JS32R Dinky review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (51 votes)
Jackson: JS32R Dinky

Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
Ok, I use it to play from Thrash Metal to Progressive kinda going from Exodus, Kreator, Annihilator, to something like Dream Theater, Symphony X, and for both genres I'ts a HELL YEAH sound, playing through a Marshall MG10 + Behringer V-amp and sometime in a Boss ML-2 and this machine works f--king great for this stuff... About the clean... Ok, you can get what you want if you config the amp in the right way, I was scared at the first time I put the clean tone in the efects pedal, but that scare went away when I configured it the right way :D So I'll give it a 10/10.

Overall Impression — 10
Ok, overall impression... I love Jackson, and I love my guitar, I play Metal in the general whole genre and this guitar feets more than perfect for it, I been playing guitar since late 2009, and I bought this guitar 3 months ago from now, I bought it from here (Uruguay) through a chat, so I was so scared of what I was gettin' and I'm very happy for what I get... I was looking for a Flying V / Rand Rhoads but that ones in the store where broken and the only good was the dinky one.. If it were stolen, I call back to the store, and get the same or a Flying V or a RR, Always Jackson! What I love?.. I bought this one because of the FR, and this FR give me lot of fun and no problems at all, I can't find a thing about hate in this machine, I really love it! At the moment of buying this guitar I had to choose between a Dean ML, Jackson JS32 (Dinky, Warrior, Kelly, which ever!) or a Ibanez 350EX... The Dean ML is a 22 frets and no floyd, the Ibanez I didn't played with the edge (bridge) so I didn't want to risk my money, so, I choose the Jackson, and I'm very very happy :D

Reliability & Durability — 9
As I sayd before, this guitar seems to stand for a long time playing live to break, it's solid, hard, the only thing is the neck, like all the Jackson's heads; the most simple hit with a wall, floor, amp or any hard thing against the guitar's head, will leave your guitar without head, and that's not good at all.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Ok, I bought it here from Uruguay through paypal in a N.Y store and the owner of the store set-up my guitar pretty good in Standard tuning and all that stuff, anyway I had to tune it down to cover my likes :D And I had any problems in calibrating it by myself, just about 4 hours and the guitar was sounding great, I've almost forget the most important thing! THE FLOYD ROSE! I think I've been touched with a wand or something, this Floyd Rose stands in tune like a Original one, I get from it a HELL OF DIVE BOMBING and this stuff stay tuned like a fixed bridge, really! I love it! About the finish, its a f--king Jackson, I'd spected what I have now, a hell of a finish!

Features — 9
It's a made in Indian one Jackson guitar, has 24 Jumbo Frets, maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and cedro body, I own a Vantage and it gives more "acoustic" playing unplugged than the jackson, so, it seems to be more "solid" and reliable, that's good, All black finish, chrome hardware, stock pickups, and that's it...

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    cruzinstrater12 wrote: I've played a lot of different guitars over the years and I gotta say for an amp spiders arent the best. That being said there okay with distortion, but there clean tones are awful. I would never hook my strat to one but jackson actually does pretty well with them.
    Our school has an old Spider 1 and its distortion is just something noise and I hate it but I like its "cold" cleans with chorus. And when you turn up the volume the noise is just annoying. It's better amp when played on low volumes.
    TheBlackening91 wrote: I don't get why novices feel such a need to switch out pickups, if I were you I wouldn't waste my money on changing the pickups in that thing, everything will sound the same through the amp you're using. At any rate, I'm glad you're enjoying your guitar, although this review isn't going to make me want one.
    I agree with the pickup thing. Everybody writes that they want to change the pickups to EMGs or Dimarzios without even knowing what kind of pickups they are. The stock pickups can sometimes be as good and you can't know how the new pickups will sound without testing them. Maybe their sound will be not for your taste. Why do you buy cheap guitar with crappy pickups if you want to change the pickups? You could buy a better guitar that has stock Dimarzios or EMGs. I think my Epi LP's stock pickups did their job but now I have a Charvel that has Dimarzios and the sound is better, more 80's and more punch. (I have a Micro Cube and the sound is different, yea it's a cheap practice amp but I like it.) Through a practice amp the sound won't get much better when changing your pickups.
    You guys are funny... I own 2 Jackson's in my arsenal of 7. But for some reason , this is still my favorite guitar, regardless of price! The Jackson pickups are mediocre, so I changed out the bridge for a Seymour Duncan '59, and the neck for a DiMarzio Evolution. Wow, what an interesting sound that had produced off this Indian wood and maple neck. I love it, it's lots of fun to play, doesn't weigh a ton (like my ESP or BC Rich) and NEVER goes out of tune unless I really abuse it. But believe me, I abuse this b*tch, and she loves me for it! I play mostly fusion, rock, metal, and some funky sh*t through a Marshall Stack. I also sanded the back of the neck..
    I own the non trem version of this, and after a good setup it is very good playing guitar. Is it a Jackson Custom, no, but for the price I paid($250) I cant complain. Neck is straight, feels comfortable to play, and I dont have to worry about ruining it here in Afghanistan.
    danceandpretend wrote: Best part of the whole deal, it comes with a gig bag That's the best part?! I had to laugh XD I would hope the best part would be the guitar not the bag it comes with.
    Darthkp wrote: danceandpretend wrote: Best part of the whole deal, it comes with a gig bag That's the best part?! I would hope the best part would be the guitar not the bag it comes with.
    I had to laugh XD
    does anyone else find it funny that the most significant quote they could put at the head of this review says "Indian guitars are much more better than the Chinese or the Korean ones"? LOL
    I don't think the "Indian guitars" thing is a fact. If it's your opinion fine but to set it as fact is a bit much. I have guitars made from all over Asia and they all have their pros and cons. For those constantly ripping on Line 6, yes they aren't the best amp ever, but I have to disagree that all guitars/pups sound the same on them. All of mine sound different thru my Line 6.
    He knows for a fact, guys! Obviously a sweat shop in India is much better than one in China, or Korea! Well, there is no credible source for any of this information. Whatsoever. No guitar maker will ever even say anything about their factories abroad, unless they're made in Japan or crafted by master luthiers in some little country like Bulgaria (Kremona makes some damn fine gutiars.) Point blank, he just made an asshat of himself to all of us, and obviously needs to spend a little more time around the block with LUTHIERSHIP and QUALITY before he comes back to save his face. That's IF he has the balls.
    Just picked up my Jackson JS32R here in Toronto for $249.00.. and here's the deal ...Got the first one and the neck had a bump in it and it couldn't be tuned , Returned it and went through 3 new others at the music store until i found one that was perfect. So far the thing Rocks and stays in tune and feels great ! The pu's are fairly decent also , What do you want for $249.00 .. Just take your time when you buy one and find a godd straight one and you will be just fine ...
    Indian guitars are better than korean? that's a joke.. this features cheap woods which is why it sounds so bad. I had a 59 and alnico pro II in mine for a week and it still sounded bad. The problem isn't the pickups like 95% of beginners and kids who know nothing about guitars.. it's the wood they used. This guitar has way too much mids , the sound isn't balanced at all. I'd honestly rather a bc rich with agathis over this atrocity. Glad you like the guitar and hope you bought something better that isn't ibanez, gibson or fender.