RR24 Rhoads review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (213 votes)
Jackson: RR24 Rhoads

Purchased from: eBay

Sound — 9
I play metal and currently I have it in D Standard tuning with some EB costum strings (11-56) so I can play some Children of Bodom. It sounds heavier than Alexi's signiture made by ESP but with less midrange punch. I'd say you probably know how an EMG pickup sounds like so there's no need for me to describe it, it's just heavy with hard edge, metal stuff. Some people complain about Jackson's random noise when you're not playing but mine's been fine. Its clean tone is Okay but not totally great. With some preamp to boost the bass and some treble (or rather, get relatively less midrange) it gives some nice dry miserable clean sound which I really like. I'm not giving it a 10 here because I always want a neck pickup to give me some smoother solo (look at Jackson Phil Demmal model!), but if you're after a single humbucker metal guitar you'll find it perfect. If you want an 'every type' guitar then don't even care about this one because it's for metal and hard rock. Some people said it can make some bluesy sound but I haven't tried that.

Overall Impression — 9
I have played the guitar for around 7 years and mostly play some metal, but I always go onto youtube, click on random songs and jam on it. It does well for what I mentioned. I use different guitar when I want some really soft cloudy clean tone but if you're looking at Jackson I'm sure you won't use it to play that. If it was stolen or lost I probably will get another one, unless I suddenly has more money to spare and I'd like to try ESP SV or Jackson Demmalition King (I love Jackson and ESP over other metal guitar manufacturers, and I prefer EMG active pickup. I'd consider those two because they have a neck pickup, as I mentioned before I do use it a lot). But this guitar has no problem at all and maybe it's good to have bridge pickup only so it mantains a bit more wood (Rhoads shaped guitars got everything cut away already). I love its sound and how it looks. I also feel Rhoads shaped guitars are more comfortable to play with than proper V, the short bottom wing doesn't get in the way when you're seating or standing. I compared it with a few guitars, I mentioned ESP SV, Jackson Demmalition King and my Ibanez. I've played American Fenders and Gibsons before but I guess they're for slightly different type of music so I'm not gonna compare them. And a few other guitars which are one or two hundreds pounds cheaper with similar score in reviews but this one is in a different class so don't dream about getting a cheaper guitar with same quality. Look on eBay if you wanna save money. I bought this one because it was perfect for me, the cost, the sound, the features (24 frets, Floyd Rose Original...). But as I said several times, I wish it had a cut to give easier access to top frets (like ESP does) and I wish it had a neck pickup. But after all it's a great awesome guitar all geared up for kickass noise!

Reliability & Durability — 10
Haven't gigged with it yet but all its hardware seem to last forever. Don't know about the strap buttons because I put on DiMarzio ClipLock strap as soon as I received it. Can I depend on it? I'd say yes although I haven't gigged with it. It hasn't shown any problem at all for the couple of months I have it. And I would gig without a backup but partly because my other guitars are in different tuning anyway and I have no backup lol. The paint on tips of wings comes off a bit because it's very easy to smack the wings into something if you're not careful, but that's the same as all other V guitars and it's to do with the person who owns it not the guitar's problem. So if you're careful it's all good, if you crack it don't even blame the guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
I don't know how well it was set-up at factory since I bought it 2nd hand and I changed the strings and action soon after I received it. The pickup is in good position, not in the way of playing (my Ibanez's pickups ALWAYS cought my pick). The Floyd Rose Original is good and I'm sure you know it all. The guitar is 'almost flawless'. It's got good low action and nice neck which is very comfortable to play on, but since I have owned an Ibanez I have to say this Jackson isn't as smooth or quick. But it's still very nice. Take another point away here because its body kind of gets in the way when you go onto 21nd-24th fret, most V guitars are like that and I don't like it. Look at ESP SV's extra cut down the end and you probably know what I'm talking about. But after all with the 'not the very best' action and 'not the very best' cut, I still have no problem to play some complicated and fast sredding, sweeping, tapping and all that, so it's still a great built.

Features — 10
I got this Jackson RR24 made in Japan couple months ago. It has 24 frets, the neck is a bit thicker than my Japanese Ibanez RG. I've got it in white with black bevels and it looks much better than any pictures you see! It's got maple through neck and alder wings which give a very thick and heavy sound, its EMG active pickup offers the hard edge and this guitar is geared up for METAL! The Floyd Rose Original bridge does its job and offers great playability. Its tuner is made by Jackson not Gotoh but it has no problem at all since it has the Floyd Rose locking system. It is a very nice guitar for metal or hard rock.

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    Wow, I was such a kid making this review. For anyone wondering, I sold the guitar and got a 7-string. And I never got a ****ing Marshall MG, I got a Randall 50-watts full tube head
    this guitar hasnt got the real floyd rose,the made in germany 1,its a korean made floyd copy
    I has same spec as original Floyd, just assembeled in Korea to keep cost down. It doesn't say Made in Germany, but it also doesn't say Licensed Floyd anywhere on it....which means it is same spec. or else they would get sued. Unless you are racist to Koreans there is no difference in the way it works. I abuse mine daily and it has NEVER let me down.
    im not racist against koreans,im just saying its made out of cheaper material than the real german made floyd.i like jackson but it is kind of false advertising saying original floyd when its not,esps have the real floyd rose on them.
    i prefer ibanez for shredding over jackson,they have nicer necks.and iv heard some bad reviews about the korean made floyd rose.
    cloned_insanity wrote: I guess ESP did rip off jackson, BUT, ESP is also an awesome guitar. So you can't really critisize
    Actually, we can, the ESP Laiho sig looks like shit, the painted bevels are just ****ing chunky pinstripes and look at it compared to the rhoads, It's fail. I like ESPs but the AL Sig is a complete FAIL.
    disfigured-scum wrote: how much do you think it would cost to get a neck pickup installed on this guitar?
    i actually had this done by the guitar tech at my practice space...it's absolutely the way to go. he gave me a pretty good deal on the labor, i can't remember exactly b/c it was a while ago but it was under $100, he maybe did it for like $50 or something? and the work quality is top-notch. i'll say this though, definitely do NOT go for a "cheap" (cheap and inexpensive are different) option if you don't think you can trust the work, b/c it's a bit of an involved job, there's just enough space in there to add a neck pickup, and if the guy screws up you're f'ed. and by the way, it's the only way to go, not having a neck pickup is a waste. i put the dimebucker and jazz in mine and i love it, but since it comes with an emg stock, you can add another active pickup in the neck...in fact that makes the job easier b/c otherwise you have to install a ground wire (or something like that, i'm not a tech). but yeah man, my guy did amazing work on it (it looks like it came stock with 2 pickups), added a pickup toggle, active to passive switch-over, and it was all for a very reasonable price. hope that helps.