DK2S Dinky review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (93 votes)
Jackson: DK2S Dinky

Sound — 10
I just got this guitar after my Ibanez RG6 piezo broke down (don't ask how, I'll just get pissed off so I went to Samash and found this guitar on sale for $578. The sound is amazing! I play mostly progressive metal, and I love John Petrucci (a.k.a. GOD)'s tone. So I run this bad boy through my Boss GT-8 into a Marshall Zakk Wylde micro stack and boy does this baby burn! The JB in the bridge is the perfect pickup for anyone. I've played all types of guitars with various pickups and I gotta hand it to mr. duncan as he definitly knows how to make a great pickup. The sound is crisp, clear, and can be modified to any sound based on amp settings whether you desire scorching metal or old school rock 'n' roll or even clean sounds this baby can hold it's own. I use the single coils exclusively for cleans as they react the best with the acoustic simulator on the GT-8. Seriously I can get a piezo sound or even an actual acoustic sound with these pickups! Since it's an alder body it's got a nice fat bottom end and really screaming highs. The sound is naturally bright but can be adjusted via the Jb as I explained earlier can make the guitar sound like anything. Overall I think this is the greatest sounding guitar in the price range. Of course, nothing beats an american made Jackson but this thing will definitly satisfy your needs regardless.

Overall Impression — 8
I have been playing a little over a year and a half, but I practice over 6 hours a day so my skill is (as I've been told) at the 10 year mark. Other than this I have no other guitars, I use this one exclusively, and only because I cannot picture myself playing any guitar for practicing or gigs. Overall fantastic value. If you truly appreciate music then buy this guitar now. You will not be disappointed.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This guitar is not something I would go axe slashing with, as it WILL fall apart due to the lightweight alder body. But other than that, it should withstand all gigs. This guitar is something that if taken care of properly, could last a couple of generations aside from once in a while tune-ups (not even a joke). Overall built very well and will last you a long time. I would only get a backup for different tunings but that's it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
Had to adjust the action, as it was a little high for me. The volume knob is a bit shakey but that dosent even matter cause it dosent affect the sound. Overall it's almost flawless. Nice fit and finish, the headstock just flows in over the neck, shark inlays nice done once, my guitar fell on the ground, but ther was nothing on it. Very nice and strong guitar.

Features — 9
Beautiful paint job, a red kinda swirl thing. Definetly has the look of a Super Strat. It's a licensed Floyd which kinda sucks because the real ones are way better. Jumbo Frets. It was made in Japan and it has a 5 way, with s-s-h pickup arrangement. Not sure on what the woods are.

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    I have just ordered one of these. Surprisingly hard to get in the UK, found out there is one amber sunburst coming into the cournty in April! And hopefully its going to be mine! Will let you know what I think after it arrives.