KV5FR review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (20 votes)
Jackson: KV5FR

Price paid: $ 660

Purchased from: The Music Farm

Sound — 9
Stock this thing can do anything you want but I felt the tone lacked something so I put a Floyd Upgrade Big Block L Block 32 mm on it and it really opened up. Next I put on string saver Floyd Rose saddles but I do that with all my guitars. After these upgrades you'll notice a huge difference. Can't penalize the KV5FR for it because these upgrades aren't stock on anything. I would do this to any Floyd equipped guitar I would do this too. Next lets look at pickups the stock Duncans are the best all around passive set you can buy but thrashers like me may want to look into a set of Seymore Duncan Livewires or Blackouts or prehapse EMG 81 Bridge with an 81, 60, or 85 in the neck. Stock I'll give It a 9 for overall but shredders keep in mind you may want to spend the money on actives.

Overall Impression — 9
Jackson guitars live, breath, and die metal no exeptions. This thing is pretty much a Floyd Rose Dave Mustaine guitar. If this thing got smashed or stolen I'd look for another but they were discontinued so I'd replace it with a ESP LTD V-401 DX but they were also dicontinued or a Dean DCR VMNT Dave Mustaine model with a Floyd Rose but they are only making 100 50 red 50 black so I'm gonna pray I'll never have to go through that. Just a finall note on the pickups if you like the JB and Jazz sound but crave active volume and silence go with the Dave Mustaine Live Wire's they are an active JB Jazz set for the most part. It gets a 10 for overall but a 9 for metal still if you like V's this is among the best for under a $1000.00.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Jackson's have been through the most brutal shows on the planet and even their JS series stand up in a live situation but playing a V live is tricky you either love then or you don't and since I have 5 V's you know where I stand. So far the Korean made Floyd is comparable to an original but I may eventually have to get an original German made one. I replaced the strap buttons with Dunlop strap locks but that's to make my strap interchangeable. The Finish will last as long as you are good to it just like any other well made guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
I was completely satisfied with this guitar when I opened up the box. Finish is fantastic setup near perfect and beautiful black hardware. Believe me you won't be displeased with this V I would have paid more for it but luckily I didn't have too. Passive pickups give off a little noise but that comes with the territory I still think a set of Live Wires or Blackout abh2/abh1 would suit this one a little better but I can't bring myself to fix something that was my favorite option till I tried Live Wires and Blackouts.

Features — 10
This is the first Review for this model and I will try to be objective as possible and tell you my mods to let you decide if you want to spend the money on this. This is a Japannese made guitar taht has been discontiued but is still avalible at The Music Farm through ebay. It is a straight forward Jackson neck-through 24 frets frt-2000 Floyd Rose not quite a German made model but hard to tell the differance. It has stock Seymore Duncan jb and jazz set with Jackson made tuners but it has a lock nut so no need to complain about them not being Grovers. This particular model had gold pin-stripes on black the finish sold me and its great in person plus it comes with a SKB Jackson case. 2 volumes 3-way and 1 tone knob give you tonal control.

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    I love this guitar so much, i have the bolted steel and does it ever look amazing. i wish i had paid that much for mine though, stupid canadian stores must have ripped me off i paid $1450
    Anybody know why Jackson stopped doing the neck binding on 95% of their guitars? This was a nice feature that they carried for YEARS and it's rare to see it anymore except on the USA models. I'm sure it has something to do with price cutting, but I think that's pretty shitty.
    saint_berzerker wrote: Anybody know why Jackson stopped doing the neck binding on 95% of their guitars? This was a nice feature that they carried for YEARS and it's rare to see it anymore except on the USA models. I'm sure it has something to do with price cutting, but I think that's pretty shitty.
    I saw a neck binded Japanese made Jackson RR3, looked awesome.. It's a shame they don't have neck binding on most of their guitars now. :'(
    This Is Fun
    You felt the tone lacked something, so you upgraded everything, yet still rated it a 9?
    Too bad that they don't produce this guitar anymore.. That guitar looks nice and plays really nice (I guess) I haven't played the specific model, but the KV's neck feels good and alder isn't that bad of a body wood.
    This was a good review in my opinion. Sadly once you do any form of currency conversion that price suddenly becomes a little bit too far for myself. I'm a massive V fan myself though and wish that Ibanez would make a production line V, until then I guess I'll hit up the local store for this or the VMNT.
    guy needs to learn what a full stop is. Wasn't bad though. I would think my review was better, but it was on an acoustic guitar hardly anyone would buy due to the company being on the 'low down' and targeting a more local area (by local i mean national - In Australia).
    So what you guys are clamoring for, essentially, is an english major to do a review on a heavy metal guitar; is that right?