them to friends and beginners. I hate how the big guitar companies like Fender, PRS and Gibson seem to be trading off their name more than the quality of their products and they seem more focused on creating limited edition 'bling' guitars (with gold hardware, fancy inlays, blahblah) just so that they make money from collectors who probably can't even play. Anyway I could rant all day about 'premium' guitars and collectors. Indie guitars are awesome. Lets hope they stay affordable and high quality.
    so i was having some fret buzz with this guitar and took it to get fixed...there i fell in love with an indie natural and exchanged it immediately...i ran back to the store the other day because of how much i missed this guitar, it truly is a great find...
    my mate came over this morning he had just won this on the electronic bay o dreams,lol got it foe 270 its a anniversary limmited run with nice vine inlay frets lovely smooth modern wilkinson trem, nice split humbuckers the action is superb ,the tone, the finnish i am very,very impresed i ffered him wat he bought it for..he just gave me an evil laugh ,,but it cave my 99 lespaul standard a kicking ...i would have no hesitation recomending this model even in its standard stock, it is the mutts ..;
    Hi well i have just got a IPR soild body inde guitar,the body colour is blonde,24 fret,gr8 pickups,great tone and workmanship in the guitar as well,the pickups are fab for stock ones, can do rock metal,punk, and great clean as well, the finish of the guitar is a satin finish and is wounderfull, well the neck has a chunky feel to it but the feel and the way the play's it feels fast. i won the the guitar off ebay and only paid 180 pounds for it,bargain me thinks,
    I have 7 Indie guitars all excellent. I have been trying to buy the hollow body version of this an IPR Limited edition,it is a shame the company went bust,maybe they were just selling too cheap to get into what is a very competitive and over-supplied market. There are still loads of bargains on EbayUK.