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manufacturer: Jackson date: 01/06/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Jackson: JS30RR Rhoads
Jackson's entry-level JS Series suits the needs of beginning players, and offer the best in materials, workmanship and value. Indian cedro body, bolt-on maple neck with Indian rosewood fingerboard, Jackson CVR high-output humbucking pickups, adjustable string-through-body bridge and chrome hardware.
 Sound: 8.1
 Overall Impression: 9.1
 Reliability & Durability: 8.9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.9
 Features: 8.6
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overall: 8
JS30RR Rhoads Reviewed by: SCARY09, on march 29, 2008
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Price paid: $ 220

Purchased from: Daddy's Junky Music

Features: The Jackson JS30RR Rhoads JS Series Electric Guitar looks great and plays fast. Late guitar whiz Randy Rhoads backed up Ozzy with lightning-fast, classically-based riffs. He worked with Jackson to design this unique-looking and fast-playing electric guitar with dual Jackson CVR2 humbuckers for plenty of high-end sparkle. The string-thru alder body with bolt-on maple neck produces great sustain and the compound radius rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets aid clean runs. Jackson put chrome tune-o-matic bridge and die-cast tuners on the JS30RR guitar. Jackson's compound-radius fingerboard curves more dramatically at the nut for easy chording and flattens out as it approaches the neck joint for low-action bends without fretting out. With a more relaxed hand, you'll play better! // 8

Sound: This guitar is clearly made for the somewhat experienced metal fan. Flying V's are known for the fact that they are usually played while standing, however this guitar is somewhat more stable to play while sitting. Unfortunately, the amp that I use is not up to par with most common metal amplifiers. However, the guitar seemed to have a better feel as well as a powerful sound. The 24 jumbo frets open up more possible solos then those of a 21 fret guitar. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was used when I bought it, however I found no scratches or marks. This was uncommon in a used Flying V because wear and tear typically appears on the ends due to the shape. The pickups are Standard, however, due to their size, one might want to upgrade. The one flaw in the guitar is a small rattling noise from the first few frets on the E and A strings. Also while I was in the store, another model of this guitar had fret overhang, which can cut up your fingers as you slide. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will withstand Live playing. However it is recommended to get strap locks because a strap will eventually slide off due to the angle that the 2nd strap pin is in. I would always have a back up no matter what guitar. However I would use it without a back up if I had to, chances being that nothing would happen. The finish will last, however with a Flying V, you must always watch out for the ends. // 7

Overall Impression: I play metal and heavily distorted songs, this guitar meets the standards completely. I have been playing for about 4 years now. I had one guitar before this one. One important note on the strap locks again; the man in the store mentioned that he had the same model when he was in his band. He said that everytime he really hammered down on the guitar, the straps would slip off. This is why I am recommending strap lockes. If it was stolen or lost I would buy a new one. The reasons why I chose the guitar are that I was always interested in a Flying V, the guitar was lighter than my other one, and the guitar simply felt right in my hands. // 9

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overall: 8.8
JS30RR Rhoads Reviewed by: JackDanger, on july 05, 2008
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Price paid: £ 200

Features: This is the entry level Jackson Rhoads model. It comes with 24 jumbo frets on the neck, is a string through body and has a bolt on neck. The pickups this guitar is rockin are basic Jackson humbuckers, which aren't that bad to begin with but probably will need changing eventually to get a better sound. // 8

Sound: I play rythmn guitar and do the lead vocals in a metalcore band and this guitar does pretty much everything I want it to do. It's super comfy while playing due to the shape of the guitar and doesn't cause too much pain on your wrist after a while of shredding. I have mine going through an Ibanez TS-9 Tude Screamer and going through a shitty 8 watt Fat Rat combo. It sounds the sex even through my crappy rig but I would advise using a noise supressor due to the active pickups picking up pretty much everything you do to the guitar itself. The actualy sound of the guitar is amazing considering what I paid for it, it's obviously not as good as all the biggest bands out there but it is good just for practising, gigging and recording, with a distortion pedal the guitar handles very well and a rick, full sound is delivered every time, if playing clean the guitar still handles super well and I couldn't really ask for much more from it. Considering I mainly play metalcore music when I do vary from play and delve into blue and jazz the guitar still hold up very well. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: As soon as I got the guitar it was ready to play. With some minor adjustments to the tone knob and some altering of the settings on my amp I pretty much had the sound I was looking for. The guitar contained no flaws inside and out and I didn't need to adjust any of the circuitry, however I would recommend some better pickups because, although these ones are good, they could be better. // 9

Reliability & Durability: The durability of the guitar is pretty good. Due to the shape of the guitar you'll have to be careful practising and gigging with it because of the fin size and shape. It does withstand Live stuff, provided you have a decent amount of room, if not then you will probably cause injury to other people and I wouldn't advise using this guitar Live without strap locks because of the angle of the strap buttons they are prone to slipping mid-song which is bloody annoying. The hardware is very good for an entry level and I would use this guitar without a backup if I had to and the only backup guitar I would use is if I broke a string. // 9

Overall Impression: Like I said before I play mainly metalcore but occasionaly indulge myself in other genres of music. This guitar holds up very well in all of them and handles beautifully in most playing situations. The guitar sounds amazing through lots of set ups and it depending on what style of music you play. If my guitar were stolen of lost I would probably guy the Jackson RR1 which is slightly more expensive and have 2 less frets, but this is simply because it has a double locking Floyd Rose tremolo bridge and I need that kind of stuff for my music. But for the price that they go for and the quality of the actual guitar it is a lot better than I could have asked for. // 9

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overall: 8.2
JS30RR Rhoads Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 15, 2008
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Features: This is a Flying V Randy Rhoads style guitar it's pretty with a string true body which doesnt't make it anymore harder to string it up (I rekon anyway)it has a volume a tone know way and three way pickup selecter for the two bridge and neck humbucker and 24 frets, I do belive the pickups are Jackson made the pickup model name escapes me tho.You can get this wiht a gig bag depending on where you get it from of course. // 8

Sound: This is proberly most of a metal guitar than anything but I play punk, metal, rock and a little bit of Indie and it defanitly sound very good for the distorted songs in clean it doesnt't stand up to well playing big open chords but if you bought this you wouldn't even think of using it for that sort of stuff (or most of you anywho) so if I rated it for the distorted tone alone I'd give it a eight or nine but for an all round good tone it wont do the job so of course rate it acordingly to what you'd use it for. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar came wiht some really light strings that just floped everywhere and had a lot of buzzing against the frets but I changed the strings to heavys (cant remember the guage mabey 52's)and it is perfect I've had no problems so far. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is proberly very reliable I haven't giged with it yet but I have drop and bashed it countless time and I've had it for about six months it still plays and sounds like it did when I got it, and as for the strap buttosn they'r solidly on I'm gunna get strap locks eventually but I don't seem to need them it takes me about 5 mins just to get the straps on so it's very tightly secure, and the paint hasn't faded but I did have a very small chip in the bottom because of droping it etc so if you took care of it it really wont fade for a decent long while I would use it without a backup maiit hasn't ever nly because my other guitar is a cheapy bad sounding Strat copy but it hasn't ever failed to deliver so I woudlnt be scared(I'd rather risk it than take the effort to carry two guitars with me). // 9

Overall Impression: Overall for metal and punk also this will totally get to you unless you want a more rounded sound for other styles I've been playting a little over a year and it's taught me to play standing up as I didn't before as it sorta forces you too but it's a good idea so overall a very good cheap guitar for possibly begginers. // 8

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overall: 8.2
JS30RR Rhoads Reviewed by: Jmoarguitar, on september 21, 2009
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Price paid: C$ 300

Purchased from: Local Guitar Shop

Features: The Jackson 30RR is a "entry level" guitar, but really it's just a great buy. It was Made in India and includes a bolt on neck with 24 jumbo frets made of maple and a indian rosewood fingerboard. The body is made of indian alder, and has a adjustable string thru body. The guitar features Jackson CVR2 high output stock pickups, and it carries one tone knob and one volume knob with a 3 way selector switch. The hardware is chrome and it also comes with a great Jackson gigbag. // 7

Sound: The sound of this Jackson Rhoads is fantastic for metal music. The only problem is the stock pickups lack greatly on clean channels and you should probably swap pickups for whatever suits you. But that should not be a problem, considering the price on this axe is very cheap. Noise is not a problem on this guitar, and is relatively quiet when you are playing with your amp at high levels. It has a great balance for a metal guitar, and can make runs and solo's sound very full. I just reccomend that you swap the pickups to use this at your full advantage, cause it really is a metal monster. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar was ready to go when I bought it, all I needed was to tune it and I shredded away since then. Everything was great on this guitar and it had no flaws on the finish or anything wrong with electronics, but as time passed by, a tuning peg began to get loose, and the washer on the pickup selector began to fall off, but those are really easy to fix anyways. Overall I had no major problems with it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is one tough axe. I have put this thing through hell and it still plays great. I have dropped it or smacked it off my desk due to it's odd shape so many times I can't count. And actually the tip of the longer fin had to be glued back together, cause I had lent it to a friend and there dog knocked it off it's stand. I've had it for almost a year and have made no changes to it, it's still completely stock still as solid as ever. The finish has not wore off either. And I definitly would use it on a gig without any backup, and I have numerous amounts of times already. Solid Guitar. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall Impression, great feeling, great sounding axe. The guitar is very lightweight, whether you like that or not, and the neck is very thin and smooth, appropriate for shred and metal riffage. With stock pickups, I wouldn't wander too far out of the metal genre however, since the pickups arn't too for any clean tones and such. If it were stolen, I would probably get a higher end Rhoads, but I would have no problem getting another one of these. There's a couple of things I wish it had, but it's a low end beginners guitar, so there not there for obvious reasons. I wish it had a set of grover tuners, and EMG's or a set of Seymour Duncan pickups, but those could be added for a low price so it's not too important. I reccomend this guitar greatly for anyone. // 8

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overall: 9.6
JS30RR Rhoads Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 12, 2010
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Features: Been playing seriously for 4 years now, this guitar was made in Japan I think. It has 24 jumbo frets on a rosewood fingerboard. No fancy flame maple, just infurno red, still looks good though. Cedro body, bolt-on maple neck, string through body, chrome hardware. Rhoads style, duh! Active humbuckers, 3 way switch, Jackson made pickups, Jackson tuners, nothing too fancy at this level. The rating is based on what is does for its price compared to others, (Dean VX, also owned by me). // 10

Sound: It suites me 100 percent for my Megadeth (Lead guitar), Testament and some Airbourne rock and Judas Preist. Melodic, speed, thrash, rock, basically. Line 6 15 in clean (for my distortion) DigiTech RP150 prossesor, have setting I confuigered for my tastes, not very distorted so no hissing sounds, nice and clear. (I make my unique sound with this so you might not be able to do the same) Pich harmonics, weird bends but you must have talented, primed fingers to make up for the low, high-end sustain of the pickups when doing runs and Mega high solos. You must be a guitarist to play this not a over effect user! You have to have talent not just ability (you must make up for where it is not so good). It is a good platform to make your style on, and then once after, say, 9 mounths move up a notch. (Jackson X series is a good step). // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar is extreemly reliable, the action was fine nothing needed messing with, this is PMT Birmingham though so it should'nt! It fit me very well and hardly took any getting used to. The finish has not moverd or been affected. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have not giged yet as I'm soon getting my 5th guitar, a serious one, Jackson KE3. This is a Jackson, its mean't to be played hard. The strap buttons don't fault. I would use my VX as a backup beacause I'm a very, expect-the-worse-to-happen guy! The finish is fine, don't worry about the spike we've had our bumps and she's fine. I play too much and hard and demand alot from a platform lay my playing on (guitar) and she's fine! Only thing is that the tone knob went weird, if you go less than 5 down it looses volume. This is ok as it happens with JS30 lots, and I was swinging the knob around because I was used to the Deans plastic fast knobs, so it's my fault. It's no problem as I only go down a bit on the tone for parts of Megadeth's Peace sells.. On Polands solo fills. // 9

Overall Impression: 4 years have taught me well, being self taught. I've not played a pro guitar yet but in 3 mounths a Jackson KE3 is mine! I own a squire Strat (1st real guitar), Dean VX (getting used to my musical tastes). If it were lost or stolen I would get another one as a backup, this guitar has been a critical milestone in my playing life, its seen me through sessions with my drummer, 3 GCSE school assignments for music, it's left and amazing impretion on me.If it were stolen, I would find the guy who stole this, tie him down and jump on his balls until I was bored and he was a woman, hehehe. Remember the marks given are based on what you get compared to othersat the price. Hope this helps. // 10

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overall: 8.8
JS30RR Rhoads Reviewed by: applesyo, on december 16, 2011
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Price paid: $ 180

Purchased from: craigslist

Features: Many aspects such as its unique design and craftsmanship makes this guitar amazing. Even though it is not one of my best guitars, but I personally value this the most. This guitar has 24 jumbo frets. They are the perfect size to shred along comfortably and lets you to play very fast. The bridge is fixed, which is a plus specially that metal nowadays have so many tunings. It enables you to change tuning in matter of minuets. The pickups on this guitar is descent. It is definitely good enough for metal and sounds better than half the guitars out, but it is not the top sounding pickups. The two things negative about this guitar is that one, The guitars wood can easily chip and dent and the second is that the guitar is very Neck Heavy. Both of these problems can be avoided with proper measures. // 9

Sound: This guitar sounds amazing. I have thin top heavy bottom strings from D'Addario and sound amazing. It feels as it was made for such strings and downtuning. Although I don't play much downtuned material, but whenever I do, this is my guitar of choice. I also played this guitar for punk material, and it sounded perfect. Even though I don't have much against the stock pickups, I still have plans to change them, which I believe is kinda unnecessary. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I reset the set-up and action myself. It is the most amazing setup I've played. All my guitar buddies gets surprised when they try it. As I stated before there is two things that bothers me about the guitar. One is the weakness of the guitar. Which the wood is to blame for. It is easily scratched, dent and chipped. You just have to be careful and store it in case. If you are like me and use it as everyday guitar, than just accept its fate. The second problem is that the guitar is very neck heavy. When you are playing it, the neck will weigh down in you hand and will tip. Best way to avoid is to get wide straps so it stays in place. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I had the strap button replaced to DiMarzio straplocks, just like all my V shaped guitars. I can always depend on this guitar and it is very solid. Only problem is that it kinda is easy to mess up its body as I stated few times before, but nothing too big. Hardware is amazing and it always stays in tune, if not messed with. // 9

Overall Impression: I love this guitar to death. It is my everyday guitar. It is very fun to play with sitting down. It is very reliable and it looks amazing. There is nothing to dislike about this guitar. It is perfect for metal. // 10

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overall: 9.4
JS30RR Rhoads Reviewed by: guitaardvark456, on january 06, 2012
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Features: Let me just start off by saying that despite the fact that this was the entry level Rhoads model (the JS36 Rhoads is the successor, essentially the same thing except with Jackson's Shark fin inlays), this is probably one of the best guitars I have ever played. I'm not sure what year it was made, but I want to say it was maybe 2008 (don't take my word on that), but I know it was made in India. It is an alder body with a maple neck, so it is fairly lightweight and well balanced. I like how smooth and fast the maple neck is. The fretboard is a standard rosewood with 24 jumbo frets. The accessibility and speed of the frets and neck is phenomenal. It lets me shred as much as I like. I got it with the blue finish. It's a very nice shade of blue, and I plan on adding some black pinstripes kind of like how the higher-end models have. The blue hardly shows any dust or scratches. This model has a tune-o-matic bride and a string-thru body. I've never owned a string-thru before, but I like it. It has a lot more resonance and sustain than the stop-tailed Epiphones I've owned, and it seems like it would lower the price of the guitar. These are passive Jackson CVR2 humbuckers. I love the flat black covers on them, so people think I have a high end Jackson with active pickups. The controls include Volume, Tone, and a 3 way selector switch. The tuners are decent. They stay in tune pretty well, although one of them rattles and resonates the noise just a little bit. It is inaudible when plugged into the amp and doesn't make a difference. I could probably fix it just by tightening it. Wise Music threw in a gig bag, but it wasn't the right kind. It was actually the gig bag to the old Epiphone Explorer GT I traded in to get this guitar. I knew this because I left some of my old picks in there. However, it is not loose at all and surprisingly works. The input jack is in kind of a weird place (the cable will dig into your knee if you sit down with it), but I bought a right angle adapter for about 5 bucks that solved that problem completely. // 10

Sound: The sound of this guitar is between good and very good. It works for playing Metal, Melodic Death Metal (what I play), and rock. It has an okay clean tone, but it's kinda dull. But that's not what it's made for. The guitar is silent, even with my Line 6 Spider III on Insane (more gain than most amps can handle). It gives just the old crunchy run-of-the-mill metal sound. However, I really like the lead tone on the lead pickup. This thing definitely delivers for shredding and soloing where most other guitars can't. I might just replace the rhythm pickup with an EMG ALX Alexi Laiho Signature pickup to give it that extra punch. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar actually has very good action. It helps me when I'm soloing or playing on the high frets. It buzzes when I'm at the first and second frets on the E and A string, but in all fairness to the guitar, I actually have it tuned down to D standard and Drop C, while the guitar was actually set up by the store to handle standard. I ran out of cash before I could get it adjusted. The rest of the guitar plays like a dream. It feels like I'm playing a high end Rhoads. The guitar of course did have some nicks and bumps, but that was just from the previous owner not taking the best care of it. Like I mentioned earlier, one tuning peg is kind of loose, but I think that was also from mistreatment. Other than that, everything is very solid and well-built on this guitar. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar feels invincible. Of course, it is now more like a child than a guitar, so I would never do any damage to it. But if something were to happen, I feel like it would survive. The hardware seems like it's pretty well bolted on. One of the strap buttons was loose, but again that was from the previous owner simply yanking the strap off. I would use this guitar without a backup any day. I get the feeling that it will last for a VERY long time. // 10

Overall Impression: I play Metal and Melodic Death Metal, and this guitar fits like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle. It's perfect. I have been playing for 4 years now, and this guitar has helped me bring out my potential. I run it into a Line 6 Spider III. I have absolutely no regrets from buying this. If this thing was to be stolen or lost, I would buy it a million times over! I would either get this or save up for a high end RR24. I love the entire guitar. It plays like a dream, and I love how easy it is to just shred for hours on end. I don't hate anything, but the rhythm pickup could be a little less muddy. I was stuck between this and the ESP Gus G signature, but that just didn't feel right. Also, I didn't want a Floyd Rose. This guitar is perfect. Buy it. // 10

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