RR1 Rhoads review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (120 votes)
Jackson: RR1 Rhoads

Sound — 9
This guitar perfectly suits my music style. I play power/death metal stuff. I use a Marshall MG Half Stack with Marshall MG100HDFX head and a 1960 cabinet. I use a FAB Chorus petal (sounds amazing). Immediately when you plug it in, it delivers a powerful tone and volume. It sounds great on all settings. The guitar makes a variety of sounds. Wether you play Metallica or Led Zeppelin (or anything for that matter), This guitar can do it all! Alexi Lahio of Children Of Bodom uses one as his back-up guitar and Kirk Hammet of Metallica used one on the "Master Of Puppets" album. Kirk used a Jackson RR1 T Rhaods. If you turn the knobs and mess around with your amp's settings, you will get an amazing sound that you (and your fans) can be amazed with!

Overall Impression — 9
This guitar, matches my style perfectly. I play power/death metal. I've been playing for 4 years. I own a Marshall MG Half Stack with Marshall MG100HDFX head and a 1960 cabinet. If I lost this guitar, I would hunt anotherone down. I love everything about this guitar! I wish it had a floyd-rose locking system and wammy. I also would like to get the Jackson neck with the cut-away fret markers! So anyone looking for a guitar, this is the one!

Reliability & Durability — 10
When I step out onto the stage to perform with my band, my RR1 always comes through! The hardware looks expensive. The guitar is a standerd, but it looks like it is top quality and made for the best guitar players. The employees at Jackson Guitars make sure that each detail in the guitars is perfect. The strap buttons are solid; one is located under the lower bridge and one on the back. I don't need strap locks and I can trough it around my shoulders without worry. I would definitely use it with out a backup! I do bring a backup in case I break a string because I don't want the crowd to get impatient. This guitar is my ultimate choise!

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
This guitar was manufactured in a factory, which I could not believe! The pickups were properly installed to deliver mad sound. The bridge was properly installed and is fluent. Everything is top notch except the tone knob keeps falling off. You have to take a tiny screwdriver in order tighten it! So, If you are looking for great sound a value for cheap, this is the guitar to look out for.

Features — 7
My Jackson RR1 was made in Iowa. It was made in 2004 and I purchased it in December of 2005. It is a RR1 Rhoads Standerd. It has a regular scale fret sizes and about 24 frets. It has Standard Jackson humbucker pickups. It has a floating bridge; the strings go through the back of the body. It came in a Dark Metallic like red. The Body is a "V" like shape similar the Gibson "Flying V". The difference is that the lower wing of the guitar is shorter and the top is longer. Plus, it is more narrow then the Gibson V. It came with 2 knobs; one for the volume and one controlling the tones in the 2 pickups. The pickups are passive. The fret markers are the standard dots unlike the cut off triangles that the RR1 usually comes with.

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    will22 wrote: is this better than the js30rr?
    ohhh, nah... people are just flaming the JS30RR for no reason, its a great guitar...much better than the RR1... YOU F**KING DICK OF COURSE THE RR1 is better!!!!!
    how the **** is hate_me_666's guitar an rr1. rr1's come with sharktooth fret markers and they're not cheap. they cost like $2000 new. they don't come with Jackson standard pickups. They come with Seymour Duncan's. He probably has a JS30RR Rhoads. How the **** is that string through body bridge floating? RR1's have three control pots; one volume, two tone(one for bridge, one for neck).rr1's don't come in dark metallic red either.rr1's also only have 22 frets. I'm pretty sure that rr1's are handmade and not in a factory. Do you think a goddamn factory made guitar would suit randy ****in' rhoads? I think not. You don't need to review a lesser quality guitar as an rr1. You're a disgrace to Randy Rhoads by reviewing a JS30RR Rhoads as an RR1. If you had any sense at all you would have put it under the RR1T because at least that doesn't have a Floyd. You would think that a person that's been playing for four years would know what kind of guitar he has. Goddamnit!
    It has a floating bridge; the strings go through the back of the body
    ...yeh...umm...bro...no...do u know wat a floating bridge is...
    i hav 2 agree with the other comments,ive bin playing for 10 years an it dont sound like u hav a clue wot your on about, the RR1 is a great guitar an u got it mixed up with a lesser quality one,thats just sad
    Oh yeah and by the way, Kirk had a RR1 not an RR1T cause he had a floyd on his... not a hardtail bridge...
    Actually... Kirk does have an RR1T he used during the "justice" tour. He might have another one with a floyd. http://www.metallicaworld.co.uk/images/j... Check it out. I bought an RR1T last tuesday and i'll just say two words: ****ing awesome. And as far as Mr. retard goes... SON YOU'RE A ****ING RETARD!!!!!
    oh yeah sorry i forgot to specify; In MOP he must have had a RR1 with the floyd because he whammied the shit out of the solos on master of puppets and the thing that should not be. I've seen live performances from their early days (videos) and there's a floyd on it. You're probably right about justice though.
    wtf..how can u reveiw a cheap jackson and say its an rr1 i dont wanna copy everyone else but your a ****ing retard!! and come on would an american made randy rhoads guitar's tone nob fall off? obviously not !!!!
    Lol hate_me_666 That's a JS30RR you have my friend the Jackson standard pickups and dotted fretboard rather than a sharkfin inlay gave it away immediately.
    Falling fast 11
    hate-me-666 you f++king idiot why are you eaven registerd at this site if you cant even know the difference between a JS30RR and a RR1
    JS30RRs are usually made in india aswell. JS30RR are not that bad a guitar for the price your paying - a great beginners guitar obiously the RR1 is king of all - my dream guitar come to think of it
    I used to own the JS30RR and I sold it because it sucked. Since then I stayed as far away from Jacksons as I could. I played a Gibson Les Paul and Flying V for years and never likes any other guitars. Last time I was at the store I picked up the RR1 and after playing it for an hour I bought it. One of the best guitars I have played and absolutely nothing like the JS30RR....Also Kirk has played both the RR1 and the RR1T throughout his career
    i still have my JS30RR - and i still play it. Its brilliant if you change to a set of EMG 81/85 - the only thing i hate about it is where the bloody input jack is. but RR1s are just the best ever i rekon. im saving up for one....still a bloody long way to go though. i never really liked gibson les pauls to be honest- i remember the first time i tried one i was let down. it never cut the mustard for me. ive also considered the alexi laiho signature ESP - im not sure what to save up for since i cant find a review for the Alexi.
    Be careful with the Alexi guitar because it only has one bridge pickup. If you play more than one style of music its not a very flexable guitar. But if thats all you want go for it. I agree les pauls play terrible when compared to a "shredding guitar" but they have a good all around tone that works with every type of music