JS30WR Warrior review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (90 votes)
Jackson: JS30WR Warrior

Price paid: £ 250

Purchased from: Crains

Sound — 8
The sound of the guitar generaly is decent, up on the bottem E, the tone is exelent has a nice resenation and is quite agressive, which is good for The Music I play. But... when you start to slip down the neck and brake into the B around 12 ish (this is on my guitar, I don't know if it's on every Warrior)the tone completly loses all smoothness and agressiveness, and starts to become quite harsh to listen to and when played acosticly it dose come through a bit more, and is a little worse, but plaied through an amp, and it's alright... admitidly the resenation it gives off can clash a little... but at the level this guitar is aimed for, it's an apsulute beast really!

Overall Impression — 8
I play mostly heavy stuff, and soon I'm hoping to get an ESP MH 53, jsut cause I can't be arsed with a Floyd Rose, and the guitar suits the playin I play really nicely, and I'm sure if I stuck some EMGs on it, it would be even better, but I think that for what it is, the guitar is awesome! and I probibly would buy the guitar again if it were broken or somethin (fingers crossed nothing happens to it or I will seriously kill who ever did it!) If I'm prefectly honest, I wish the tone was better lower down the strings around 12 ish, but that's only minor really. And the other guitars I compaired it with were no where near it for what I wanted, and in the price range I was looking at!

Reliability & Durability — 9
The reliability of this guitar is beastly! or it was with mine, I've had people run into the spiky part... and put bluntly he came off worse! I have acserdentaly let it slip of were it was being stood up once and it sliped off, and now on the 3rd fret, B string the fret board is dented making it almost impossible to bend because it could reck the whole fret board, but again... that's really my fault! And then to prove it all again... I had the guitar stap and it was across my back cause I was bending down to pick up a pick, and the stap came off (down to a bad strap which I have replaced and it's never happend again)the guitar fell from about 2 feet above the floor landing on the top of the head stock, which no lie is about. That wide, and only a chunk about that big came off, now for a guitars head stock to be able to come out of that with barly no damage is pretty good! Plus becuase of the nature of the desing it now looks pretty cool =P And although I'm guessing every one will say that the warrior JS30WR is the basic and is the beginers guitar, okay yeah, it is the basic but I think that small venues like pubs or house party, I would use it!! And I wouldn't need a back up at all! And I've played this guitar A LOT and nothin has worn, it's still as good looking as ever, and the bridge, humbuckers, neck, headstock, and body are still in just as good condition as ever, well exept for the odd scratch here and there, but over all, very impressive

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The action on the guitar is the best I've seen from a factory fit, in fact thinking bout it, I've never actually done anythin to the action incase I messed it up, so in that aspect it was impressivly good! The pick-upps were set up pretty nicely, and anyone Who dosent really know what they are looking for when they adjust pick-upps, with this guitar I wouldn't even bother, because really there wasn't much else I would have done to it. Although I did change the set up just to see the effect, and didn't really have much change. The bridge was properly routed, but the only thing I have ever had to do to it was file a bit of the nut off at the 6th string when the gage was to big for it, and that was mostly might fault anyway.

Features — 7
My guitar was made in 2008 in India... or as it says, Crafted in India. It has 24 frets, Rose wood neck with Jumbo frets. The body wood is solid with two Jackson humbuckers, and personaly, I want to change them, they don't give the hard-core sound the guitar looks like it needs but in all fairness they are pretty decent for standerd pick-upps. There is one tone controll, and one master volume with the togle which has 3 settings, neck, mid and bridge; the humbuckers it has offer a good tone for each, but I wouldn't really recomend it to a blues player... because the tone at the neck, although is "clean" dose have a slight dirt feel mixed in which you kinda like if I'm honest! The bridge style is a simple string-thru body, and the crome finish does go well with the guitars finish.

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    umm, that body looks insanely unbalanced. cant be good to play with, and i have some odd guitars like the bc rich ironbird . . .
    I owned one. Sold it very cheap. The neck is way too thin and curves to the point of being uncomfortable.
    Phill-Rock wrote: I like the look of most metal guitars, but that looks horrible. I just want a dean razorback now.
    they dont look like the picture... there not as fat looking as the picture suggests. you would have to see it in person
    Im about to get this guitar about 2 weeks later and i just love it. I tried a rhodes guitar and a king V but this is the only comfrtble one for me.
    Nick Curleo wrote: I own this guitar in black. It's a nightmare to keep it looking clean.
    Yeah! Man, it's a pain.. but sound-wise, it being my first guitar and I being a metal fan, I'm damn satisfied with it! It's just great for getting those riffs right and together with the rather modest Roland Cube 15x amplifier, I think I've found a great combination.. And yeah, playin while sitting down is as comfortable as it can get..