JR6AS review by J Reynolds

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.6 Neat
  • Users' score: 6.8 (13 votes)
J Reynolds: JR6AS

Price paid: $ 130

Purchased from: Music Go Round

Sound — 7
This guitar sounded decent, but it was not what I was looking for personally, so I replaced the bridge pickup with a used epi humbucker I got for 8 bucks, so now my cheap Strat basically sounds like a Korina Explorer. As for the sound, all of the pickups sounded good. It had a good bright twang on the bridge and a nice, round soft sound at the neck, with everything in between possible with a little tweaking if the tones. The bridge pickup was very noisy, that's why I replaced it. This guitar is works great for almost any sound you want. It can give you a nice country twang, or a screaming lead on the bridge, or a smooth blues rhythm at the neck. You will need to upgrade the pickups eventually, but I recommend getting a new instrument if you don't like the sound because getting new pickups really isn't worth it. I upgraded mine because I got a good deal on a pickup.

Overall Impression — 8
All of my nuber ratings were based on the kinds of customers this guitar is marketed to: beginners. J. Reynolds is a really chearp company, but this guitar is excellent for beginners. I bought mine in March last year, and I've been teaching myself ever since. This was my first guitar, and I enjoy playing it. If you are thinking about taking up guitar for the first time this is a good option because it plays very well and is cheap. I would not recommend this to anyone Who thinks they will be playing for a long time because you will want to invest in something that you won't need to upgrade in a year or so. It is also not good for people who want to learn metal because it's not the style of this guitar (wrong pickups, not enough frets). This guitar is basically the same as an entry-level Squire. I plan on keeping this guitar for the rest of my life because it was my first guitar and because it doesn't have any resale value at all!

Reliability & Durability — 5
I doubt this guitar would stand up to Live playing, it goes out of tune easily, and has too much feedback/hum for any kind of distortion at those kinds of volumes. The hardware is just fine, but I put Schaller straplocks on it because I can't stand normal strap buttons. If you try this on a J. Reynolds, fill the holes with JB Weld because the scews for the factory buttons are larger than Schaller straplocks, so the locks aren't actually secure if you just put them in the way they are. When I start gigging, I'm probably going to get something better because I don't want to use this for much longer. The finish is great, it did crack a little when I dropped my new pickup on it, but you can only see it up close.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
This guitar was set up rather poorly. The action was alright, but the fine tuners on the bridge were. Far too sharp, I had to adjust it myself to make the higher frets in tune. When I first played it, the highest frets were almost 1/4 step sharp. The pickups were adjusted well. Everything was routed nicely. It had cavities routed for humbuckers at the bridge and the neck, but the middle one was a single. There really weren't any flaws on it. The finish was beautiful, everything worked great. The only problem was that the knobs were very loose, but all of J. Reynolds knobs in that style are like that.

Features — 7
This guitar was made in China, probably for about 3 cents an hour, but there were no quality control issues. 21 frets. Solid top. Poplar body (very light, bad sustain), Maple neck (a little flat, but very playable), rosewood fretboard (I prefer maple for strats). Sunburst finish (it's availible in many other colors, but this one looked really nice). Strat body. Vintage tremolo bridge (goes out of tune easily, but that's more of a nut problem). Passive electronics. Volume-tone-tone, 5-way selector. S/S/S pickup configuration (don't know what brand, but they sounded OK to me). Tuners: Schaller, or a Schaller ripoff model because these were really nice. The only included accessory I got was a cheap cable from Music Go Round.

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    All J. Reynolds Guitars and basses are wonderful i'm still playing with my j. reynolds bass because its so good $134 and great sound
    This was my first guitar, and it's held up for six years. It's very lightweight so it's my favorite to travel with. I don't hear the sound being different than the real thing, so I'd really recommend this to anyone looking to buy their first guitar or an inexpensive one with great tone.
    This is my first electric guitar as well. It may not be a Fender or anything, but I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for their first guitar. It's pretty good for those who don't have a lot of money and are looking for a reliable guitar.
    Well whaddaya know... this is my first guitar, too! I bought it lightly used at a garage sale for $65, which is a remarkable price even for a low-end guitar. I've been playing it for half a year, maybe more, and I really like it. It's very lightweight and has a low action and a comfortable neck and fretboard, so it's very easy to play. It has lots of tones and thay all sound nice. Great for beginners!
    guess what... its my second guitar...:# its great to be diffurent!!! This guitar works very well and was very inexpensive... i give it an A
    This was my firs guitar also. I bought it from music go round for about $90. It is a good guitar for beginners.
    as everyone says, so great for Beginners. i had mine for 3 years, and loved it. But i don't miss it either
    i think its pretty terrible, even for beginners, you can get a much better guitar for the price. Only thing i like about the guitar is it has very quiet pickups. Goes outta tune in 5 minutes, terrible.
    Yes this was my first guitar also. picked it up at a pawn shop for $100
    Pawn Shop for $75!! Ha!! Yep also my first guitar.....i love this hing...it got me addicted to playing....but im into metal...and it dont do to well with the heavy distorton....so i got a pxd tomb....but im not ever gettin rid of this one
    OK, bought a used one, the strat copy model, for $50 from GC on-line. Poplar body? Maybe. It's very light weight though and has thin veneer front and back with a 2 tone sunburst finish. It actually looks pretty authentic vintage, and the only thing you don't get used to is how light weight the guitar is when you grab it. I put good pickpus in it. Acousticly played it has good low end snap and has a clear, open tone, though sustain is a bit on the light side. The tuners are good quality, sealed units. Much better than what you find on fender bullets. The neck is quite good too. I buffed the cheesy 'j. reynolds' decal off and the headstock (easy to do with 00 steel wool-not much laquer over it), though not as sweet as a fender headstock, is quite attractive. The fret work is good and i wonder if it was set up in a shop at one time? Anyway, I wouldn't be embarassed to play it in public. Put it next to a real fender that costs $1500 or more...yeah it's nice to have the real thing, but for $50...and change the pickups. Spend the rest of the bdget on a nice fender deluxe reverb. Then you'll have the real thing-in tone, other than just a shiny guitar made in the USA to look at.
    I'm about to get a transparent red finish version of this guitar, with 40 watt practice amp, for $80. I'm an absolute newb to electric guitars . . . and it sounds like this is a good deal and could be a good guitar if I replace some things. Is there a way to replace something to keep it in tune longer? (Links would be great, too . . . )