DK2FS Dinky Firestorm review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (22 votes)
Jackson: DK2FS Dinky Firestorm

Price paid: C$ 499.99

Purchased from: Steve's Music

Sound — 10
I mainly playing Metal and instrumental rock, so artists like Satch, Vai, Gilbert but also Death, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Possessed, Death Angel, Motley Crue, Van Halen... So I play a quite wide variety of genre because I also play some jazz, blues and even classical music. It fits everything well, the only thing is that the bridge pick up is a little bit too strong for classical music. But I mainly bought this guitar to play Metal and it fits perfectly. I'll change the pick ups for some a little more powerful but it can wait because they are very nice (the stock ones). Mainly playing through a Peavey JSX with a Boss Metal Zone. I just love it. No noise at all, the boost is very very nice also. Give you everything you need. The AC/DC lovers will love that boost, you can really get the 70s rock tone. You can also have a lot of fun doing crazy noise with the floyd. The pinch harmonics are coming like butter. For 500$, I could not find any better, the pick ups are very nice and give a very nice sound.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall, I'm amazed by the guitar. For the price I paid, it was a steal, the best 500$ I ever paid for something. It now makes 6 years that I play and I love guitar. This guitar suit me very very well. If it was lost, I would buy another again without hesitation, it's so comfortable, the boost is unique and very nice. There's nothing I hate and I love everything, I would have just prefer an original floyd rose instead of the licensed, but it's doing a good JB right now. I compared it to the RG350, the S570, a couple of LTD's, a Shecter Hellraiser and some lower en Jackson. All guitar of same price or a bit under (or over for the S570) and the Jackson Dinky Firestorm is way better than all of them, the only one close was the S570 but is was 150$ more expensive. It's a great guitar. I was planing to buy other guitar (like a JEM), but I'll upgrade this one before, because I just love it. If you have any question about this guitar, don't hesitate. I would recommend it to anyone who plays classic rock to Death Metal. It's sure that you might need to change the pick ups. For jazz and blues, as I said before, you might want to change the bridge pick up, but you might love the boost. A very great guitar if you can have it for the right price.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It has withstand live playing once and everything looks solid. The hardware seems like it will continue to last event if it's a 6-7 year old guitar. The strap buttons are big and very solid, not afraid that the strap will fall. The guitar is medium-light weight. I'm depending on it right now, my Ibanez is in reparation and my back up is a Strat copy from Jay Turser so I don't really have a back up. I don't recommend it because string changing with a floyd rose is a minimum of 15 minutes. As I said be fore, this guitar is 6-7 years old and the finish look new, so I think it'll last for a long time, the previous owner took really care of his/her guitar. Also, you need a back up if you have different tunings that you use.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Because it was used, I'll review it from how it was when I bought it. The action was perfect for me: low. Pick ups were perfectly adjusted and no flaws at all. I opened it and all the wires are well filed. The finish is gorgeous, the wood is from good quality, the pick up selector makes no noise. Everything was perfect except the switch for the boost. But it took me 10 seconds to fix it, so no big deal.

Features — 9
This is a 2005 or 2006 Jackson, made in Japan. - 24 jumbo frets - 25.5 scale - Rosewood fretboard - Non-locking tuners - Locking nuts - Nice Orange Flamed Top - Superstrat body style - Floyd Rose licensed bridge - HSS Duncan Designed all - Volume knob, Tone Knob and Boost knob. - 5 way selector switch and the Boost switch. It came with a very nice gig bag, lot of padding in it. This guitar is beautiful. Even if it is used, it looks completely new. The neck is made of maple and the body of alder. The wood is from good quality. I didn't had any problem with the floyd rose yet (is was the only thing I was scared about because it's not an original) and it makes now 2 months I own it.

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    All nines and tens as usual... I think some people need to wait until the 'honeymoon' phase is over before posting a review.
    Well, for the price I paid, it deserves 9 and 10, at full price no
    My Last Words
    If you'd buy a low-end dean for 1$, would it be a good guitar, just because you bought it so cheap ? Ofcourse not. Dean = shit.
    Well if you bought it for 1 dollars, it would be a ****ing amazing deal, cuz you could sell it right away for 100 times more. Also, if you would consider that you only paid a buck, you would give straight tens, because how could someone do better than that with only one buck!! And if it was only one dollar, a ****ing shit load of people would own one, even I. Some of them are nice looking so I would hang them to the wall as decoration. but to get back to the point, you always have to check the price you pay. My friend got a Jem7V and he said he would not give straight tens or nines because for the same price he could have got a better guitar. For the price I paid, there are nothing better, when you rate a guitar, you rate it according to the price range. It would be stupid to compare this to a high end guitar (like usa made jackson soloist, Ibanez prestige) because it sure that 99% of the guitars would be rated between 1 and 5, and it wouldn't help anyone. As I wrote in the review, this is the best guitar I could get for 500$, that's why I rated it that high, if you think I could have bought a better guitar, I would be very happy that you tell me because I searched for one year and a half for a guitar.
    No, you shouldn't rate it just according to the price range. Then a crappy $50 guitar that isn't even worth buying would get at least an 8. It would be crappy but still you would give it an 8. A cheap Squier will not deserve more than a 7 at best. Because it's just crappy. If it doesn't fulfill your expectations, it doesn't deserve an 8. It's about what you want from your guitar and if the guitar gives you what you want. For example features: If there's something you needed, you just couldn't rate it a 10 because it lacks some features (if your guitar only had one pickup, you could still rate it a 10 if you only need one pickup, but if you needed two pickups, you couldn't rate it a ten because it didn't have all the features you needed). And if it needs a pickup upgrade or something, the sound section doesn't deserve a ten, even though it was the best sounding guitar in its price range. You don't need to compare it to Ibanez Jem or Gibson Les Paul but be honest. If it leaves something to be desired, it's not a 10, not even an 8. So if you are happy with your cheap guitar, you can rate it an 8 or 9. But if you feel the need for something better, it's not a 9. So if you got a guitar for one dollar and it was crappy, it wouldn't be all 10. Crappy is always crappy, no matter what you pay for it. For example: I rated my Charvel So Cal a 9 because even though it's not the best guitar, I still don't feel that I need a better guitar. And it cost 600. It would have been the same rating even though it had cost 1000 because I would still have been as happy with the guitar as I am now (though I wouldn't have bought it as new if it had cost more than 700).
    I mean, it's just stupid if you write something like: It sucks but I give it a 10. Or "I would like it to have two humbuckers instead of one single coil and a fixed bridge instead of a floyd rose bridge and 24 frets instead of 19 but it cost me $100 so the features are a 10." That just doesn't make sense. It's about how the guitar fits you, not about how it fits somebody else. If a $1000 guitar didn't fit you, you wouldn't rate it a 10. For example if your style was metal and the guitar could only do blues, it's not the right guitar for you so giving it a high score is just stupid.
    Ok you got a point here... I would love to be able to change the rating, cuz you conviced me with your point
    Really, the ratings don't tell that much. People should read the review and not only look at the ratings. Yeah... If you are going to upgrade it, a 10 for sound is a bit too high. Other than that, the ratings seem OK to me and kind of support what you said. Impression can still be 10 even though the other sections weren't.
    And yes, JSX and metalzone looks strange but it sound very good, you can go try it
    Sounds decent enough, but the only Jackson that deserves all 9's or 10's is a soloist. Nuff said
    $ 499.99 hmm not sure if id pay this price for it
    When it was new (in 2005-6) it cost between 900 and 1100$... this is way too much. And trust me, if you would try it and your budget was less than 700$, you would considerer as one of the best choices