JS32R Dinky Review

manufacturer: Jackson date: 05/17/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Jackson: JS32R Dinky
This guitar is made in India in 2010 and I know for a fact that Indian made guitars are much more better than the Chinese or the Korean ones.
 Sound: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 8.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9
 Features: 9
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overall: 8.8
JS32R Dinky Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 11, 2011
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Price paid: $ 370

Purchased from: Guitar Center, Manhattan

Features: This guitar is made in India in 2010 and I know for a fact that Indian made guitars are much more better than the Chinese or the Korean ones. Standard 24-fret bolt on maple neck with an Indian rosewood fingerboard. SMOOTH! The Indian Cedro body seems solid enough for a good tone and sounds pretty good without the guitar being plugged into the amp. Dual humbucking stock Jackson pups with a 3-way selector switch. Tone and Volume pots. When I saw this instrument at the store, I was a little skeptical about the double-locking bridge. Plus its a Jackson licensed Floyd rose.I owned an Ibanez GRG270 earlier and the Bridge on that one gave me HELL! I've had this guitar for about 2 months now and I've probably had to just tweak the tuning once in a while. Tuning stays on this one. PERIOD! Best part of the whole deal, it comes with a gig bag. Rating this in comparison to other guitars in the same price range... // 9

Sound: I tend to play more of metal from the 80s/90s viz. Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, etc and classic rock; bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, etc. My earlier Ibanez gave me a good sound when connected to my Line 6 Spider III using the Bridge stock pickup. But the neck pickup on that was something to be laughed at. The Jackson on the other hand has an amazing set of stock pickups at both the Bridge and the neck. The tone the Bridge pickup gives on a clean channel is really good. I tend to use only the Bridge pickup when I use distortion and I have felt much more better than when I used my Ibanez. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I didn't have any issues with the action and finish as I brought it from the Guitar Center store and had them check and set it up for me before I walked out the door. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I just got this guitar and haven't had the chance to go live with it yet. But it does look as if it can withstand heavy doses of live performances. I still would carry my backup along with me just in case but I guess over time and looking at this guitar I'm gonna stop doing that too. // 8

Overall Impression: THUMBS UP! I'd definitely run to the store and get a new one the day I realize I'm not getting it back again incase it gets stolen/broken. Probably a few months later I'd Switch the pickups to EMG or DiMarzio's just for that extra tone punch. // 10

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overall: 9.6
JS32R Dinky Reviewed by: brunopastor, on may 17, 2011
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Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: It's a made in Indian one Jackson guitar, has 24 Jumbo Frets, maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and cedro body, I own a Vantage and it gives more "acoustic" playing unplugged than the jackson, so, it seems to be more "solid" and reliable, that's good, All black finish, chrome hardware, stock pickups, and that's it... // 9

Sound: Ok, I use it to play from Thrash Metal to Progressive kinda going from Exodus, Kreator, Annihilator, to something like Dream Theater, Symphony X, and for both genres I'ts a HELL YEAH sound, playing through a Marshall MG10 + Behringer V-amp and sometime in a Boss ML-2 and this machine works f--king great for this stuff... About the clean... Ok, you can get what you want if you config the amp in the right way, I was scared at the first time I put the clean tone in the efects pedal, but that scare went away when I configured it the right way :D So I'll give it a 10/10. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Ok, I bought it here from Uruguay through paypal in a N.Y store and the owner of the store set-up my guitar pretty good in Standard tuning and all that stuff, anyway I had to tune it down to cover my likes :D And I had any problems in calibrating it by myself, just about 4 hours and the guitar was sounding great, I've almost forget the most important thing! THE FLOYD ROSE! I think I've been touched with a wand or something, this Floyd Rose stands in tune like a Original one, I get from it a HELL OF DIVE BOMBING and this stuff stay tuned like a fixed bridge, really! I love it! About the finish, its a f--king Jackson, I'd spected what I have now, a hell of a finish! // 10

Reliability & Durability: As I sayd before, this guitar seems to stand for a long time playing live to break, it's solid, hard, the only thing is the neck, like all the Jackson's heads; the most simple hit with a wall, floor, amp or any hard thing against the guitar's head, will leave your guitar without head, and that's not good at all. // 9

Overall Impression: Ok, overall impression... I love Jackson, and I love my guitar, I play Metal in the general whole genre and this guitar feets more than perfect for it, I been playing guitar since late 2009, and I bought this guitar 3 months ago from now, I bought it from here (Uruguay) through a chat, so I was so scared of what I was gettin' and I'm very happy for what I get... I was looking for a Flying V / Rand Rhoads but that ones in the store where broken and the only good was the dinky one.. If it were stolen, I call back to the store, and get the same or a Flying V or a RR, Always Jackson! What I love?.. I bought this one because of the FR, and this FR give me lot of fun and no problems at all, I can't find a thing about hate in this machine, I really love it! At the moment of buying this guitar I had to choose between a Dean ML, Jackson JS32 (Dinky, Warrior, Kelly, which ever!) or a Ibanez 350EX... The Dean ML is a 22 frets and no floyd, the Ibanez I didn't played with the edge (bridge) so I didn't want to risk my money, so, I choose the Jackson, and I'm very very happy :D // 10

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