Demmelition King V Review

manufacturer: Jackson date: 06/08/2011 category: Electric Guitars

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Jackson: Demmelition King V
The Demmelition King V has the line's classic sharp V-shaped alder body, with a more aggressive edge thanks to its additional cutouts and set up for the low-tuned brutal player.
 Sound: 9.6
 Overall Impression: 9.6
 Reliability & Durability: 9.4
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9.2
 Features: 9.4
 Overall rating:
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overall: 10
Demmelition King V Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 29, 2008
6 of 6 people found this review helpful

Price paid: € 1345

Purchased from: Music Schmidt

Features: A new model just arrived from Jackson. Manufactured at 2008 (Jackson started manufacturing this model this year) at Japan. It is the well known King V model with two extra cutouts so it looks more fearsome. It offers 24 jumbo frets in a quite fat fretboard that it is neck-thru body quartersawn made from maple. Also the back of the fretboard is made of a shiny black wood that it makes hand slide really easily. The top of fretboard is made out of ebony. The body is also shining and it is made out of solid alder. As I noticed it is also difficult to get scratched despite it's luxurious and delicate texture. It comes equiped with a floyd original tremolo with 4 springs setup that it is really easy to change tuning without bridge floating up or down(that is really strange and I don't know why). Tremolo is originally set up for droped B tuning (that same tuning Phil Demmel uses) but you won't have problem changing tuning as I mentioned before. It came from the factory with GHS strings 0.11 that are quite strong if you aren't use to them since more popular are 0.09 or 0.10. The best part of me it is that it comes with a pair of EMG 81-60(81 bridge 60 neck) that is by far the best combination for a King V guitar. Electronics are really smooth despite some times hand is caught on them and turn them off accidentally but not in level to be disturbing when you play. Electronics consist of two knobs (1x volume 1x tone) and a 3-way switch. Guitar is really well soldered and there is no excess noise. Tuners are made of Jackson and they are locking quite good. Only con is that it came without bag but for the amount of money I paid that it is quite normal and I don't take it as a serious trouble. // 10

Sound: The sound of the guitar is just amazing. The combination of 81-60 makes guitar perfect for metal. EMG 81 offers a crunchy bright tone perfect for solos (I found the sound perfect for thrash metal) while EMG 60 offers a more dark sound perfect for rhythm. My style is melodic death, thrash and speed metal. That guitar is perfect for all three mainly due to the combination of original floyd rose, EMG set and fast fingerboard. I am running the guitar through a Zoom G2.1U multieffect board and a Laney Hardcore Max 15w amplifier on both crunch and clean modes. The only problem I faced is that it misses the wonderful cliping action of EMGs but that is a problem of the amp not of guitar. EMG are totally noiseless pickups. When you remove your hand from fingerboard there is no at all buzz. The combination of alder wood and EMG is just perfect for making a totally boomy dark sound that it is perfect for playing songs of In Flames, Dark Tranquility and also some of Trivium and bands like these .I think the sound of that guitar is just brilliant. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Guitar came from factory at a medium action since that is prefered by Phil Demmel. Lowering the action was piece of cake thankfully to floyd rose original. Factory default action was just perfect since it contained no buzzing neither dead notes but on the same time it was low enough for fast playing. Guitar came at an excellent condition. It was all shining and strings were changed just before guitar was shipped so they were Brand New great work by the shop I baught it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have the guitar only a week so I don't know the durability but it seems very good construction and everything was fine tuned for long lasting play. Wood is really sturd and the finishing is hard to scratch. Headstock logo of Jackson and inlays are made of mother of pearl so they will last for sure. Strap buttons are really sturdy and they won't break. Guitar fell with it's weight on it and it didn't either move neither got a scratch on it. I totally depend on it the construction of it shows the majesty of Jackson they are famous for their well made guitars after all. // 10

Overall Impression: Since my style is metal and Jackson make the ultimate metal guitars (both in shape and sound) that guitar fits me 100%. For me it is even better than King V American Series despite it is made in Japan the quality of the guitar is unbeatable. I am quite a begginer (I am playing 3 years though 8-9 hours per day) and this is my second guitar after an ESP M-50. I think it is the best choice I could do really I don't have words describing how wonderful that guitar is. If I got it stolen I would buy another one blind eyes. My favourite features on it are the EMG set, original Floyd Rose and the fast fretboard. The only con of guitar is that it is quite difficult to play sitted but that is a problem of all V-shaped guitars. It is really uncomperable to other guitars. Only to Randy Rhoads or original King V but these guitars aren't so much cost effective. They are really expensive and you take the same quality and playability with less money. You pay another grand just to have written on the headstock "made in USA" and that is totally unacceptable by Jackson. Closing I would wish to have a hard case because cases for Jackson especially hard cases are really expensive they reach 200 euros. // 10

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overall: 8.4
Demmelition King V Reviewed by: Ventor, on august 12, 2008
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Price paid: $ 1250

Purchased from: Matts music

Features: This is the new Jackson Demmelition V. I bought it in white because I already own a black King V, and I didn't like the red one. It has 24 jumbo frets, maple neck with ebony fretboard, perloid sharkfin inlays (not real MOP but looks like it) and black binding. The neck is thin, but not as thin as the KV2. It's still quite fast however. The Jackson logo is painted, the struss rod cover is signed by Phil Demmel and is plastic. The body is alder (not quatersawn), and comes with EMG 60 (neck) and EMG 81 (bridge) pickups. The bridge is an Original Floyd Rose, but doesn't feel or handle as well as the one on my KV2. The pickup selector is 3 way and there are 2 volume knobs (no tone as opposed to the KV2). Still the guitar is great value for money. There is a battery hole forseen which makes it easy to replace the battery without the need for a screwdriver. All the back cavity covers are plastic as well. The guitar is a bit lighter than the KV2, and feels less expensive. The guitar does not come with a case, but I got one with it. It fits in the same case as my KV2. // 8

Sound: This guitar is made to play metal and fits it perfectly. The pickups are quiet, and the volume knobs do their job in keeping the guitar silent when turned down. I've only used it on a Marshall VS65W combo amp, but will try it later with my Bogner Uberschall to make the guitar come to it's right. So no real opinion on this yet but I'm sure it will sound killer. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: When I got the guitar it was out of tune, which is normal because of the international shipping. It was a still tuned to B with GHS strings even though I asked to shop to tune it to E. The action was very low, as it's the case with most Jacksons. It comes with 2 allen wrenches and a truss rod Tool to easily adjust & replace strings. However there was no place forseen on the guitar to put the tools as was the case with the KV2 (on the back of the headstock). When a string snaps during Live playing you will need to search for the tools somewhere instead of just taking them from the guitar. The guitar was balanced well enough, but it's not as perfect as the KV2. There is a very slight neckdive but a good strap remedies this easily. Nothing to worry about. The pickups were a bit low but that's easily adjusted. I haven't detected any other flaws, besides the Floyd Rose tremolo bar that is a bit rough to handle (it's not very smooth to turn around). // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is ofcourse perfectly fit to play Live, and it is built with top craftmanship. It does not feel like a Jackson USA, but the difference in built quality is negligable. The straps are decent and the same ones found on USA models. I haven't played it enough to say anything about the paint but I'm positive it will last long with proper care. // 8

Overall Impression: I play death or thrash metal and this guitar will do it all. I do prefer the KV2 to play but the Demmelition comes really close in terms of playability, balance and feel. There was some unclarity whether it came with real MOP or not but that wasn't very important to me. Also the black binding seems to have put off a lot of people, but I prefer any binding over no binding. I also own a Jackson KV2 and to me this is still the best Jackson I ever played. The Demmelition V comes in as a close second though. // 9

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overall: 9.8
Demmelition King V Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 24, 2010
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Price paid: $ 1249

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This guitar is a work of art. It comes with 24 jumbo side frets on an ebony fretboard and a quite thin neck-thru-body quartersawn maple with a sleek design. The wings on this King V are made of alder with a great white finish and black binding. It has an original double locking 2 point tremolo floyd rose. It comes with an active 81 EMG bridge pickup and a 61 EMG bridge pickup with a 3 way selector. It comes with just 2 nobs controlling volume for each pickup. It unfortunatly does not come with a case and there is no specific case for this model, I wound up with getting an SKB Flying V case. I added my own touch to the Floyd Rose though. The guitar originally came equiped with 4 springs in the back but I added a 5th string and lowered the action so that the springs were forcing the back of the tremolo to lightly touch the base of the inside of the guitar so that the bridge is now a "set" bridge with a working one way whammy bar. Obviously you can't pull up on the whammy anymore but it still works perfectly. Doing this allows me to get almost every advantage of a Floyd Rose and no disadvantage of one set tuning. It takes a little bit longer than a real set bridge guitar but tuning up or down is relitavly quick and easy // 10

Sound: Plugged into a FX120 Crate and ran through a Boss Metal Core this guitar sounds amazing. The 81 EMG pickup is has a rich smooth sound and is perfect for lead. You can pinch off any riff and every note will come out clean and powerful. The 61 Emg, being perfect for rhythm and deep lead melodic riffs, is amazing set up in this guitar. It has a very subtle deep tone and every note is voiced perfectly. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar came shipped to me in B tuning and it was completely out of tune. First thing I did was slap on some Alexi Laiho signature DR strings and tuned up to D. The pickups on this thing seem to be at the perfect height. They arnt so low that you loose sound quality but just high enough that it dosent interfere with my picking or any of my playing and hand placements. There was one major flaw with this guitar that was quite a set back for a few months of owning this guitar - For some reason the battery pack was a little shaky and on occasion I would loose partial connection with the battery and there would be a really harsh tone coming from my amp making a ton of noise. I had this fixed by placing a few sheets of plastic behind the battery when I put it in and now the guitar sounds perfect. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is a very sturdy and durable guitar. I have yet to scratch any of the white off and I have owned this guitar for over a year now. There are a few very minor scratches in areas like the tips of the V and the headstock though. The hardware is very sturdy and I have had no problems with it. I switched out the strap buttons and put in some strap locks. // 10

Overall Impression: I play just about everything but I usually play allot of thrash, melodic, death, and harmonic music. Such as bands like Children of Bodom, Devildriver, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth. You name it and you got it. This guitar is perfect for everything. Its got perfect tone even for those clean solos at the beginning of many of the new Lamb of god songs. It is a perfect match for me. I've been playing for a little over 3 years now, while in the first year barley playing guitar, but now I am a very dedicated player playing anywhere from 3 to 6, 7, or even 8 hours a day. I also own a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 and a Fender starter guitar. I have another amp than my FX120 Crate which is a Palomino 32 Class A Tube amp but it dosent get used much with my Jackson. If this guitar was lost or stolen, I wouldent likely buy this guitar again. Mainly cause I would do everything to get my original axe back because this thing has memories and it is mine. But in the case of not being able to get it back what ever I try, then yes I would buy it all over again. // 10

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overall: 10
Demmelition King V Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 06, 2011
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Price paid: $ 1790

Purchased from: Private

Features: This is USA Made. Its got one of the greatest fretboards I've ever played on with those 24s. Its a 25.5" scale built. Its got sharkfin inlays, my personal favourite, its rosewood fretboard and its really clean. Its neck is smooth, but the problem is when you sweat, I had problems with that but its really nothing to it, just wipe the thing clean. I prefer more of a not painted neck, the one without the colour, as I can play smoother, but this is pretty good. The one I got is the black with silver bevels, its edges Shine and really looks good on stage. The headstock, has Phil's signature on it, and the Jackson headstock is perfect for that sustain I've been looking for all this time. Its a King V. Its got cuts at the bottom, and like phil said in a video it looks like a Flying V giving birth to another Flying V. In Metal guitar, I've never needed tone controls, so this guitar has no and I can't find any space wasted for that. There is one cool thing about this guitar, its more personal type to phil and I like it myself. Like the volume knobs are arranged in a way which we want it. I prefer the Bridge pickups most of the time and the knob of the Bridge pickup is closer to ur hands while playing and the neck pickup's knob is at the end. Its got two EMG pickups, EMG 60 on the neck, and EMG 81 at the bridge. The pickups are awesome, they aren't muddy sounding as some people think. Its perfect for that death/groove/thrash sound I'm looking for and if you heard it on the Blackening, you kno how it sounds. Its a 3 way selector. This beauty comes with the Standard gig bag, but you can get it with the case too, but I just got what was available where I live. It comes with few tools and the most amazing whammy bar the floyd rose. // 10

Sound: I play Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Groove Metal, Grunge and Country. Its perfect. I like how the pickups absorb the sound while I chug like some machinegun and gives that Chuck Schuldiner tone. For Grunge I use the middle pickup setting and I reduce the Bridge pickup volume only a BIT. For Thrash I use the middle setting with full volume for both the pickups. Same for thrash except groove metal, where I use neck for the riffs, and Bridge for the solos. Its really easy to play harmonics and get the highest range of it if done properly. You can Dimesqueel and stuff cmon its a floyd rose, dive bombs and everything sick. Every guitar should be made with one. I have a Zoom 36 M Fire and I use a Zoom G2 with the expression pedal. For my guitar tone I set it to the Peavey amp and then put in the other settings. I have to tell u, ITS PERFECT! For a home practice. Actually its more than enough. I played for nearly 4 years. I had a Strat copy and I built my own guitar similar to a Strat with 24 frets, and scalloped it. But I couldnt get the right sounds for the tone I'm after. I bought this baby and trust me, you can get ANY TONE YOU WANT! that's right ANY TONE, provided you have the right fx units. I play these bands and more: Pantera, Lamb Of God, Death, Deicide, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Soundgarden, Machine Head, Black Label Society, Testament, Dope, Korn, Nocturnus, Bathory, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mortification, Saliva, etc etc. Many underated stuff too. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Everything is perfect. I got this in good condition, actually 500% great condition, and I think its one of the best guitars ever made. The pickups are perfect where I'd prefer them to be. One can get the right harmonic sounds with these setups. The Pickups are just perfectly in place, but you gotta learn to maintain a floyd rose. Its not that hard once you done it a couple of times. // 10

Reliability & Durability: You Kidding me? Never doubt a Jackson. Many people around the world have played this. From my experience, HELLYEAH! THIS BABY IS PERFEECT! It doesnt't look like it will last, it literally has the blood the last for a 20 year period. The strap buttons are darn solid, I can depend on it and I would use this without a backup. The finish is very good. // 10

Overall Impression: I play alot of old things and new things. I play alot mostly by ear. I stretch alot in my solo playing and its just perfect, I can play anywhere I want to without any difficulties. It can't get any more comfortable then this. Phil Demmel is a genius. // 10

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overall: 9
Demmelition King V Reviewed by: UKMaster, on june 08, 2011
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Price paid: £ 450

Purchased from: Oxford Guitar Gallery

Features: Well... I'm guessing you know about all the features. It was made in Japan, has an Original Floyd Rose and comes equipped with EMG 81/60. Alder body, maple neck (quartersawn I believe) the neck is quite thin but not too thin, which I like. It also has 24 frets, 3-way selector (Bridge, both, neck) and has a locking nut. In short, this is a package of goodness; ) And, Dave MC (on the forums) helped me find it for 450! And for that price, this guitar is a steal! If you like to do different tunings alot, I would suggest maybe blocking the Bridge as changing tune on this Bridge is a bit of a pain, although it only takes me about 10 mins to replace the strings and change tunings so it's no biggy // 9

Sound: I believe this suits my music style very well. I play Heavy metal such as Metallica, Iron Maiden and a bit of Machine Head but also play music such as Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver. The pickups sound so great on this it is amazing! I'm using it through a Blackstar HT-5s and use a Zakk Wylde Wah and Small clone chorus. This guitar goes well with all of them. People sometimes complain about the clean sound of EMG's but I believe they have a great tone, especially with the chorus effect. The pickups are not noisy and even at very high volume levels, the guitar sounds very controlled. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Well, when I recieved this guitar I believe it was in Drop B. So, straight away, I got the strings off, set the guitar to E flat, and messed with the action a bit. I did play it for a bit when it was in Drop B and it seemed very well set up. The strings didn't seem to buzz and the action was fairly low. The paint finish on this guitar is great. I got the Piano black with silver bevel and I believe it looks very nice. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar would definately withstand live playing. I don't play live myself but the guitar seems very well made. I have knocked it against a wall a few times but there are no marks or signs of damage. After I set the Floyd Rose up, I haven't had to tune it! It seems to stay in tune no matter what I do with it. I have had the current strings on for about 2 - 3 weeks and aven't had to tune it, well... Maybe a few slight turns on the fine tuners but nothing completely off. I do always check before I begin playing. Another great point is the strap buttons, my strap won't come off! I was going to buy strap locks as soon as I bought the guitar but I bought a strap and put it on and the strap buttons are solid. I struggled getting the strap on as the buttons are so big but that's a good thing! // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, I'm so glad I decided to pick this guitar! It suits my tastes of music. I have been playing guitar for about 4 years. If it were stolen/lost I probably wouldn't be able to afford to buy a new one but I would probably buy a different guitar just to try different stuff out. I love the way the neck feels and the pickups sound and it just feels very comfortable to play. Before buying it, I did try the PDX version (was on a small budget) which was OK but was not as comfortable as the "Real" version and it did not sound as good. The only thing that's missing is the fact it has no tone pot but I never use that anyway so no deducted points for that. // 9

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