DK2S Dinky review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (93 votes)
Jackson: DK2S Dinky

Purchased from: Sadeal Music

Sound — 10
This suits my stlye perfectly, I play hard rock and metal most of the time and this guitar is perfect for bands like Megadeth and Pantera. The Duncan Designed pickups sound seprizingly good but real duncans are better. The active gain boost is a god-send when your trying to get those high-pitched harmonics in the middle of a Pantera song. It can cover all the bases but this baby is more suited for shredding. Using it with a Carvin MTS3212 and a Boss ME50 this thing sounds amazing. I can get rich Strat neck tones from the stacked singlecoils without the hum and pure loud, distorted mayhem from the bridge pickup.

Overall Impression — 10
I love this guitar period. If it where stolen I would probably go insane. I thought Jacksons where okay, and only the US made soloists where worth the cash but I played this Jackson for 2 minuets and I knew this was a keeper. I compared it to my other guitars and this thing out plays and sounds better and stays in tune better than my Jem and highly modified US Stratocaster. The finish is amazing and this is perfect for any type of music but doesn't really Shine until it is used with a high gain amp and is used to shred. The only thing I wish it had was officail Seymour Duncan pickups instead of the Duncan Designed ones. But even those are great, I'm gonna take out the Bridge JB and put a Dimebucker in it when I get the chance. For the price and quality, this thing is like no other. If your looking for a high end guitar with a locking tremelo for a low price, check these babies out. You'll thank me later.

Reliability & Durability — 10
It stays in tune no matter what I do to it. the hardware is military grade stuff and after playing this thing for hours a day for 2 months, I've only had to re-tune this guitar once and I do some crazy whammy stuff too. It can take some really heavy dimebag darrel divebombs and play with yngwie-esqe speed. it's perfect!

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This thing is amazing. I got a free setup from the shops tech (thanks Norm) everything was perfect. The action was so low I couldn't belive it would play without fret buzz but it plays every fret flawlessly with no buzz or anything. The trem is solid and stays in tune extremly well for a aluminum based trem. No problenms what-so-ever. I even got a free trem tool with it.

Features — 10
My DK2S was made in 2005 in Japan. It has 24 Medium Jumbo frets on a Jackson Compound radius (12"-14") rosewood fretboard. Solid alder body with AA maple top with Transparent blue finish. super Strat body shape with bolt on maple neck with contoured neck heel. Jackson low profile floyed rose tremelo, standard Jackson chrome tuners. H/S/S pickup config with a Duncan Designed JB in the bridge and stacked singles in the neck and middle. standard 5-way switch, one volume, one tone, gain control. My model is the 2005 model without the sustanic Drive pickup, mine only has an active gain boost.

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    Just bought one, it is SICK. Distrotion sounds great. Only problem is wen im not playing, the strings are resonating like mad which is getting annoying!
    I bought my dk2s 1 month ago and i fell in love wuth it....Its so awsome...the sound is great .everything is perfect on this guitar...specialy the sustainer pick up..
    Hanger 17
    how does the bolt-on go? does it hinder your playing and is it contoured or not? and what do those two switches do?
    Hanger 17
    duhandyul : Just bought one, it is SICK. Distrotion sounds great. Only problem is wen im not playing, the strings are resonating like mad which is getting annoying!
    Is that when you have the sustanic pickup selected or just in general?
    Hanger 17
    I just got one more question: with the see-through black is the hardware silver or is it still black?
    What's the price on this guitar? I can't seem to find it, all what I'm seeing are the prices for the Dk2M. Or are they the same?
    its arrived and it is the best guitar i've played in a long time. Better in my opinion than my friends custom 24. The sustainiac rocks, as does the bridge pickup. The associated electronics are waay cool and its so much fun to tinker with. my next guitar is definately going to be another jackson, they've converted me!!