KVX10 King V Review

manufacturer: Jackson date: 07/28/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Jackson: KVX10 King V
The X Series Jackson KVX10 is built with a high-quality alder body and a pair of Duncan Design humbuckers.
 Sound: 8.4
 Overall Impression: 9.2
 Reliability & Durability: 8.7
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.4
 Features: 8.7
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overall: 10
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: Megadeth_junkie, on may 11, 2004
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Price paid: $ 466.1

Purchased from: Long and McQuade

Features: I have no clue when this amazing guitar was made, but whenever it was made, it looked brand spankin' new when I picked it up. It was made in japan. It has 24 jumbo frets, which all of those who love soloing will use to bits! It has a only 2 knobs, a volume and tone adjustment knob. The bridge pickup is a "Duncan Designed HB-103B Humbucker" and the neck pickup is a "Duncan Designed HB-102N Humbucker". The fingerboard is made of rosewood, the neck is bolt on rock maple and the body is alder with flame maple veneer on transparent colors. The Body stle is that of a pointy Flying V, which i personally love. The bridge style is tune-o-matic. // 10

Sound: This guitar fits my music style perfectly! Since I mainly play Heavy metal/thrash metal/speed metal, it works perfectly and looks good doing it. Since i enjoy playing alot of Megadeth songs, its does a beautiful job of recreating Dave Mustaines tones and sounds. The amp affects i use are just normal, because i own a "BOSS metal zone pedal" it sounds even better. This guitar was made to give you all sorts of sounds, of course the main focus is clearly soloing, evident by the 24 frets and sleek sharp look. It gives me bright sounds due to the small gauge strings (.09s), and when palm muting i get the most lovely beefy sound i could hope for. I love every little detail of this guitar. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up perfectly in the factory and was ready for action the moment i bought it. the pickups we're set pretty well, I raised the bridge pickup because of personal preference. The guitar contained only 1 flaw, the volume knob is a bit wobbly, but thats nothing serious, it stays on tight and does its job perfectly none the less. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Everything on this guitar was built to last, it would most definetly withstand live play. Would Megadeth have used them if they didn't? The finish is stayin where it is and isnt going anywhere anytime soon. the strap buttons are most likely never gonna fall of by themselves i'd have to rip them off. I beleive that this guitar couldnt possibly let me down and therefore i would need no backup, but just for variety i'd have a few more backstage. // 10

Overall Impression: I play mainly Heavy/Thrash/Speed metal and it suits those styles perfectly!. i've been playing for about 2 years now and i own an Ibanez bass and a Marshall 100watt amp. If this guitar was lost of stolen I would most definetly without a doubt buy another one, but not before i tracked down the person or persons who stole it and beat them quite violently..heheh. I love everything about this guitar and hate nothing... well cept the jack in location, makes sitting awkward but you get used to it and it becomes un noticible.I chose this guitar cause i had seen megadeth using them so i knew they were quality gutiars, and i jsut loved the look. I would highly recomed this guitar to both veteran players and new comers alike because of the size of the neck, it makes navigating the fretboard much easier. // 10

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overall: 10
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: Mega Deaf, on may 30, 2005
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Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This guitar has an alder body, 2 Duncan desighned humbucker, a rock maple neck with rose wood fret board and shark fin inlays on the fingerboard, 24 jumbo frets, string thru body, and chrome hardware. This excellent guitar was made in Japan. I love the V style body, I just always loved how they looked. // 10

Sound: This guitar is just amazing. I play metal for the most part and it's perfect for it. I play through a Line 6 Spider II and I get the exact tone I want. The bridge pickup has a great chunky sound and is perfect for old school thrash to newer types of metal, also great for rock playing. The neck sounds terrible when distorted (but I never use it anyways except for clean) but it has a great tone when playing clean/acoustic stuff. I also like to play blues from time to time and this guitar gets it done. It's a very versitile guitar. And if you play lead, you'll get a great lead tone with this guitar, but be warned, its hard to reach beyond the high E and B strings past the 18th fet due to the V style body. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Everything about this guitar was set up right for the most part. But the volume know is very lose, as mentioned in the reveiw above, it wont move while you play, but if you pull up at it, it nearly comes all the way off. Also I don't like the jack position, makes sitting and playing akward, but I prefer standing. The pickups are niceley set, and dont really move. Overall, the positives greatly overweigh the negatives. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've accidently hit this guitar on things many time, especially the headstock, and that finish is staying. Not even the slightest dent or scratch has been made yet. The strap buttons are perfectly on it. I could definently go onsatge w/o a backup, this guitar would easily withsatnd live play. // 10

Overall Impression: Like I said I play metal for the most part, and this guitar is a match made in heaven, or hell perhaps. I've been playing for about 2 years now, and this is my first and only electric guitar. But many of my freinds are guitarist and I've played tons of their guitars, and this one has always been my favorite. I really don't hate anything. At first I thought it was neck heavy, but now I'm very comfortable with it. If it were lost or stolen I would prbably buy another. // 10

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overall: 7
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: Corpsegrinder7, on november 04, 2008
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Features: The guitar I got was made in 2006 with a 25.5" scale neck and 24 XJ frets. The neck is paper thin and very fast. The neck is made of mahogany and has a rosewood fingerboard. A bolt on construction as well as a basswood body to keep the guitar nice and cheap with a very boring black finish that chips very easily but at least the chips ad character to your guitar. It has quite possibly the worst Licensed Floyd Rose you should ever come across which is meant to be "low profile" but I find the fine tuners still get in the way. Duncan Designed pick ups I didn't care enough to check what they where exactly I'm sure another review will have. Not much other to say except for the guitar looks absolutely amazing. // 6

Sound: I play thrash metal which is why I bought this guitar (I'm a Megadeth fan boy). It sounds raw as hell. Fairly high output however unless playing clean the neck pick up is absolutely atrocious, do not ever use it. So that's right ladies and gents, it's yet another guitar with a neck pick up for show. Lead and rhythm on the bridge, trust me don't even experiment. However I did mention the neck on clean and it does sound nice with just a touch of reverb. One thing I must add though, I use noiseless cables and this guitar still gives horrible feed back when not being played which brings down my overall rating in the sound area. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: The locking nut is an abomination. The alon key screws that hold the locking nut in place ware down really easily I've even tried using alon keys made out of softer metal but it just doesn't work. The floyd goes out of tune with every dive, sometimes only one string, sometimes them all. I'm not really fussy when it comes to string action etc. as long as its not outrageously high. // 7

Reliability & Durability: Now this is where this guitar shines. Though it's floyd may well not be usable Live and it's finish is very easy to wear away, this guitar takes a good beating. I never play with a back up because I don't use the trem and I know this guitar will get me through the night rather easily and with such great looks as well. The fine tuners on the floyd get in the way a little when picking at great speed ( I pick close to the bridge when speed picking because that creates less tension) but other than that this guitar takes a beating which is important in thrash. // 9

Overall Impression: This matches the style of music (Thrash) very well in terms of sound and durability. I wish I'd asked about the trem before buying but too little to late I suppose. If it were stolen or lost I wouldn't buy this but the ESP equivalent because for the same price they give you a fixed bridge instead of this Licensed Floyd Rose nonsense and pick ups that are far better voiced than these. I love the look and feel of the guitar, the sound is mediocre and I hate the trem. I wish it had a better trem and better voiced pick-ups but for now playing my small time gigs and jamming in my room they will do. // 8

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overall: 10
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: Abyssal, on september 25, 2005
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Price paid: $ 395

Purchased from: Music Stop

Features: It was made in Japan, Hence the made in Japan sticker behind the neck. And has 24 jumbo frets, with a thin neck, good for shredding. The neck is a bolt on rock maple and rosewood fretboard. With shark fin frets, awesomeness. The body is alder, but for transparent makes, it has flame maple veneer. With a sold black finish. The body style, duh V. It has a Tune-O-Matic bridge with string through body, which I'm very fond of, and Duncan Designed HB-103B humbucking pickup, and Duncan Designed HB-102N humbucking pickup. It has 1 volume and 1 tone, with a 3-way Switch toggle. With Jackson tuners. It also came with a padded gig bag. // 10

Sound: It suits my music style fine. Which is heavy metal, thrash, etc. I'm currently using a Peavey 26 watt backstage, with a Boss MT-2. I can get it to sound just like a Marshall 30 watt. It's never noisey, unless theres a lot of electronics close to the amp. It has the best sound I ever heard from a guitar. The pickups make the whole difference. Well you can play almost anything on any kind of guitar. But this ones suited for hard rock, or metal. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up perfectly when I got it. I didn't have to adjust anything, except the neck pickup, which had a bit of a hum to it. but its fixed. Nothing is damaged, or flawed, only small stuff you'd expect would happen after time, and after being in a gig bag for awhile. If there were any loose controls, it'd be fixable anyways. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I only had ti for a little while now. But I can tell that it could withstand anything I could throw its way. The hardware seems invulnerable to anything. I won't even need to buy straplocks, because the planetwave strap fits tightly in place of the Jackson strap buttons. I'd use it without a back up. Even though I have another guitar. The finish so far looks unscratched, but after awhile, any guitar would get scratched somehow with playing it frequently. // 10

Overall Impression: I play metal, thrash etc. This is a perfect math. I've been playing for a year or so and I got all the basics down. There's nothing that I couldve wished to ask before buying this, because I've already tried my friends V. If it was stolen, I'd find the guy, or girl who did it. Rip it from their hands, and stab them frequently with the pointy end of the guitar. I compared it to a moser custom v, and a bc rich KKV, I chose this because of its quality. There's only one thing anybody would wish to put on this, floyd rose or EMGs. // 10

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overall: 6.8
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: CHASROCK, on july 16, 2007
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Purchased from: american musical supply

Features: I don't know when this guitar was made. I got it in July of 2006. It was a dent and scratch model. No biggie, just a minor chip. It must have been made a while ago though, because Jackson has been putting tremolos on the x series for a while now. Mine doesn't have the tremolo. 24 frets, jumbo. Maple neck, rosewood fret. Alder body, bolt-on maple neck, just like a $1200 Fender. Glossy finish. V-shape. String thru body. 1 volume 1 tuner and a 3 way Switch. 2 humbuckers, duncan designed. Jackson tuners. // 6

Sound: I play metal (rhythm and lead). This guitar is all about metal. I use a Behringer gmx 212 amp. My amp sounds like it's holding back a little. A distortion pedal might help a little but I think the source of the problem is the pickups in this guitar. Authentic duncans would probably make my amp roar, and therefore I wouldn't need a pedal. The pickups aren't really too hot. The tone knob works great, I can really hear a difference when turning it. The volume knob is another story. It goes from loud to nothing, no graduation. I can't hear much difference when moving the pickup switch, again this could be the pickups fault. This guitar sounds ok, but with better pickups it would be insane. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar felt good when I first got it, but after changing the strings a few times and not being careful the bridge got altered. I could easily fix this myself if I knew how. The pickups on it are kinda low. I heard there thould be a space of about 1/8 of an inch when pressing the strings on the highest fret. My guitar has a space of more than a 1/4 inch. Not too good. This can all be fixed very quickly at a guitar shop for about $40 if you don't know how to do it yourself. My guitar was nicked at the point of one of the wings. I knew it was a dent and scratch model. Other than that the guitar was in great condition. The neck is very comfortable for my style: fast, technical rhythms and atmospheric leads. I love the way my picking forearm rests on the wing when I'm playing. // 7

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is scary tough. It has the same effect as a gun on most people. They're flat out scared to hold it. The woods are great. All the knobs are solid and the pickup Switch is real nice. I already said I didn't like the pickups. Better tuning knobs might make a small amount of difference. I play pretty rough, and the guitar keeps it's tune pretty well. // 8

Overall Impression: I'm crazy about the V. It's vecious. Totally metal. I was in awe when I got this guitar. It's extremely comfortable to play while standing, not so much sitting, but Who cares. I'm replacing the pickups with a Duncan distortion in the bridge and a Duncan '59 in the neck. This will probably be the best guitar I've ever played when that's done. It's built well, with good materials (except the pickups). // 8

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overall: 8.6
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: BigfootScreamer, on october 07, 2008
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Features: A black V, with chrome hardware and the typical Jackson sharktooth inlays. As far as I know this guitar is made in Japan, in 2006. It has a basswood body with a bolt-on maple neck. 24 frets. The body is of basswood (yep, the new X-series got basswood bodies). Jackson Licensed Floyd Rose and two Duncan Designed humbuckers. 1 volume, 1 tone and a 3-way Switch. No useless extra, wich is good for me. // 8

Sound: I usualy play a lot of heavy stuff, somekind like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for My valentine, System Of A Down, Metallica and many more, the sound is very suitable with my music,, when I Switch to bridge pick up and overdriving my amp, I can get a great sustain for play solo, and I use the neck pick up for the clean tone, this guitar is so perfect for me, I can play music from punk to metal(but not emo), and the sound is great, for a people Who loves metal, I recomended this guitar for you! // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was really good when I got the guitar, but it could go lower so I adjusted the bridge. There were no flaws in the finish or neck. The was one major problem though, when I bent the thin E sting it went out of tune, not being much of a guitar expert, I don't know what caused this so I just changed the strings and the problem disappered. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I Never Play a gig with this guitar, beacuse I just bought it a couple week ago, but there's an underground festival next month, so I can't wait for the gig with this monster! I've a back up, Squier Standard Startocaster which always onstage when I have a gig, but, this is my main guitar now! // 9

Overall Impression: I have been playing for about 2 years, If this guitar was stolen, I would hunt down the person Who took it and stab them with the pointy fins of the guitar and probably buy the same guitar again, or if I suddenly had loads of cash, I would buy the KV2 or KV2T. This guitar has everything I need: fast thin neck, jumbo frets, no Floyd Rose and it is amazing value for money. // 9

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overall: 9.2
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: darman92, on april 17, 2009
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Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: Ebay

Features: Made in Japan, this guitar has 24 Jumbo Frets on a Rosewood fingerboard with a 12" to 16" compound radius. This guitar is made from basswood with a flame maple veneer on transparent colors. The neck is bolt-on rock maple with a scarf head-joint stock. Body is obviously of a King-V. My guitar has a String thru non-tremelo adjustable bridge, call it what you will, I call it kickass, because I get to adjust my action from both ends of the guitar. Volume, tone, and a 3-way pickup toggle. It has Duncan Design Humbuckers (HB-103B and HB-102N). Sealed Die-Cast tuners. Mine came in a Vintage Charvel Jackson hardcase with retro blue fuzz sidings... Wee... Standard is just a multi-fit Jackson gig bag. // 9

Sound: The sound, even on a crappy Johnson 15 watt practice amp, is amazing! I love metal, and I'm into Heavy/Speed metal. It works perfectly, tried it on my friend's Randal half-stack, and it was godly! It handle distortion well, but it still has a nice side when playing clean. It's only noisy when I make a noisy mistake, but the sound is always nice and rich. This guitar doesn't have the Standard liscensed Floyd Rose of the other guitars of it's class, but this is more of a custom guitar, so it doesn't do the scoops, but it still possesses a myriad of different sounds. The high output makes it extremely easy for the different types of harmonics. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar has an adjustable action with both the truss rod and the customizable bridge so problems with the action are easily remedied. The pickups according to the origional owner died withing the first few months, so he swapped them out with those of another Jackson X Series, so they're the same. Everything else is working order, except for the classic tone knob problem that's very common with Jacksons. But that problem is also easily remedied. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Seeing as how this guitar withstood the last owner's playing it for over 6 years and it is still is in amazing condition, the guitar is very dependable and will last a long time. Everything is in fine working order, and I wouldn't have a problem performing with it Live. // 10

Overall Impression: I play a lot of metal, and this is a guitar that was designed specifically for playing metal. I've been a performing musician for 12 years, so I know about sound and the like, but have only played guitar for about a year, but have progressed far enough to know quality when I play it. Right now, this guitar is perfect, and will be a good match for me for awhile. I've tried my friend's Warrior (the same one that has the Randal half stack) and I like my V better. If this were stolen, I wouldn't buy a new one, however, I would hunt down the lousy bastard who stole the guitar and personally gut him with the signature Jackson headstock of death. I love everything about this guitar except for one thing: you connot sit down to play this guitar, you have to stand, or else the guitar will slide off your leg. But I enjoy standing and playing, so it's no big deal for me. I retrospectively compared it to an X Series Warrior (Jackson) and I liked the sound of mine better. I just wish I had some official Seymour Duncan Humbucking pickups rather than Duncan Design, but that can be fixed also. All in all, this is an amazing guitar, and I love it dearly! // 10

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overall: 10
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 10, 2010
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Price paid: C$ 400

Purchased from: The parlour moncton

Features: I bought this guitar from a pawn shop for 400 dollars, and I must say this was the best thing I have ever done in my life, Even If there's A Fire... Haha. It was made in japan and I don't think that really matter here, this is the best guitar I have ever played. It has 24 frets, their size is good enough for me and I have big hands. It has solid top with black finish and the body is made of alder, and of course it is a king v. It comes with a double locking Floyd Rose tremolo. Now this has some of the best sounding pick-ups the have ever heard. They are passive Duncan designed humbuckers, both neck and bridge. Controls are one volume and one tone, it has a three way selector switch. The tuners are made by Jackson. When I bought this guitar at the pawn shop it came with a SKB hardshell case, a slide, a strap, picks, and all the tools I needed for the Floyd Rose. // 10

Sound: I can play every Bullet For My Valentine (even fever) and this guitar fits every song perfectly with my Peavey Vypyr 75, I also use this guitar for blessthefall and Picture Me Broken. It has a very heavy rhythm and an amazing solo sound, this guitar is very quite also. You can get some amazing feed back if you try to. This guitar will let you tap and slide all day. I got to trying out my amp one day and it has an amazing variety, it has a very rich and full clean sound, it can sound very close to an Acoustic sound. You could play A Place Where You Belong by Bullet For My Valentine and get the Acoustic raking perfectly. I would recommend this guitar for any kind of music, I love this guitars ability to go heavy or clean. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When I bought this at the pawn shop every thing was step up perfectly. The only thing I don't like but don't mind is where the cable input is, it is on the bottom inside of the v and it goes into your leg. I don't really find it that bad but I just recently bought a cable that has a sideways input and now I find that it is not a problem. There is no flaws that I have noticed. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have used this guitar long enough that I would use it a show without a backup. It seems like it is built very sturdy, I feel that it will last my a quite a long while. The strap buttons a sweet, they are large and on very tight, their in the perfect place for balance. The finish is nice and smooth, it should last a nice long while, like any v guitar you have to watch the points. // 10

Overall Impression: This is the perfect guitar for all types of metals, it sounds great when I play Bullet Songs. I been playing for about four years and I feel like my playing at gotten 150% better. It sounds great on my Vypyr 75 and the sanpera foot Switch makes it even better. There are no questions I would have asked before buying this guitar. If it were stolen I would find out who stole it and beat them to death... That simple. I love everything about this guitar and I can honestly say I can't pick a favorite, I couldn't even find anything to say I don't like about it. I had a $400 Dean Dave Mustain V guitar before and this guitar wins with a one punch K.O. // 10

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overall: 9.4
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: syringe, on july 22, 2006
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Price paid: $ 455

Purchased from: DR Guitar

Features: This guitar was made in 2005 in japan. It has a Basswood body with flame maple veneer on trans amber sunburst, bolt-on maple neck, compound radius rosewood fingerboard with jumbo frets, Duncan Designed humbucking pickups, Jackson double-locking tremolo and chrome hardware. You get a three way selector Switch and a single volume and a single tone. // 10

Sound: Ok I am playing this through various Crate amps and it sounde pretty good for having stock pickups. It sounds great with loads of distortion (I run it through the amps lead channel and my Metal Zone pedal with a slight bit of reverb). I didn't get any hum or feedback except when cranked way up high with the volume on 10. Overall the pickups were just ok so I replaced the bridge with a dh-13 Dimebucker and the neck with a duncan jazzbucker. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: OK the second I picked this off the wall I noticed there was nothing at all wrong from the frets to the paint it was flawless, even the intonation was spot on (when paying for it I found out that the guitar store and fixed the intonation and did a basic cleanup of the guitar). So I say I was very impressed, this being my first Jackson. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Ok this guitar feels solid as a rock I feel like I can swing this bad boy anywhere, I'd still bring a backup though just cause you never know. The finish is thick and looks flawless I do think it will last many years. // 10

Overall Impression: I play metal. This guitar was probably an 8 1/2 stock but after swtching the pickups I think it's a huge 10 for playing heavy music. I think for anything else its options are kind of limited with the volume and tones. My favrite feature is the floyd rose, this oscar is the best tremelo I; ve ever used it keeps its tunning so much better than any of my Ibanez's. I compared alot of guitars that day this guitar won out hands down. If I lost this axe I would cry for a few days and then go buy a new one definately. // 10

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overall: 9.4
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: sajuuk, on october 11, 2007
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Price paid: $ 748.47

Purchased from: music makers

Features: Made 2006 can't recall where it was made. It has a grand total of 24 frets 25.5" scale neck nice and fast. The body is alder and the neck rock maple with a bolt on joint and a lovely rosewood fingerboard. Also has a licensed Floyd Rose, passive duncan pickups in H-H, single volume and tone control and 3 way selector. // 9

Sound: I play primarily metal and it suits that brilliantly as well as just about every other style I've thrown at it. I'm afraid on the issue of sound/tone quality I haven't been able to see what this guitar is eally capable of because I have a piddly MG. But even on that it sounds fabulous. It handles cleans quite nicely switching to middle position turning on both humbuckers gives a nice warm tone great for clean leads and the neck position is great for clean rhythm chord playing. As well as that it absolutely kicks ass in distortion even on my MG the bridge gives a nice heavy tight distortion with excellent note clarity and power chords sound well and truly heavy. I'm sure it would sound even better with a valve amp. And a note on the LFR: you can't ignore (nonsense) popular opinion this is brilliant. Never goes out of tune (after I set it up properly, obviously as a floating trem it is fiddly to set up). // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was quite well set up in the shop apart from the fact that it was out of tune but I fitted some .10 strings to it so I had to reset it myself. Pickups were set up fine and I had no troubles reseting them to my licking as I tinkered. Think that's all really. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar could withstand Live playing easily though you may want to get strap locks for it the strap pin near the neck joint can easily get twisted out over time. As for using without a back up well if I had no choice I wouldn't be too worried it's durable and the body can take plenty of abuse. Plus the amber sunburst finish looks super KWL. // 8

Overall Impression: I've been playing a year now and have two other guitars and this is the best I've played by far it works for my music style brilliantly plus several others I'm branching into. If it were stolen, I'd join the police force and track it down myself! That's how good this baby is. // 10

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overall: 9.8
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: iTzMaTT, on february 26, 2008
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Purchased from: The Guitar Shop

Features: This crazy ass guitar was made in Japan. 24 Jumbo frets for massive shredding. I have no clue what kinda top it is but I'm guessing Laminated. Basswood body, very nice. One of the best V style guitars I have. It's got a Floyd Rose Locking Trem. system. 1 volume knob, 1 tone and a 3-way switch. It's got 2 Seymour Duncan HB-102N for neck and HB-103B Humbucking Pickup for the bridge. I've had this guitar for 5 months now and I still love it. Still looks great and performs well too. // 10

Sound: Man, this guitar rocks. I use a Line 6 Spider III 75W. The KVX10 is great for settings like Soil and Riggs, overall Metal. Acoustics sound good too but I wouldn't play much acoustic without missing the heavy distorted sound a few minutes later. Very rich, warm/fat sound with this guitar. I plan on changing the pickups with DiMarzios or EMGs for sure. Since I use this guitar for gigs it would be best to change the pickups to achieve an even better metal sound. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar was brand-spankin' new when I picked it up downtown. It's got a nice black transparent paint job. The pickups were adjusted okay. While cleaning the guitar they wobbled a bit but they still work. The guitar was in perfect shape when I got it. Nothing was out of place and it had the greatest Shine. I would recommend getting a guitar polish for it if you do have the black colour for it gets dirty with finger prints real easy. There are a few little scratches that black nail polish can fix. This guitar is great, just take care of it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will totally withstand playing Live. I've used it 4 times since I've got it and I've taken it everywhere to any musical gathering I have with friends. This hardware will last for sure. I don't need a backup guitar with the KVX10 on me. This guitar will last a long time, for sure. // 10

Overall Impression: Even though I've been playing for only 11 months I really like this guitar compared to countless others I tried from friends and in the store. I had a Robson Strat starter before this and obviously the KVX10 blazes it by far. I completely love this guitar, I'd get another one for sure. If it was stolen I'd go emo for Who knows how long and then get another one! If you love metal, this is the guitar for you. // 10

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overall: 9.4
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: thethrupnybits, on july 02, 2008
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Price paid: £ 310

Features: I'm not too sure when this guitar was made but I stumbled across it last year when looking to buy a new one for christmas. It is made in japan (so the sticker on the back of the neck tells me) and has 24 jumbo frets which really do make a difference to what you are playing. It has a bolt-on maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. it has shark fin inlays that just look awesome and a Jackson Licensed Floyd Rose Low Profile Tremolo for the odd divebomb. It has 2 Duncan Designed pickups which sound tasty. 2 control knobs (volume and tone). // 10

Sound: If you are going to play an acoustic or clean style with this guitar you are wasting your time, the pickups aren't brilliant for a clean setting as you still get a bit of a distorted sound coming through. I am using a Morley pwo power wah pedal and a Marshall MG100DFX combo amp with this guitar. It still sound quality is still really good but if you want that extra crisp sound buy something a little less metal like? This guitar is suited from classic rock to your death metal, the humbucker pick ups make harmonics very easy to do and if you combine the harmonic with the Floyd Rose tremelo they sound awesome. With my old guitar the amount of background noise you got from sitting infront of a computer was just stupid however with this guitar you will get next to no background noise, don't be put off by this as if you want feedback to kick in at a gig it will still happen. The sound quality is brilliant for a heavier style however if you want something a little quieter this guitar isnt for you. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar is made very well however it is very easy to knock the fins of the 'V' as they are really long! I only had a very minor problem when I got mine and this was the volume knob wasn't screwed on properly, this is easily fixed by twisting the screw on the knob with a jewellers screwdriver. I haven't had any other problems with it. When I was looking at buying this guitar I got put off slightly because the Floyd Rose "goes out of tune easily". It will if you get the spring/string tensions wrong but if they are equal it stays in tune for ages. Just don't keep learning songs in different tunings as it takes a good half an hour to tune it properly that is the only downfall. The finishes Jackson can supply are just astounding. This guitar looks good in any finish. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is very reliable, I would definately use it withought a back up at a gig. The finish is very good however if knocked around a bit it could wear off. It could be made a little more durable but you just have to be carefull where you are slinging it around. // 8

Overall Impression: I play mainly classic rock and a bit of metal. For these styles this guitar is simply brilliant. Compared to my first guitar the Westfield E1000 Strat there is nothing in it. Two completely different ends of the spectrum. The only thing is with this guitar is it is top heavy so your left arm sometimes aches a bit when doing a long gig. // 10

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overall: 8.2
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: pullasorsa, on january 22, 2009
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Price paid: € 444

Purchased from: Thomann

Features: It is produced 2008, and it's made in Japan. 24 frets, bolt-on maple neck and basswood body. Floyd Rose licenced tremolo and chrome hardware. Passive electronics, volume, - tone controls and 3-way selector. Only tools included. Duncan desinged humbucking pickups. // 8

Sound: It fits perfecly with my music style, which is kind of harder rock and heavy, cause it is flying-V kind of guitar. I'm using Ibanez Tube Screamer, (and sometimes Tech 21 gt2) and Boss compressor sustainer with it, and it sounds just great! Sound is bright, if you play with higher action. Well you can make pretty nice sounds with it but I prefer HardTail guitars. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Well action was pretty low and pickups were good enough. Tone control was off but I found it from the bottom of the box, and volume control is getting slack. The selector was kind of upside down, and when I turned it, I looked inside of the guitar... and you can think what I saw... It was a quite mess. // 7

Reliability & Durability: Like all V-style guitars, it's difficult to play on sit, cause the cable input is in very bad place. But on stand it is just perfect. With random maintenence I think hardware will last long time. Finish is good and I think it will tolerate lots of playing. Well I would depend on it and I'm going to use it on gigs in the future. // 9

Overall Impression: I play lot of heavy and rock so this guitar fits perfecly. I have played my father's and my brother's guitar until I got this. I think this guitar has lot to better, but it is still fine guitar compared with the price. If it were stolen I would meaby buy Dean's VMNTX or Jackson KV2. I should have neck-trough-body. // 8

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overall: 8.4
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 04, 2009
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Price paid: £ 280

Purchased from: Guitar Mania

Features: I bought this instead of the RR3 as a great deal came up. Also I really wanted 24 frets like my other guitars, so this is a 1up on the RR3. Don't know when this guitar was made, but I know it was made in Japan due to the made in Japan sticker lol I was a bit unsure about the chrome hardware at first, but now I totally love it. I found with my Ibanez that the black hardware discoloured over time, and I'm pretty sure that won't happen with this guitar. The saw tooth inlays aren't cheap looking, and you don't notice them on you fret hand when your fretting notes which is great. I am going to have to modify my Floyd Rose tremelo arm as it spins about in the bridge hole too easily - I like it to be a bit more firm so it doesn't constantly swing in front of my picking hand. Also there is a little bit of give when you begin to apply pressure or pull on the arm, you feel the arm rock up/down a fraction before there is any change in the note - this is very bad when you are wanting to do vibrato using the tremelo for Dimebag style harmonics, and I need to get this sorted out. I got a great deal on this guitar - a 10% discount, bought from an online store and courier delivered. I thought there must be some kind of catch with the quality of craftmanship, but I'm left totally impressed. 1 point nocked off for the rubbish jack input location, and the terrible strap button locations. These had to be replaced with locking strap buttons. // 9

Sound: I'm tunning this through a Line 6 spider II mainly, and the guitar sounds great. I have owned much more expensive guitars, including an Ibanez RG and a custom Fender Strat, and suprisingly, I'm loving this guitar even more. The pickups are great, and the 3 way selection Switch does the job - although I don't see much point in the phased centre position - there's really no difference between central and neck position. The bridge pickup is nothing short of immense - although I should tell you when I first got this guitar, it wasn't set up at all. This is mentioned in the next section. The notes sustain great and the guitar intonates very well. I have put Yellow Ernie Ball Slinky 10's on it as I don't like the rubber bandiness of 9's, but still like to do lots of bends when shredding. The tremelo has the issue that there is a bit of a gap that the arm seems to rock back and forth in - even though the nut is tightened completely - it messes up vibrato, and makes it harder to sustain a note you are holding with the trem (as opposed to a sting bend). I need to modify this - some tape should fix it. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: This was my main issue with the guitar. I ordered it online, so sure it had probably been sitting in the box since it was built in Japan. The strings on the guitar were slightly corroded - feeling rough under my fingers, but I planned on changing them anyway to put on gauge 10's. The finish on the guitar was flawless and overall the guitar was very clean. The action was pretty high, which suprised me, as most would expect this guitar to come with a pretty low action as Standard. Straight away I booked it in with my local guitar luthier. I asked HIM to put on the 10's and adjust the action. It cost me 30 which was money well spent as the guitar now plays sweet as a nut! He had to level the frets as they were slightly out - when your fret's ain't levelled it basically means you will get the strings buzzing on the frets when you play - often needs doing if you are putting on heavier strings or if you are tuning down. He also had to adjust the truss rod, and refloated the Floyd Rose tremelo. He said the intonation was completely out as well and he has got it set up perfectly now - the notes and harmonics fretted at the 12 fret are as perfect in tune as the open strings. Also had to buy locking strap buttons as if you don't get these with this guitar - your strap is garanteed to come loose and the guitar will fall to the ground! They cost me 8 so money worth spending. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I think the durability is good on this guitar - the finish on mine is the Standard black and the paint seems thick and looks perfectly even. Only had it a few days - this review is mainly to comment on the set up and built quality. I replaced the strap buttons as the Standard ones are useless and will result in your guitar strap coming loose and your guitar falling to the ground. The tremelo arm needs something to make it sit tighter in the hole of the bridge. Fret board is beautiful - had frets levelled and wood oiled with lemon oil and the saw tooth inlays look set to last. The guitar stays perfectly in tune even after heavy divebombs / pull ups - no worries with the tuning here. I've played Live loads, and I'd not be afraid to take this on stage. It also looks very nice, and my friends all love the shape and style of the guitar. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall - I think this is my best guitar yet - totally loving it - I play mainly metal and hard rock and have been playing 19 years. Although the advise I give to you is to send it straight to a local guitar expert to get the guitar set up perfectly with some Ernie Ball strings. It will cost you 30 but it's well worth it - also don't forget the strap locks. Would I replace this guitar if stolen? I think so - although it's still too early to say as I've only had it a few days. Anyway hope this review has been helpful - I have no regrets buying this over the RR3 ESP as I have 24 frets (evil laugh! ) // 9

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overall: 9.8
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 27, 2009
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Features: This guitar was made in Japan, not sure which year. It features Duncan Designed HB-103 and HB-102 pickups (H-H configuration), a basswood body with a bolt-on rock maple neck, a flame maple top and a low-profile double locking tremolo. The pickups are nice passive ones (no tedious 9V batteries here, thanks)and the guitar has 1 volume, 1 tone, a 3-way pickup Switch, Jackson tuners (may swap for Sperzels)and I got a couple of maintenance tools with it. // 10

Sound: This guitar is perfect for metal. The bridge pickup can chug out an aggressive roar, suitable for squealing Lydian solos and pentatonic tapping sequences, with the lead tone of a Seymour Duncan SH-4 and the rhythm tone of a Seymour Duncan SH-6 (on which the pickup was modelled)- perfect. I use no effects, just my Marshall VS6CR Valvestate and it unleashes an unholy roar when under distortion. The neck pickup is best when clean, and sounds slightly tinny distorted. The pickups are great clean too, but when turned up loudly the bridge distorts slightly. Overall great pickups, though. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was so low when I got it that a piece of paper could barely fit through it. The pickups were adjusted fine - with a great balanced sound. Maybe the bridge pickup was a little higher than the neck. The neck itself was incredibly playable. It was thin, fast and unfinished, allowing you to slide freely up and down the fretboard with ease. The bridge was fine as far as I was concerned, even with the action low, on some strings you could reach five frets. The pickup selector made minor noise, but that's not major. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will take anything you throw at it (but being so lovely you wouldn't throw anything at it but guitar cleaning products). It is built like a tank, plays faster than Jeremy Clarkson in a Ferrari and sounds fantastic. The stock strap buttons were good; but upgrading to some locking Schallers can't Hurt. The finish is lacquered and therefore indestructible. I could depend entirely on this guitar during a gig, unless a string broke mid-show and I would then have my Dean V close at hand. // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar is built for aspiring shredders and metal riffs. I have already a Jackson KE3, an ESP MW (I may sell that), a Dean V, a Michael Kelly Patriot Custom, a Dean EVO XM and have played Les Pauls, SGs, Strats, Strat copies, Jackson RR's and Dinkies, BC Riches, Ibanez RGs and Ltd Axxions but this Jackson is the best for the money you pay. Get one now! // 10

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overall: 8.8
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: NeoKlax, on april 23, 2010
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Price paid: A$ 850

Purchased from: Billy Hyde Music Worx

Features: This guitar was made in Japan. It has 24 XJ frets, 25.5" scale with a bolt on maple neck. The V shaped body is made from basswood and has a black finish which so far hasn't got a scratch or chip to be seen. The passive Duncan Designed pickups fair quite well, lots of people complain about the neck tone, but so far I'm pleased with it - even with clean tones. The bridge pickup is solid, however I find that pinch harmonics don't "jump out" at you. The gig bag that came with it is very cool, black with red detailing and a picture logo. There is a volume and tone control with a 3-way selector. Knobs are in good order and not loose. This guitar comes with a "low profile" Floyd Rose, it's slightly different to the normal Floyd Rose in terms of how it sits in the body, but all-round it's very good. In fact, I prefer it. The one thing that is disappointing is that the shark-fin inlays are on the 1-22 frets like normal, but not on the 24th! I find it throws off the look of the neck, but it's only a minor issue. // 9

Sound: I mainly play heavy music, and it suits me quite well. I don't really play thrash, but I could see this guitar being suited to it. I run my guitar through a computer, and it's producing less background noise than any other guitar I have. It's hard for me to comment on the tone because I use an amp sim, but if you're using a program such as Guitar Rig or Revalver, you will be able to tweak your presets to arrive at a very high quality distorted or clean sound. I am planning to replace the pickups with EMG's because the passive Duncan's aren't "hot" enough for my liking. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was not set at all when I got it. Tuning and adjusting the pickup height went smoothly and only took a short while. The action is able to be set very low with no fret buzz or yucky sounds. There were no visable flaws, everything was nice and shiny. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I don't play live, however I see no reason why it wouldn't be suitable for it. The chrome hardware seems to be of a high quality, and the guitar generally feels very solid and durable despite it's light weight. I've knocked it around a bit and the finish has stayed perfect. It stays in tune very reliably even when using the tremolo a lot. // 9

Overall Impression: One thing I would like to add is that this guitar is "top heavy", when standing up it tends to dip downwards. This could be fixed with a good quality strap, I'm not sure. I have used this guitar in E standard, D standard, B standard, and Open C tunings, and each time I've been able to easily set it up to my liking with a few different string gauges etc. I'm very happy with this purchase and expect to be using this guitar for a long time. // 9

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overall: 7.8
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: Thrash_Head1990, on june 30, 2010
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Price paid: $ 550

Purchased from: World Music Nashville

Features: My KVX 10 is an 09 model Made in Japan. 24 frets, Sweet Jackson sig Sharkfin inlays, Basswood Body unlike older models which are alder. I got the Gun Metal Gray finish which is much more dynamic in person on the website it just looks gray but in person its a dark gray with sliver sparkles and no matter how gay that sound its beautiful. It has Jackson licensed version of the Floyd Rose passive pups Duncan "Designed" distortion in the bridge and jazz in the neck. // 8

Sound: I play mainly Thrash and this guitar does it fine. I say fine as in its not the best because of the lower end duncans plan on Switch them out for dimarzios but you can get away with it. The guitar is VERY mid/treble baised, Basswood body(mids) Floyd rose(treble) Blot-on(Treble) so the guitar sound isnt very big but with that being said it makes that up by being very razor-edge sounding which is good for early Thrash and NWOBHM. But the other reason I give it a seven is there is a lot of noise because theres next to no shielding in the electronics compartment BUT... the guitar is pretty versatile the bridge pickup can cover High gain to medium gain and the neck has very good cleans overall pretty good sound // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: No guitar is set-up right from the factory so I'm skipping that part cause for all the guitars I've had I've ended up setting them up my self, although the pickups were set up next to perfect just had to lower the low E pole in the bridge pickup so I could do pullups without the string sticking. The only flaw was a loose grounding wire that prevented me from using the neck pickup but that was a 10 minute fix the neck is VERY VERY GOOD not to thin not to thick perfect for high speed riffing and solid chords. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This got a low rating because the finish plus soft body wood makes paint chip off super easy I've had it 2 months and have 3 chips on the fins but its a V so those are kinda beg to be hit. I replaced the Standard strap buttons with schaller straplocks and the other problem was the tone knob the bottom is uneven so I cannot turn it unless i raise it but then it looks stupid. I Think Jackson has issues with all their tone knobs(loose, misshapen, off the guitar in the case) // 6

Overall Impression: Overall this is a great guitar for 500 Dollars if you have $500 bucks and are looking for a metal monster this is perfect for a intermediate guitarist. Final verdict Pickups: good, noisy though Bridge: better then all licensed FRs but nothing can beat a OFR Finish: beautiful but weak and will chip Neck: Perfect but hard to get past the 18 fret because of the body Fretboard: smooth cool inlays Overall: best metal guitar for $500 // 9

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overall: 5.8
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: Menzaine, on november 23, 2010
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Price paid: € 450

Purchased from: Musicstore Germany

Features: As far as I know, the KVX10 was built in the early 2000's. Its a Japanese made Jackson Flying V model that sports 24 frets, Duncan Designed pick-ups, an Alder body, chrome hardware, a string through body or a Jackson Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo [which I own], a three way pickup selector, a volume and a tone knob. It came with a bag of allen keys, a warning of the Floyd Rose antics to come! Not much in the way of features, a standard, entry-mid range Jackson. It was bought brand new. // 7

Sound: At the time, the reason this guitar was bought was because I had this odd moment for a while where I thought Dave Mustaine was the definition of a genius. I've since snapped out. When I bought it many years back, I was a thrasher kid, but thankfully, my taste has developed. My current style runs along the vein of Animals As Leaders and Chimp Spanner. I play mostly through a Vox AD30VT, which does fine, it was cheap and theres worse out there. The pickups are just awful. Truly. The neck pickup, when it deems necessary, just cuts out, which is nice, other wise it sounds faint. There's a wiring problem i'm sure! When run through a decent amount of distortion, the bridge is very crackly and noisy, which is fine when you're the angry metal kid but I like to cut back these days. The clean sound still sounds overdriven through the bridge, and is just...uck. The neck pick-up being faint doesnt allow much diversity either. You can keep this one for the metal, Ill stick to my Schecter for diversity thank you. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was not set up very well at all honestly. The action was a nightmare. The neck was slightly warped, and so even after adjusting the truss rod, my solution was to angle the Floyd Rose back as far as it could go to even out the action, which defeats the purpose in having one. The pickups were adjusted awfully, the neck pickup has sunken into the body and the bridge pickup sat a little too high. The tone knob has a tendency to fall off by itself and the pickup selector is very loose. The jack also has a serious habit of loosening itself. For me, this guitar has been an experience from day one. Not a fun one though. // 5

Reliability & Durability: I have gigged with this many times and its been fun. The neck pickup has a tendency to not work so when you flick the pickup selector to go for your tremolo picking highlight, you're left standing like a bit of a tool. The chrome on this guitar rusts incredibly easily so if its looked after, it'll be alright but chrome polishing is tedious. Good news though, the strap buttons have never failed me yet! Oddly enough, I would have gigged it without a back up before, it was fine, until one odd incident made me reconsider it. The jack came loose and the nut holding it in place became cross treaded, and quite difficult to re align, itt obstructed any use of a guitar cable so I had to get a backup, over something as un-noteworthy as that. The finish is fine, it can take a beating, thankfully. // 5

Overall Impression: People go on about playing styles of music, but that constantly changes and you'll need a diverse guitar to fulfill that. This really isnt one. Its a loud, badly put together, cheap[er] substitution to a thrashy flying V. You're buying an image and a broken sound, not quality. This review was based totally off personal experience, other people might have gotten a stronger run of luck. I'll return always to my Schecter C-7. I wouldn't buy it again if I lost it or it was stolen, but I'd look for it. For all the abuse its caused, its still my baby. Think of it as a junkie kid, and you as the parent. You're not proud of your kid, you wish over and over again that things could be better, something bad is eventually going to happen, but ultimately, its your kid you know? You gotta love it. But not play it live. No. Thank you for reading. // 6

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overall: 6.8
KVX10 King V Reviewed by: psycho8, on july 28, 2011
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Price paid: £ 399

Purchased from: Rich Tone Music

Features: This guitar was made in 2010 in Japan. It is the King V shape, with an alder body, bolt on rock maple neck with rosewood fretboard, 25.5" scale with a compound 14" to 16" radius. It is gloss black, has a Floyd Rose licensed locking bridge, 42mm locking nut, Jackson tuners, chrome hardware, one volume, one tone and a 3 way pickup selector and comes fitted with duncan designed humbucker pickups and came with a free jacksno gigbag. In terms of the features it comes with everything I want in a guitar (minus any onboard effects I may or may not feel like including) and the stock pickups actually sound fairly good, which amazes me. However, the Floyd Rose on the guitar is pretty terrible, worst licensed floyd I have ever played on, which is a BIG fault with it. // 7

Sound: I mainly play progressive metal but I do venture into classic rock and blues as well, however I play in multiple tunings and since my other guitars feature floyd roses as well I have a guitar for each tuning with this Jackson set for drop C. When in Standard it played all my styles quite well and the Floyd Rose didn't have as much of a problem as it does now coping with tunings and dive-bombs, however the guitar had a lot of natural crunch, which meant playing clean or with light overdrive was quite difficult, however for the heavier side of my music it was excellent. I play this through a Zvex Fuzz Factory, into a Zoom G7.1UT and into a Marshall MG30DFX (yes, I know, not the best amp but I mainly just use it to amp my pedals as opposed to give any of it's own tone to the guitar). With the drop C tuning the guitar still handles the metal side of things very well and the pickups have good definition for each note, even with heavily palm-muted low riffs. Overall I would say this is a metal guitar. You can achieve other tones with it, but if you are considering guitars for drop tunings or just want an all-out heavy guitar this is the Beast for you. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: This is where the guitar falls down terribly I'm afraid. The action out of the box was reasonable, just a touch too high for me and the pickups were well adjusted. However the good points pretty much end there. The Floyd Rose was horribly set up, any kind of agressive dive-bomb and it would detune the strings and any kind of pull-up and the strings would drop up to an octave, truly horrible. The intonation for the Floyd Rose was also off by a fair way as well, which is really dissapointing because the guitar itself is an absolute joy to play on, very very smooth feel to it and allows for speed without even thinking about it. The other flaw I have found with this is that it is very top heavy. You learn to compensate and it doesn't really affect your playing, but it is something to be wary of. I don't really want to mark this down as much as I have to because despite the obvious major flaws it still does play fantastically, and I would recommend it to you, no matter who you are, but you do have to be wary about what work needs to be done before you can get the sounds it should be able to come out with. // 4

Reliability & Durability: I have played this guitar live a few times, and it played well, however I couldn't really play any of the Floyd Rose techniques I like to incorporate into my songs because the licensed one is so terrible. That being said, I removed the arm and just pretended it was a fixed Bridge and it played excellently, really makes a good impression on stage and feels excellent under the fingers. The strap buttons are very solid so far, however anything could happen so I will most likely swap them out for strap locks after I've replaced the bridge. I wouldn't use this guitar without a backup simply because of using multiple tunings and the Floyd Rose on this guitar. It can last a gig on its own, but it is a risk in case anything goes wrong or you decide to change tunings mid set. The finish also seems to be quite good however it is starting to wear off on the very tips of the fins where it stands up as I haven't got a stand for a Flying V or a wall hanger for it. // 7

Overall Impression: I play mostly progressive metal and this guitar does work very well for the kind of sounds I want. I have been playing now for nearly 6 years and also own an LTD F-250, a Vintage AV100 and a guitar by Shine (no idea what model, got it second hand). Before buying this I tested out an Ibanez RG370DX, a Jackson RX10D, a Schecter C-1, an LTD EX-360 and an LTD V-401FR and this guitar, despite the Bridge problems, sounded and played the best to me. If I lost this I would probably get it again, despite the work that needs doing to it, because it does play very well. I do wish it had an actual Floyd Rose original bridge, but I still think it is an excellent guitar, warts and all. // 8

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