JS30RR review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (223 votes)
Jackson: JS30RR

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 9
I run all of my guitars through a Line 6, Spider III 75W amp. As a background, I own a Fender Strat, B.C. Rich SOB Avenger, and an Ibanez Roadstar II, and I've played on a Gibson Les Paul. Of all the guitars I own, this guitar, with stock pickups, seems the most musically balanced strait from the factory, and although not a replacement for blues, it can easily compete with my other guitars. I can grind out KSE, Metallica or Testament, or I can play SRV or Christian Music. There are a lot of mixed reviews about the pickups but, if one is looking to be an active musician, then no matter which guitar you select you will probably change the pickups to something better like EMGs or Duncans. I will probably change the Neck pickup, but I am surprised that the Bridge pickup is so clean. I actually played a higher end Jackson and the pickups on it sounded muddy, but this one didn't. The neck pick is also clean but it just doesn't have the tone that I am looking for.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression is that for $300 bucks, this guitar is worth it. As I mentioned earlier, I mainly play Metal, SRV, and Christian, and I can play all of these with this guitar. I have been playing off and on for about 14 years, and this is probably the best and last guitar that I will ever buy. If you want the tremolo, then maybe the RR3 would be a better fit, but otherwise this guitar is great. If it went missing, I would miss it and definitely replace it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't had for very long, but durability seems solid. I would invest in a hard case for it though since it won't sit in a regular stand without the longer wing resting on the floor. Although one shouldn't gig without a BU, this guitar is my choice for jamming or gigging, and I would feel confident in it being my only guitar on a gig.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
As far as factory setup? I bought it at Guitar Center, and tried it out before hooking up the amp. The one item I found was I had to adjust the action on the Low E end so that the E, A, and D strings wouldn't vibrate against the frets. This was very easy to do, so not a big deal. The Action on it is smooth and to my liking. One thing that I was worried about was how top heavy the neck would be; to my delight the guitar is well balanced and the neck does not drop to the floor. Another concern was "does it stay in tune?" Well, I played it for several hours over a couple of days, and it stays in tune as well as any of my other guitars, so that is another good feature.

Features — 9
The reason that I chose this guitar was the body: Flying V style. I preferred the shorter fin on the bottom, so I went with the JS30RR. As far as features: 24 Jumbo frets, 3 position selector, no tremolo, 2 Jackson CVR2 Pickups, tone knob as well as volume knob. One of the aspects of a guitar that I like is simplicity, and this guitar has all of the simple, strait up features so that I can throw on new strings and go.

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    i really want that guitar ever since i saw matt tuck play it
    sam pimblett
    right this guitar is AWESOME i got mine for christmas and i spend almost every spare minute that i have on it. it is great for playing metallica and iron maiden songs on. i have combined mine with a line 6 spider 3 15 watt amp and when on insane mode it could make even the most experianced shredder tremble at the knees.i am in a band that plays covers from metallica escape the fate and some classics like bad touch from the bloodhound gang. also this guitar is great for clean guitar tones like coming back to life by pink floyd. all in all this guitar rocks my world and it is so easy to play and looks amazing oh an BFMV are awesome. love pimmo.!!
    Murky666 wrote: How does this guitar compare to he Vanguard FR440s?
    This ones origanle
    My dime V dose that too. lol its not that big on an issue
    great vlaue for money !! after noticing it on my local music stores website i came here for some reviews and im considering getting it :O
    Changing and setting up the guitar to accomodate alternate tunings is, admittedly, impossible, unless you have the proper tools. In this case a special Tool is required for trussrod adjustment, the screw located in the headstock being impossible to grip with pliers or any other household Tool.
    Allen Keys maybe? Great guitar for the money, I find badass guitars inspire badass riffs aswell.
    tried this guitar. really did NOT like it. Its hard to palm mute and it sounds crummy. I just thought it got too much praise in here.
    I ended up buying one of these as my second guitar, my first being a washburn v (not quite sure on the model name - I bought it really cheap off a preacher's son), primarly because of the shape and I must say it really has helped the learning process because the neck just feels easier on the hand, plus the pickups are pretty suitable for the stuff I play (lot of older metal, as well as blues and psychadelic stuff) - of course, then again, I havent had the chance to compare it to many other guitars.
    i really like the look of this guitar and really badly wanna get it. Can anyone tell me what the best pickups are to use with this cause when i get it i wanna get them and can anyone tell me how much an fx pedal is that can give the fuzz of a nirvana solo
    i'v had this guitar for about 6 months and im really not happy with it... it does look great thats a given, but there are a few issues with this model that nobody seems to have picked up on. Firstly, the way it plains out is quite anoying, but tolerable i suppose. The major gripe i have with this guitar is the tone produced by the pickups that come standard with the guitar. It has great clean tone, but when it comes to distortion, it is really lacking. the humbuckers that come standard with this model are terrible; the tone is very muddy and seems to give off a metallic twang when tuned down (i tune down to drop C, using ernie ball beefy slinky). If ur just planning on playing lead with this guitar then ul be ok (the pickups do have good sustain and sound good when soloing) but as soon as you start playing rhythm it sucks! I play my jackson through a Hiwatt amp and Boss ME-50 multieffects pedal. I get far better tone from my epiphone les paul special, which cost less than half the price!! if ur going to buy this model, u should probably think of upgrading the pickups to EMG's or something...
    i like the look of this guitar and all but i heard v shaped guitars were uncomfortable to use when sat down. also why do all these people who reviewed it need to adjust it and how do they do it
    Serial 177
    i have this guitar and i love it loads.... i play bullet for my valentine, slipknot, and more.. the only thing i didnt like it the strings it came with it rusted quick and i could feel they were cheap.. but im gonna replace them soon, then it will be perfect... GET THIS GUITAR!!!
    I have one of these, and to be honest I can't believe some of these reviews. It's a decent guitar, don't get me wrong but it's far from awesome. Remember this is the entry level Rhoads, and you get what you pay for. I've got a brand new RR24 on the way, but you're probably better off paying a bit extra for an RR3 or you'll end up regretting buying this.
    Ok, lets get a few things straight, Matt Tuck is a wanker, and he does NOT play this guitar, nor does Kirk Hammett, after all it IS an entry level RR. That being said it is a decent guitar, but an RR3 is definately worth the extra money. AND IT IS NOT A FLYING V!
    I fell in love with that guitar but just one question....Is this guitar apropriate for playing songs like Gamma Ray..???Plz answer only those who own the guitar...
    Yoyo Of Death
    RandyRhoads818 wrote: oh can you sit fown using this?
    yes u can sit fown with this but at first it feels kinda awkward compared to other guitars like a strat or an LP