PS-37 Randy Rhoads Performer Review

manufacturer: Jackson date: 01/13/2010 category: Electric Guitars
Jackson: PS-37 Randy Rhoads Performer
It's a perfect guitar for my purposes (punk/thrash/metal) and I think the kind of person who's turned on by the Rhoads body style will love it too.
 Sound: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8
 Features: 8
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overall: 7.6
PS-37 Randy Rhoads Performer Reviewed by: Razgriz1Foxconn, on january 13, 2010
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from: Private Seller

Features: Its a 1996 made in Japan.
22 jumbo frets
Solid poplar body with a maple bolt on neck and rosewood fretboard.
White dot inlays
Rhoads body style with high gloss paint
Two passive humbuckers, mine came with EMG 81/83 setup (not stock)
Jackson Floyd Rose Licensed double locking tremelo
2 volume, 1 tone, 3 way selector switch
Standard non-locking Jackson tuners
Locking Nut
Comes with hardshell case // 8

Sound: I play mostly punk, thrash, and some metal, and this guitar handles them all well. I have a GT100 Hartke head on an Ibanez 412 cab and it sounds great. It was clearly built for thrash and metal, and fits the bill. The sound is solid, nice highs and crushing low end sound as well. Sustain is excellent. The only thing about this guitar is the clean sound leaves much to be desired, although that may be the EMGs. Its not the best sounding guitar out there but its comparable for the price. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The neck is where this guitar shines, its super thin but doesn't warp and is very solid. The paint has help up well, only some loss of gloss where arms have rubbed it away at the top of the body from 14 years of playing. The intonation was dead on and the action was nice and low but clean. (no buzz) The tremolo works great, I've had no problems with it, I've never used an original Floyd but I don't see much room for improvement either. The pickups like most guitars only take a second to get set where you like, so no problems there. The high frets are also very accessable even for small hands like mine, which is very important to me. If they're there, I want to play on them. // 7

Reliability & Durability: There are no broken parts after 14 years of use, so obviously this guitar is solid. My rule is take care of it and it'll take care of you, and that's true of anything. If I played live I'd be using this, with a back up because not having a back up is asking for trouble no matter what guitar you have. The strap buttons are great, I normally lock my straps on with bottle caps but it wasn't necessary with this guitar. The pots and switches are solid too. // 8

Overall Impression: Its a perfect guitar for my purposes (punk/thrash/metal) and I think the kind of person who's turned on by the Rhoads body style will love it too. I've been playing for just over a year and I own a Squier Strat Bullet and a Greg Bennet Malibu (Strat copy) the Greg Bennets clean tones are superb, but its not a metal guitar. I'd probably have to get something else because its so hard to find this guitar that hasn't been trashed by some kid. I love how comfortable it feels, and how it doesn't dive like some RR3s I've played. The neck is my favorite part though I hate fat necks. My least favorite part is the frets, I don't like jumbo frets I like tiny frets so I can lower the action super low for easier playing. I compared it to a bunch of other 200-400 dollar guitars (think LTD, Epiphone) and this one was best for me.

I wish it had a neck through body, but I didn't pay for a neck through body, so I can't complain. // 8

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overall: 8.8
PS-37 Randy Rhoads Performer Reviewed by: wasted-years, on april 25, 2011
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Price paid: $ 199

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: Jackson is one of those companys that really puts out a good product for every price range. When I saw this guitar I wasn't really in the market for a new one but at that price I had to at least look it up, and its hard to find any thing about it really. I know it was manufatured in the mid to late 90's, and most likly made in Japan or Korea. Mine is black with black pickguard and black hardware, A Jackson floyd rose, 3 way Switch with 2 volume and 1 tone nob, and Jackson tuners. The pickups are stock Jackson pickups the neck pick up is awesome, the Bridge pick up not so much. // 8

Sound: Like I said before the Bridge pickup is "sub par" I had it replaced at guitar center with one of the cheap duncan performer invader pickups. This improved the tone 100%. For metal and rock its perfect, I have only really played it through two different amps my Line 6 spider valve 212 combo and a small solid state Peavey practice amp, both of witch sound awesome. Before with the stock Bridge pickup I played it though various amps at guitar center and some sounded beter than others and with the stock Bridge pickup its very noisy, but with the hybrid amps that always have noise gates it didn't sound too bad even with the stock pickup in the bridge. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: I of course took full advantage of the guy at guitar center that works on you guitars. He change out the Bridge pick up, restrung it and gave it a once over but even before all that it played like a champ, the action was stupid low with no buzz what so ever, the floyd works amazingly well, I have had it for about a month now and it hardly ever goes out of tune, I did buy it used so it had a small ding in the fin but I don't think I have ever seen a rhoads with out a ding there. // 9

Reliability & Durability: 100% its one of those guitars that you pick up and just start jamming. Jackson makes a great guitar you could depend on it 100%. // 10

Overall Impression: In my 10 plus years of playing I have came across alot of guitars and this one is just a Diamond in the rough. If you are looking for an awesome guitar for a metal band but your on a budget search for one of these. I've got like 199 in the guitar and another 75 in the pickup in the Bridge and for 275 its just impossible to beat this. Just go a head and look to change out the Bridge pickup. Oh yea and a case most likly it will come with one but make sure and if its a Jackson case that's even better sure its a huge case but those things are strong as a horse // 9

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