JS30KV King V review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 5.6 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.9 (84 votes)
Jackson: JS30KV King V

Purchased from: Givin' to me by my friends girlfriend.

Sound — 5
I play heavy metal. Death Metal, (like a certian cartoon band's metal) whos name ends with Klok. And I play a lot of tunes from a band fronted by arnhold. With a little bit of a band named after a lake by the name of bodom. I do not play 80's thrash any more. I'm currently running it through a DigiTech Grunge pedal. Soon to be using a electro harmonix micro muff pedal. And my trusty old Peavey Studio Pro 112. It has a pretty decent sound. Very bright. Not exactly proper for Heavy metal. But the 12 inch speaker in my Peavey balances it out pretty well. Honestly if I paid for this guitar I would have been a bit upset. But I will say that this guitar was built for metal, just more geared twards beginners and those on a budget.

Overall Impression — 6
As stated before I play Metal, but anybody buying this guitar is a metal guy, or girl. it's a black Flying V. I mean c'mon. I have been playing seriously for around 4 years. But I only know what I know about setting up a guitar and the playability because I don't wanna pay the ridiculous prices that guitar shops charge for Standard upkeep. I didn't purchase this guitar so I cannot complain a whole lot. But the rest of you will most likely be paying full price, so take what I'm saying into consideration before shelling out the loot. If it were stolen or lost I wouldn't buy another. The more I write about it the more I resent it. I love how I got it for free. But nothing more than that. Everything else is just blah or horrible. I LTD F-50 that I gave to my girlfriend was more reliable than the Jackson. But the sound of the Jackson is better. More crunch and bite. I hope you take my review into consideration. This is from a more experienced player compared to a beginner. I took my time and went over every problem and good thing. Happy playing.

Reliability & Durability — 4
I don't play Live. I enjoy just sitting in my room and playing. But I can tell you that I wouldn't gig with this guitar, unless it was overhauled. The machine heads suck. The bridge, is a bridge. No big deal. Good finish, I'm Shure the finish will last, even with me palm muting around 90 percent of the time. I'm only keeping this guitar because my friends girlfriend was nice enough to give it to me. I was gonna pay a hundred for it, but she was nice enough to just hand it over. But back to the criteria of this section. I replaced the strap knobs with Jim Dunlop strap locks. Be warned! That you will have to make the supremely designed button release lock backwards, I had the one on the one side the normal position (if you can understand what I mean, kinda hard to explain). Because the button closest to the neck is on the back, like all other V shaped guitars and other rad body styles. The body withstood me installing the larger screws that come with the locks stock with the locks. It's just the way it is. The instructions say to drill a pilot hole but I have never did, no cracks or problems. I do not suggest doing this yourself. It's risky, you can crack the body. Nobody wants a crack in there prized axe eh? I don't hold this guitar high in my book. But others may love it. This is my review, not yours. The finish is nothing special. Black, very boring, and shows finger prints like a mother. It seems to built sub par to a high end guitar. But it's decent for it's price range. The truss rod being crooked it's a downer tho. That is what really brings this guitar down.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The action on this sucks! It was not professionally set up. Usually I will do that myself. But, the truss rod has a nut instead of a allen head. It wouldn't be too bad to deal with, but the truss rod is crooked. I cannot adjust it unless I did a little routing of the wood. A Standard wrench or socket will not fit no matter how you try it. I'm stuck with high action and some annoying fret buzz. Even auditable Through the amplifier, even with the supreme saturation givin' to me buy my GRUNGE pedal. I had to set it up myself to the best of my ability. The intonation was pretty good. Took a tad bit of adjustment. Respectable for a cheapy guitar. The tone knob was handed to me in a bag along with the guitar. So I threw it on. It likes to wobble and what not. One thing you will find with the knobs on any cheap Jackson that I have noticed is that the screws that secure it to the shaft of the pot is a small flat head. Not the normal allen wrench. Correct me if I am wrong, but in my experience I have only seen Jackson guitars with the small flat head screw. Other than that everything is in pretty good shape. The machine heads need to be replaced. I use Elixer Nanoweb strings. Very nice strings. I swear by them. The 10's are not good for drop tuning on this guitar. I have to counter-act the looseness with 11's or maybe even 12's. Not Shure yet. But I fret out a lot with it. Which was not a problem with other guitars I have played with the same setup. All my guitars are setup around the same. Ibanez RG350MYE, My old LTD F-50, and some other guitars I don't feel like naming.

Features — 7
I have no idea when the Jackson was made. But it was made in Indonesia. It has 24 frets. Solid V shaped body. I don't know what it's made out of. Most likley Bass wood. Black finish, string through body. Passive Jackson pickups. Tone and volume with middle pickup selector Switch. H-H pickup configuration, 6 Jackson logo non-locking machine heads. I got the gutiar and just the guitar. Had to trow new strings on it. it's pretty basic. Just has an radical body shape.

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    guitarfreak222 wrote: spikesonice wrote: What do you guys think is better, this or the Dean VMNTX Anything's better than a Dean.
    You don't seriously know anything what you're talking about.
    this guitar is my pride and joy. it has come through with spectacular sound no matter the amp it was plugged into. i have a 20watt raven amp and a peavy vyper series 30watt and wear the raven has great clean tone and the peavy can hit every tone u could think of, the V shines with perfection on either. i recomend this guitar to anybody. it works with metal covers like psychosocial by slipknot or deathblooms by mudvayne, and it has helped me with other more classic songs such as lets go crazy by prince or crazy on you by heart. (all examples used are songs i have performed on stage one place or another with the V) i have kept the same standard jackson pickups that came with the V because there is no need to change them. note: it does have one flaw if you would call it that. if you use lighter strings such as ernie ball slinky, you will get some buzzing on the E string and A string. this may have just been my V in particular but i now use heavy strings. i recomend either ultrablue or d'adario strings. in closing, the V is the overall best guitar i have played