Demmelition King V review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (80 votes)
Jackson: Demmelition King V

Price paid: € 1345

Purchased from: Music Schmidt

Sound — 10
The sound of the guitar is just amazing. The combination of 81-60 makes guitar perfect for metal. EMG 81 offers a crunchy bright tone perfect for solos (I found the sound perfect for thrash metal) while EMG 60 offers a more dark sound perfect for rhythm. My style is melodic death, thrash and speed metal. That guitar is perfect for all three mainly due to the combination of original floyd rose, EMG set and fast fingerboard. I am running the guitar through a Zoom G2.1U multieffect board and a Laney Hardcore Max 15w amplifier on both crunch and clean modes. The only problem I faced is that it misses the wonderful cliping action of EMGs but that is a problem of the amp not of guitar. EMG are totally noiseless pickups. When you remove your hand from fingerboard there is no at all buzz. The combination of alder wood and EMG is just perfect for making a totally boomy dark sound that it is perfect for playing songs of In Flames, Dark Tranquility and also some of Trivium and bands like these .I think the sound of that guitar is just brilliant.

Overall Impression — 10
Since my style is metal and Jackson make the ultimate metal guitars (both in shape and sound) that guitar fits me 100%. For me it is even better than King V American Series despite it is made in Japan the quality of the guitar is unbeatable. I am quite a begginer (I am playing 3 years though 8-9 hours per day) and this is my second guitar after an ESP M-50. I think it is the best choice I could do really I don't have words describing how wonderful that guitar is. If I got it stolen I would buy another one blind eyes. My favourite features on it are the EMG set, original Floyd Rose and the fast fretboard. The only con of guitar is that it is quite difficult to play sitted but that is a problem of all V-shaped guitars. It is really uncomperable to other guitars. Only to Randy Rhoads or original King V but these guitars aren't so much cost effective. They are really expensive and you take the same quality and playability with less money. You pay another grand just to have written on the headstock "made in USA" and that is totally unacceptable by Jackson. Closing I would wish to have a hard case because cases for Jackson especially hard cases are really expensive they reach 200 euros.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have the guitar only a week so I don't know the durability but it seems very good construction and everything was fine tuned for long lasting play. Wood is really sturd and the finishing is hard to scratch. Headstock logo of Jackson and inlays are made of mother of pearl so they will last for sure. Strap buttons are really sturdy and they won't break. Guitar fell with it's weight on it and it didn't either move neither got a scratch on it. I totally depend on it the construction of it shows the majesty of Jackson they are famous for their well made guitars after all.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Guitar came from factory at a medium action since that is prefered by Phil Demmel. Lowering the action was piece of cake thankfully to floyd rose original. Factory default action was just perfect since it contained no buzzing neither dead notes but on the same time it was low enough for fast playing. Guitar came at an excellent condition. It was all shining and strings were changed just before guitar was shipped so they were Brand New great work by the shop I baught it.

Features — 10
A new model just arrived from Jackson. Manufactured at 2008 (Jackson started manufacturing this model this year) at Japan. It is the well known King V model with two extra cutouts so it looks more fearsome. It offers 24 jumbo frets in a quite fat fretboard that it is neck-thru body quartersawn made from maple. Also the back of the fretboard is made of a shiny black wood that it makes hand slide really easily. The top of fretboard is made out of ebony. The body is also shining and it is made out of solid alder. As I noticed it is also difficult to get scratched despite it's luxurious and delicate texture. It comes equiped with a floyd original tremolo with 4 springs setup that it is really easy to change tuning without bridge floating up or down(that is really strange and I don't know why). Tremolo is originally set up for droped B tuning (that same tuning Phil Demmel uses) but you won't have problem changing tuning as I mentioned before. It came from the factory with GHS strings 0.11 that are quite strong if you aren't use to them since more popular are 0.09 or 0.10. The best part of me it is that it comes with a pair of EMG 81-60(81 bridge 60 neck) that is by far the best combination for a King V guitar. Electronics are really smooth despite some times hand is caught on them and turn them off accidentally but not in level to be disturbing when you play. Electronics consist of two knobs (1x volume 1x tone) and a 3-way switch. Guitar is really well soldered and there is no excess noise. Tuners are made of Jackson and they are locking quite good. Only con is that it came without bag but for the amount of money I paid that it is quite normal and I don't take it as a serious trouble.

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    is it made of alder or maple? the first paragraph is not very clear. the review seems a bit childish.
    If you get a rev Jr you shouldn't need a distortion pedal, you'll be able to swap channels via footswitch. If you pick up the Rev Jr and don't care for the onboard distortion, then you might entertain a pedal, but I would at least give it a shot, then you can look at putting the money to better use that you would have spent on a pedal.
    Pantera87 wrote: 1345 euro=2,095.29$ though in usa it has different price
    That doesn't sound right 1USD=1.25Euro Last time i checked... in 5th grade... 4 years ago
    Do you mean the neck is made out of maple, and then oiled and stained over top of with a nice coat of paint and clear coat?
    I mean the texture of the neck is made of a soft and smooth wood and it helps your palm slide easier
    not really a fan of jacksons however this guitar seems to be great
    on guitar centre this things $1,250 thats nearly 650. Which is better Jackson DK2, DK2M or RR3?
    indeed now i plan to buy a Krank Rev Jr that amp is kicking asses.Also i plan to buy a Distortus Maximus by far the best distortion pedal for me.Do you think it will be good combination?
    It just costs around $1200-$1400. But its a REALLY REALLY nice guitar. Jackson has really outdone themselves with their instruments falling right under their USA ones. Superb quality and hardware, a decent price, considering that they are made in Japan. I love the RR24 as well, and theres now the new RR24M and the RR5FR. Cant wait for more new guitars to come out. I'm expecting a KV5! one question, are the inlays and logo really made out of mother of pearl? I would believe that the inlays are made out of MOTO and the logo just in there with the finish, like all the non-usa Jacksons.
    HighwayHawk wrote: is it made of alder or maple? the first paragraph is not very clear. the review seems a bit childish.
    Neck-thru maple neck with alder wings. It seems like a great guitar. Shame you're running it through a 15 watt solid state practice amp.
    sorry it is my first review i am not so much good at writing also i am not that good at english sorry.Body is made of alder neck out of maple
    Multiplayerjon wrote: Pantera87 wrote: 1345 euro=2,095.29$ though in usa it has different price That doesn't sound right 1USD=1.25Euro Last time i checked... in 5th grade... 4 years ago
    Read the news, its not that ratio anymore.
    For the currency conversion i just did it via the site for the review i try just to immitate the style of Total Guitar magazine i am not intended to go as a review editor.Thanks for the support both to disposable hero and washburn0c03
    inlays are made out of real mother of pearl it is really shining on light and it has really smooth texture
    HighwayHawk wrote: is it made of alder or maple? the first paragraph is not very clear. the review seems a bit childish.
    It's not bad for someone who I would assume English is their second language.