RR24 Rhoads review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (213 votes)
Jackson: RR24 Rhoads

Price paid: $ 1384.74

Purchased from: www.Savelaitta.fi

Sound — 9
My music style is everywhere from rock to metal and this baby just shines in that genre! the EMG 81 blasts really nice tones out of the guitar! And an addition that someone may think it looks a bit like Alexi Laiho's old Jackson well it sounds a bit like it too! it's perfect for metal but tends to get noisy on higher volumes but there's noisegates for that. What suprised me is it's clean sound, this is a EMG 81 right? shitty cleans? absolutely not! I coud get really nice clean tones from it. And if you wanna do dime squeals, it has OFR and it can squeal like a pig getting raped by 3 dogs! Suits my musicstyle perfectly! But the soundworld isnt blessed with variety so you all-genre-guys should get somethin else with Seymour duncans or somethin!

Overall Impression — 9
All in all a perfect guitar! It matches metal genre so perfect you will spend hours on searching for one that comes even close. I own a Peavey studiopro 65 watt and a Boss MT-2 and it rocks through those but I'm still getting a Marshall MG100HDFX for better sounds. If it was stolen or lost I would first night cry for inflicting so much pain in my soul and swear vengeance to the guy that did it and next day hunt him down, torture him and kill him. I thought bout getting a Edwards E-Al-120 but this one won it with better pickup and it is so sexy otherwise too. Shape is a lot better than on ESP/Edwards/LTD Rhoadses. I love the Straight to business thing about this. It's so purely made. Simple and powerful, are there any better ingredients? I only play with a bridge pickup otherwise so it doesnt't bother me but it's not really the most versatile guitar but it's the best bang for the buck I bet. I don't hate anythin but the f--kin noise the pickup produces in this guitar. I wish it had Schaller strap security locks but yes, they're only J10 so no problems bout that. Go and buy this guitar if you have the money. It's worth it. But if you're a versatile guy and don't play metal it's worth to keep on searching. I really couldnt find so much negative!

Reliability & Durability — 10
I would depend on this guitar without backup but I would always keep one in case of emergency (strings breaking, bridge f--king up, headstock breaking) really, you can never know what happens next. The strap buttons are suprisingly steady but I will still Switch them to Schaller security locks because all of you rhoads guys, you know what happens if you drop a rhoads don't ya? The finish on it will absolutely last. it's excellent. 10 to reliablity. Since it has a OFR you can also do dimesqueals and go crazy with the whammy bar. And yes, it's Japan made so I think you can trust it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The guitar was set up ok. I did have to retune it cos it had lost tune on the way here. The pickup is low so no problem with a pick scraping on pickup! The bridge was set up perfectly and action reallly low and as I mentioned, no string buzz! I did not name this in the features but mine is a limited edition that has wite binding instead of black and real MOP inlays instead of MOTO so I'm really pleased. All in all a 9 for finish! No flaws in paint or anythin! And the fretboard is like glass or nearly atleast!

Features — 9
This guitar(randy rhoads shape) is black with yellow bewels and they are made with very good Precision and don't listen to what people say about it's finish! it's excellent! The tuners are Jackson standard Die-Cast sealed and it has a original floyd rose bridge. This has the long expected Jackson rhoads feature of 24 frets and that pleases me because I often play solos up to 24th fret! It has painted neck that is also of neck-through-body construction that is very comfy to my hand and the frets are just perfect. When I got this baby I instantly tuned it to D and I didn't even change string gauge but on my previous guitars there always was horrible string buzz but this one, totally silent! It has one EMG 81 active humbucker and I will therefore have to take one point of the features and seeing to that it has only one pickup it also has only one volume control. It was made in Japan and I think it's 2007 year production since it's so new. It didn't come with a bag or case but I ordered one with it!

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    Shred Head
    Wow I wondered when this guitar was coming out and here it is. It seems amazing but I'd adivise against getting that particular amp to play through.
    man this guitar kicks ass. randy rhoads is an isane metal god! not as good as angus, but man hes good. and the guitar is nice too
    well ill put it this way...if youre a straight forward metalguy who likes to dive with a tremolo rr24 is for you...rr5 is more versatile and it doesnt have tremolo. Tremolo is always a + for me
    Falling fast 11
    this guitar looks awesome, but its expensive but that what you have to pay for amazing quility! but damn i want one, but i dont know if the RR5 is beter, because the price is the same!?
    awesome guitar, and as for the amp, i bought an MG50 DFX 9 months ago and i love it. Crank up the gain, add a little chorus....heaven
    Jonjy2 wrote: I want this guitar, cept for the floyd, cuz i change tunes a ton theres always kevin bond rhoads
    Jonjy2 wrote: I want this guitar, cept for the floyd, cuz i change tunes a ton
    if you want to buy this and change tunings why not get an evh d-tuner as well??
    I have a studio pro40 an mt2 metal zone and any guitar sounds fine with that combo. I don't think you need the marshal, but I do think I need that guitar.
    (TO:AC/DC_VOLTAGE) CONTINUED:Rhoads-metal(as in arpedios, sweeps), Young-rock(the norm , straight up rockin solo,s)
    this is a nice guitar, this shaped was disigned by Randy Rhoads and jackson in ,82,(R.I.P RR) Laiho most likly also thinks as randy as a god and liked his guitar , so once he had the chance to get his own sig. guitar he probebly liked the shape but with his modifications. ( TO: AC/DC_VOLTAGE) i got nothing against ac/dc (who does , there great)Rhoads and Young are both gods but they play different kinds of music (R-metal , Y-straight up rock n' roll) how could the MG be krap, Wylde plays, it Marry plays it and many other great guitarists.
    Holy shit!! that guitar is almost as amazing a randy rhoads himself!!!his polkadot guitar kicks some serious ass too!!
    cloned_insanity : nice guitar, tough choice between this and a esp.. ? i work in a music store, it all comes down to personal preference on this one. Yeah it was tough...but im glad i got the jackson! but its indeed a LOT of personal preference involved
    or shit...its in dollars maybe...forget i said anythin the 1099 was in euros!
    okay btw guys...that price is wrong...they edited it or somethin! it was 1099 without hardcase...
    Really nice guitar. I'd get if it also had an EMG 85 on the neck. Then would be perfect!! xD PS: to the guy of the review... don't waste your money on the Marshall MG. Your current Peavey StudioPro is a lot better, believe me!!
    Alexi Laiho played a Jackson before an ESP so ESP ripped off Jackson's guitar, and the Rhoads is not Alexi's design, Jackson has been making Rhoads since Alexi was born, so all he did was get a Rhoads and paint it basically
    Beings that this guitar is based off of the original Randy Rhoads guitar which was around before Children of Bodom means that Alexi Laiho ESP model is a rip off of the Randy Rhoads...
    nice guitar, tough choice between this and a esp.. ? i work in a music store, it all comes down to personal preference on this one.
    Alexi played Jackson's before ESP, read up on wikipedia if you feel the need to post false info