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manufacturer: Jackson date: 01/25/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Jackson: RR24 Rhoads
The RR24 Randy Rhoads guitar is a 24-fret no-nonsense neck-through-body monster with a single, brutal EMG 81 humbucking bridge pickup, ebony fingerboard, Floyd Rose tremolo, single volume knob and black hardware.
 Sound: 8.9
 Overall Impression: 9.2
 Reliability & Durability: 9.2
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9.2
 Features: 8.7
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overall: 9.2
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: phenom1991, on april 24, 2007
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Price paid: $ 1384.74

Purchased from: www.Savelaitta.fi

Features: This guitar(randy rhoads shape) is black with yellow bewels and they are made with very good Precision and don't listen to what people say about it's finish! it's excellent! The tuners are Jackson standard Die-Cast sealed and it has a original floyd rose bridge. This has the long expected Jackson rhoads feature of 24 frets and that pleases me because I often play solos up to 24th fret! It has painted neck that is also of neck-through-body construction that is very comfy to my hand and the frets are just perfect. When I got this baby I instantly tuned it to D and I didn't even change string gauge but on my previous guitars there always was horrible string buzz but this one, totally silent! It has one EMG 81 active humbucker and I will therefore have to take one point of the features and seeing to that it has only one pickup it also has only one volume control. It was made in Japan and I think it's 2007 year production since it's so new. It didn't come with a bag or case but I ordered one with it! // 9

Sound: My music style is everywhere from rock to metal and this baby just shines in that genre! the EMG 81 blasts really nice tones out of the guitar! And an addition that someone may think it looks a bit like Alexi Laiho's old Jackson well it sounds a bit like it too! it's perfect for metal but tends to get noisy on higher volumes but there's noisegates for that. What suprised me is it's clean sound, this is a EMG 81 right? shitty cleans? absolutely not! I coud get really nice clean tones from it. And if you wanna do dime squeals, it has OFR and it can squeal like a pig getting raped by 3 dogs! Suits my musicstyle perfectly! But the soundworld isnt blessed with variety so you all-genre-guys should get somethin else with Seymour duncans or somethin! // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up ok. I did have to retune it cos it had lost tune on the way here. The pickup is low so no problem with a pick scraping on pickup! The bridge was set up perfectly and action reallly low and as I mentioned, no string buzz! I did not name this in the features but mine is a limited edition that has wite binding instead of black and real MOP inlays instead of MOTO so I'm really pleased. All in all a 9 for finish! No flaws in paint or anythin! And the fretboard is like glass or nearly atleast! // 9

Reliability & Durability: I would depend on this guitar without backup but I would always keep one in case of emergency (strings breaking, bridge f--king up, headstock breaking) really, you can never know what happens next. The strap buttons are suprisingly steady but I will still Switch them to Schaller security locks because all of you rhoads guys, you know what happens if you drop a rhoads don't ya? The finish on it will absolutely last. it's excellent. 10 to reliablity. Since it has a OFR you can also do dimesqueals and go crazy with the whammy bar. And yes, it's Japan made so I think you can trust it. // 10

Overall Impression: All in all a perfect guitar! It matches metal genre so perfect you will spend hours on searching for one that comes even close. I own a Peavey studiopro 65 watt and a Boss MT-2 and it rocks through those but I'm still getting a Marshall MG100HDFX for better sounds. If it was stolen or lost I would first night cry for inflicting so much pain in my soul and swear vengeance to the guy that did it and next day hunt him down, torture him and kill him. I thought bout getting a Edwards E-Al-120 but this one won it with better pickup and it is so sexy otherwise too. Shape is a lot better than on ESP/Edwards/LTD Rhoadses. I love the Straight to business thing about this. It's so purely made. Simple and powerful, are there any better ingredients? I only play with a bridge pickup otherwise so it doesnt't bother me but it's not really the most versatile guitar but it's the best bang for the buck I bet. I don't hate anythin but the f--kin noise the pickup produces in this guitar. I wish it had Schaller strap security locks but yes, they're only J10 so no problems bout that. Go and buy this guitar if you have the money. It's worth it. But if you're a versatile guy and don't play metal it's worth to keep on searching. I really couldnt find so much negative! // 9

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overall: 8.8
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: wyldeshredder, on may 04, 2007
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Features: The Jackson RR24 Rhoads. Part of Jackson's Pro series, made in Japan, and is a brand new model for 2007. It is available in white w. black bevels, black w. red bevels, or (what I bought) black w. yellow bevels. I will give it an 8 in this category, because it has only 1 pickup, but the body and bridge are excellent. The one pickup suits me fine, but it may not attract other people. // 8

Sound: I run this guitar through a Marshall MG50DFX. I play thrash, black, death, power, and good old heavy metal. It sounds great with a high gain setting, and it is a naturally bright guitar. When I first plugged it in, I immediately turned down the highs, and mids and my amp. When I played my Les Paul I always tried to get a bright sound, but I needed lots of EQ. This guitar makes it so much easier to get my sound. On the clean channel, the pickup sometimes distorts the sound, so I need to keep my gain low. It is, again, very bright, so fingerpicking may be a good way to go, if you want a moderate sound. There is really no way for a warm clean with this guitar, so if you depend on a warm clean, try something else. But I assume that if you want this guitar, you want to rock out, and this thing will deliver. A much more professianal sound from this, than my LP. Less buzz, and an overall better sound. The trem is awesome, and sounds great, you do all the Dimebag stuff with it. Awesome sounding guitar. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: When I got this guitar it looked very solid. After I brought it home, I needed to tighten up the volume pot, as it was already loose. It has incredible action, I love it. The intonation is out, so I will need to get that fixed. The finish is great, and reallt stands out. When I played it in the music store, people would look at it once, then look away real quick, not wanting to stare. It will turn heads, without a doubt. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have yet to play this guitar Live, but I will in a couple weeks. I would think that it will withstand Live playing, but I will carry my LP as a backup, just to be safe, and I'll use for alternate tunings. The guitar seems very solid, the strap buttons look good, but I already put straploks on it to be careful. Looks very reliable. // 9

Overall Impression: For metal, this is a great axe. I'm 13, I've played for 3 years, and it suits me perfect. I wouldn't mind another pickup, just for toggle swiching, to turn it off, but the volume knob is easy to reach and turns down quickly. This thing kicks my Epiphone Les Pauls ass big time, and I'd buy it again if it was stolen. Overall great axe! // 9

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overall: 8.4
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: osiris-uk, on march 25, 2008
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Features: My RR24 was in the first shipment of these to DCGL. I believe it was made in 2006 but these didn't really hit the market until early 2007. Notable features are as follows: 24 frets on an ebony fretboard, with some kind of synthetic inlay. Black binding around the fretboard. Large, wide frets. 25 1/2 scale. Maple through-neck with alder wings. Snow-white finish with black bevels. Body-color headstock with black binding. Randy Rhoads body. Original Floyd Rose bridge and locking nut. Single humbucker in bridge position, with single volume knob. Guitar came with an active EMG 81 (complete with convenient battery cavity). Tuners are Standard sealed Jackson, which have always felt ok to me. I'd been waiting for Jackson to release a Randy Rhoads guitar with 24 frets for quite some time, so I was very excited when these came out. I would have liked a neck pickup, but my only other option for a neck through 24 fret Rhoads is the custom shop which is prohibitively expensive for me. This guitar is a stripped down, straight-ahead machine, but the hardware is of good quality. The folks at DCGL included a hardcase, some picks, a strap, and a Jackson t-shirt. I gave it a 7 because it only has one pickup, and because the tuners do not match the overall build quality of the guitar. // 8

Sound: play in various styles, but I bought this guitar for hard rock and metal. My setup is usually guitar > Crybaby 535q > Boss stage tuner > Engl 530 preamp > Boss Digital Reverb > VHT 2502 > VHT Fatbottom 2X12 cabinet. I don't like the way EMG's sound with my rig, so I replaced the pickup with a DiMarzio super distortion like I have in my other guitars. Prior to changing pickups, it was a bit noisy, but I attribute this to poor wiring. In my opinion, EMGs sound very consistent regardless of what guitar they're mounted in. So I won't comment on how the guitar sounded with them. With the super distortion, the sound is rich and ballsy. The low end is articulated but not boomy, the mids are complex and detailed, and the highs come through aggressively. The high end on this Engl preamp is a bit tricky so I was pleased that it was not overbearing with this guitar. The guitar had very simple controls and therefore is not as versatile as other guitars, but it responds well to picking dynamics. I wouldn't say that it sounds amazing but it's probably the best sounding guitar I own for what it does. The alder lends itself pretty well to this kind of guitar but I would be interested in playing one of these that had maple wings on a maple neck. I gave it a 9 because it does exactly what I want it to do, but isn't some awe-inspiring holy relic of a guitar. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: This is probably where I'll be the most critical. I advised DCGL to leave the stock action, as it's normally pretty good on these Japanese models. Right out of the box, the action and intonation were great. The bridge was level, and the nut was the proper height. During transit, the neck moved a little and I had to adjust the truss rod to take out some relief. This isn't a big deal to me and should be expected from a guitar that had to ship from one state to another. I ended up lowering the action on the treble side very slightly, but it was a very minute adjustment. The pickup seemed to be adjusted properly, but it isn't rocket science with an EMG. One thing that bothered me a little about the guitar was the enormous electronics cavity. There is only one knob, and the output jack is on the top fin, so there really isn't any need to scoop so much damned wood out of the body. It's as though they took blanks from the other models that had switches and tone knobs and whatnot. Probably doesn't make a huge difference in sound or durability, but I'd like some of that wood back. The pickup routing is adequate, but I was limited in my pickup choice because of its shallowness. I would probably not be able to install a DiMarzio x2n. I was not able to install a Mastertone SPA-1 that I had lying around. Having purchased other guitars from this factory, I expected a few finish flaws. There were some masking/overspray issues with the bevels, and also with the shielding paint (although I am very grateful that they did use shielding paint). I suspect that the hardware was hastily installed before the paint had fully dried, which has led to ridges where the pickup rings sit and whatnot. These aren't really visible normally, so no big deal. But there are some spots in the finish where I can see the neck portion join to the wings underneath. But again, I expected this. And truly, nobody can see those flaws from offstage. The binding turned out pretty well as far as that goes, and so did the inlay. Not very much filler, it seems. The fretwork was exceptional. Some of the edges aren't the prettiest but none of them are sharp or loose. The frets are nice and level and facilitate low action. My main criticism of the guitar is the state of the wiring when I received it. For some reason, Jackson star-grounds their controls (at least from this factory). This is a benefit for me, since it cuts back on RF noise which is important in a passive setup. I have found that it's not as important in active pickups, so I'm grateful that they included this. But that's where my praise ends. Jackson wired the bridge to ground, which is a no-no in an active setup. I believe this caused unwanted noise. The volume pot was also defective. It had a spot near full volume where the signal would cut out. I sprayed contact cleaner into the pot which helped, but the problem eventually came back. I of course changed all this when I switched to a passive pickup, but it was very annoying for the several months I left the EMG there. The noise lessened when I clipped the ground to the bridge. But enough whining about problems easily fixed. This guitar balances exceptionally well, and makes me feel powerful while I'm playing it. The ergonomics are wonderful and free-feeling. The neck lends itself to fast lead playing and is exceptional in its comfort. I think my KV2 had a thinner neck but this one feels better to me. I'm not sure if it's a soloist profile or some new profile but it sure is nice. I haven't had any problems what'soever with the bridge going out of tune, but I rarely do crazy divebombs. The bottom line is that this guitar only cost $1200, and it plays just as well or better than USA Jacksons I've played. I happen to believe that this guitar is a fantastic deal at $1200, flaws and all. For this reason, I am not letting the quirks I described get to me. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Well, this guitar has some pretty pointy fins on it, which is enough to worry anyone about its durability. After almost a year of practices and Live performances, it still looks and plays amazing. The hardware (besides the tuners and the output jack) is all top quality and feels very durable. The finish seems to be very resistant to scratching, but it probably chips more easily because of this. I replaced the strap buttons with Dunlop straplocks, but the ones that came with it were ok. Aside from trivial nonsense like strings breaking, I would absolutely depend on this guitar now that I've rewired the whole thing. It was a bit iffy back when the volume knob would cut out. I always have more than one guitar handy at a gig, but that's not to say I don't trust this one. The Floyd Rose is great for staying in tune, but I'd rather just Switch guitars that try to restring in the middle of a gig. // 9

Overall Impression: I've been playing for about 8 years. I'm down to this guitar and a Jackson SLSMG, which gets me by fairly well. I almost wish I would have asked DCGL to install the pickup for me, so I would not have my experience tainted with Jackson's poor wiring. But I hate paying to have work done that I can easily do myself. If this guitar were stolen or lost, I would either buy another one just like it or a used USA KV2. I've always favored Flying V guitars. I love this one because it makes an impression on stage. The ergonomics, as I explained above, are great. I love the fretwork and the compound radius. I love how simple it is and how well it performs its task. At the same time, I do wish it had a neck pickup. I mostly compared this guitar to USA Jacksons, and I decided that it plays on par with them. I would rather have this Brand New guitar for this price than a used guitar that plays equally well for this price. Get ready for people to assume it's an Alexi Laiho model, though. Nothing against him, but his signature model just doesn't do it for me. I would probably give this guitar a 10 if the electronics had all worked properly out of the box. That's saying a lot. I hate almost everything that's marketed to me. // 9

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overall: 10
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: Johanthevampire, on december 13, 2007
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Price paid: $ 1200

Features: I got a 2007 MIJ Rhoads. I wanted a Rhoads forever, but they were not available with 24 frets, I had an RR3, but Bolt on guitars a crap. I have a Cream Les Paul Custom, and it's nice and fat, and I have an ESP MH 250, Which is by far the most affordable backup that is actually a pro instrument. 250 bucks for a neckthru with EMG's and a great Floyd. So I got this rhoads because I already was set on this shape of guitar for my main guitar, but I couldnt get 24 frets, I was not about to waste money on an RR1 or RR5 when they only had 22 frets. And yes I utilize it, it's very hard to do an E arpeggio at the 19th fret starting on the A string, if you cannot finish it on the 24th fret, Bending on the 22 never works for me, takes too long. The features are on the Jackson website. But basically Alder body, Maple neckthru, 24 frets, Floyd Rose. Thin Flat neck, very fast, Huge frets. One Pickup. // 10

Sound: Unlike the "Children" Who have reviewed this guitar so far, Here is what I can tell you. If you hook this guitar up to a real amp, you will hear your fingers on the fretboard, Do you know what this means? The pickup can hear every nuance in your playing. If you screw up, you will be heard. I play this guitar through a Crate V30. don't know what that is, it's an Orange AD 30, I had about 10 people compare the two amps with me, their the same, except the Orange has a bit different reverb. I don't use reverb, it's cheating, you have to have reverb in a room to actually get reverb, Want reverb, get big enough to play a concert in a large venue, the venue will have built in reverb. The sound I was looking for I can get with pretty well any guitar, but what I wanted was clarity in playing, I use this guitar on the V30's overdrive channel, but I put the overdrive gain to about 4, and then volume up to 4 at home, it's really really loud, but super clear, you can roll off the volume knob on the guitar and it is pretty well nice and clean, but you can really AC/DC it up with full on volume. This was exactly what I wanted, This is what Zakk Wylde does, I get a very JCM 800 sound, only I can get a lot more gain from the amp itself, leading to more saturation and more sustain. The other thing Zakk Wylde does that I do now is use the MXR Wylde Overdrive. It pretty much just adds a big gain and volume boost, It really brings everything to life in a metal way, the bass is so clean, and it cuts right through for leads. BTW all you COB fans Who love Alexi's tone for lead. This is how you actually get that tone, Get a Tube Amplifier, Make sure it's Marshall type tubes, AKA EL34 or even better EL84, then run it at a semi low gain setup, then stomp on an MXR Wylde Overdrive, By far the smoothest high gain I have ever had. It is simply tone bliss, I am done buying guitars and amps, this setup is beyond perfect. The single EMG 81 is all I need, especially when I have noticed that when I play my other guitars, I don't use the neck pickup much at all anymore. The neckpickup is great on guitars, it can really make arpeggios sound more OOOey, but I prefer how the bridge pickup is much clearer if you do not have another pickup wired to the input jack. I have read a lot of forums, and the largest complaint I have read about this guitar and the ESP Alexi Laiho models. Everyone Who buys these "Alexi" guitars is using a solid state amp, and way too much distortion. If you use this guitar with a solid state amp you will notice that it is very brittle, there's a reason, cheap guitars have muddy pickups, cheap amps are brittle, if you mix the two together, you get a semi decent tone. If you get an expensive guitar with a nice pickups, they cut through with their Precision and tone. If you still have a cheap amp, you will notice that much more, how much your amp sucks ass. Also, the EMG 81 had a gain boost built right in, so it will sound fizzy with excessive external distortion. If you use a good pickup, you no longer need the DigiTech Death Metal or whatever piece you used to get a razor sharp "Dimebag" sound, It wont work with this guitar. So if you want a professional guitar like this, I suggest a good amp, and turn up the bass, you will get crystal clear sound even with overdrive. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Yes the Volume knob was loose, it was on all of them when they showed up at the music store. I just got a screwdriver and tightend it, can't lose points for that. Everything else is great, the most important thing, the neck, Mine was setup flawlessly. I asked the store if they had set it up, they said no, and then said it looked better than necks they professionally setup for top dollar. // 10

Reliability & Durability: It lasted everytime I have played it Live so far. I always have backups, but I trust this guitar for sure. What can go wrong, just one pickup, no extra wiring. And like most other EMG equipped 2005+ year guitars, this guitar has the Quickloader for the battery. You just open it up when put a battery in it. // 10

Overall Impression: I play every genre of music. I use this guitar for metal. I do not play anything that is reminiscent of American Death Metal, such as Slayer type music, I do like fast riffs and stuff that Slayer does, but bands that just play riffs for a certain number of bars then change and play another riff in the same key, then go back to the other riff and call it a song, that's kind of too simple for me. Neoclassical, Speed, Standard Notation Music. I am not part of the COB Fanboy club, I really like Randy Rhoads, And I love black metal, though not black metal like Immortal, Think more of Dimmu Borgir and Norther (Some songs) Ambient keyboards, and chord progression song writing. I would simply just buy these guitars if this were stolen or broken or whatever. Alexi even told me he would rebuy a Jackson Rhoads with 24 frets, but then he got the ESP endorsement, which would be pretty hard to pull out of at this point, plus their the same guitar, except his cutaway idea fails. I played his Sawtooth guitar on the bus with HIM, and I found that it is harder to play on the larger strings at the higher frets on his guitars. He agreed and said he'd try to change it, the new Pink striped guitar must be the result, he eliminated some of the round heal that was in the way, but it still looks pretty hard to play compared to my Jackson. I wouldn't bother using this guitar for anything else really, It plays classic rock just fine, and other stuff, but I only take it out of it's Giant hardcase when I am going to a show. At home I just play les pauls in my house, and the Rhoads takes bandpractise in the studio, which is no where near as often as gigs. I can't think of anything that would make it better, just more colour options. The ultimate version of this guitar for me, would have been all black with White bevels. I never liked the yellow too much, and I don't like colours much in general so red was out, I got white, It deffinately looks original, My old RR3 was all black, and I had given it white bevels, It looked great, but I think this all White wiht black bevels is starting to grow on me. // 10

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overall: 9
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 23, 2008
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Price paid: $ 1

Purchased from: ebay

Sound: Sound is good there's only a few tones you will get outa this. So all you "jack of all trades and I play all styles guys" won't like this guitar. If your into metal and want a clear tone for your lead this is for you. A lot of players like to mask there tone with a crazy amount of effects and distortion. Granted you need a high gain metal tone. But if you over kill it this guitar wont sound great. It sounds best on semi high gain without a lot of effects. If your used to a wall of reverb and whatnot it's going to take awhile to learn to play using mainly your fingers and control to get a nice playing tone. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Well the action is low even though I tune to C F A#D#G C with gauge 11's I still get crazy low action with out there beeing string buzz or a lack of sustain. The pickups took me a while to find a new tone that suited them. I used to play with passive SD's with the mids scoped out. Now I have it up to about 3 and turned the highs down a ton. The bass punches through clear and heavy. // 10

Reliability & Durability: Ok first things first change the floyd this floyd is not good quality. When my guitar tech was changing the strings on this. He used the whammy to bend it up a bit to take out the strings. And a section of the trem cracked. I was shocked to see how poor quality the trem was, and even more so to see the kinda material it was made of. But over all that's floyds fault not Jackson. This guitar is still worth it. // 7

Overall Impression: I play death metal, black metal. This suites me great you get a really harsh tone for rythmn sections plus a good sustain and clear sound for lead. Fast neck over all a good Jackson guitar. My only problem with this guitar is that it's becoming widely associated with the alexi laiho fan boy wanna be club. Not to diss the guy he's awesome. But I just hate possers and people who waste there talent trying to be someone else. I know this guitar is built to his specs and looks almost the same but please don't buy it for that. I'd hate to see this guitar get a reputation for a fan boy toy. it's a serious instrument for serious artists. And yeah I hope they come out with more finish options. I would like an all black with white bevs or chrome bevs, Also if this was available with a reverse head stock that would be my dream. // 10

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overall: 10
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: afi22929, on march 24, 2008
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Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Features: I got the RR24, the highest quality Japanese-made Rhoads, a few weeks ago from Musician's friend. I've always been a big fan of Rhoads, their unique design was just incredible to me. This particular model has a neck-thru body, maple neck, ebony fingerboard, Gotoh tuners (non-locking), a Floyd Rose tremolo, and an EMG 81 pickup. It comes in black with red bevels, black with yellow bevels, and snow white with black bevels, which is what I got (also seems to be the most common). It has 24 frets, which I found to be a nice addition, and has only one knob, for volume. It comes with two allen keys for loosening the tremolo when changing strings, and a whammy bar. // 10

Sound: I play mostly, actually pretty much only, metal music. All different subgenres, from metalcore to death metal. I'm currently using a Line 6 Spider III 75W amp, and contrary to most reviews on this amp, I find it to be a superb amp for the price. Since really the only thing you can change on the guitar is the volume, it's really up to the amp/pedal to change around the effects. The RR24 has a nice, solid sound to it, no matter how loud I get it never seems to distort the sound or make it sound mushy. Even though the tuners are non-locking, it never seems to go out of tune, and when it very rarely does, I only have to make minor adjustments. I use the whammy bar a lot, and it really makes for some great variety. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: When the guitar arrived at my house, it was thoroughly packaged with styrofoam pieces glued on the inside to keep it perfectly in place and not moving around. My compliments to Jackson. When I took it out of the box, I was able to play it immediately, barring some minor tuning adjustments. Nothing was loose or seemed of poor quality, the entire guitar was set up perfectly, no better way to put it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I've been playing this guitar a lot since I first got it a few weeks ago. My band just finished recording one of our songs last week, and my RR24 performed to it's fullest! I'm going to be playing Live this summer, and this guitar will be right up with me on stage, no backup. I replaced the strap buttons with a DiMarzio straplock system, so I can't really comment on the original ones, and I'm not about to test the durability of the finish. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall this is the perfect guitar for the serious metal musician. ]I also have an American Deluxe HSS Strat, which I still also use. If this guitar was lost or stolen, I'd replace it in the blink of an eye. The only one minor complaint I have about it is the Floyd Rose tremolo system is sort of a pain in the ass to change strings, especially to change string thicknesses. It's enough to Drive you crazy. But overall a superb guitar, if you're looking for a little more quality, go with the RR1, but those get to double the price of the RR24, so I figured it wasn't even worth it. Buy this guitar, you will not be disappointed! // 10

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overall: 9.2
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 26, 2010
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Price paid: C$ 1399.99

Purchased from: Wentworth Music

Features: Made in Japan in 2007, 24 jumbo frets, 25.5" scale. Ebony fretboard, Maple neck, alder body, neck thru. I picked it up in white and black (I was goin for the black and yellow, but the discontinued it)but none the less it's got an amazing finish very clean and vibrant laquer. It's got the FRT-2000 Floyd Rose with the locking nut of course., with an EMG 81 active pick up, and a single volume nob. It came with a very beastly hard case that will most certainly take a beating with out damaging the guitar what so ever. // 9

Sound: I keep it metal. Nothin but metal, which is primarily what the guitar was designed for. It sounds just phenominal and I do not regret buying it what so ever. It's got no noise or anything unless you absolutely crank it, but, there are simple ways to block that out. The clean sound is a completely different story, it's not bad but it's not the greatest either, unless you have a flanger, chorus, and a bunch of ways to enhance your clean sound I wouldn't recomment buying this guitar. I've played it through all sorts of amps (Line 6 spyder series amps, Peavey's little amps and there JSX series, Marshall stacks and all) and it sounds great through all of them, but I'd recommend something with tubes. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: When I first picked it up it had been set up for standard tuning and all that, the action was incredibly low and it played fast as hell. The pick up was nice and low, the bridge was set up perfect, everything about it was just astonishing. There wasn't a single scratch on it when it finally arrived, the finish is just beautiful. It's the kind of guitar you can have beside you and you'll notice yourself admiring it daily. When I bought thicker strings and such it took no effort to set it up (besides the standard pains in the ass of floating bridges). // 10

Reliability & Durability: You won't have much to worry about when bringing this guitar on stage. It's top of the line sort of speak. The quality and craftsmanship of this guitar are very high end. This guitar will take a beating and still give you an amazing tone long ways down the road. It may be expensive and gorgeous as sin, but I'm not easy on it at all. I play it like I own it in a sense. Everything from hardwear to strap buttons are on there nice and secure and you shouldn't have any problems on it(minus the possibility of breaking a string) // 9

Overall Impression: Like I mentioned before, I keep it metal and this guitar suits my needs perfectly. I played it at several music stores all over western Canada before purchasing it, and every one I picked up was just unbeleivably amazing. I've been into guitar for years and I know a heck of a lot about the instrument, so have no fear taking my word for it. If I lost it or had it stolen, I'd replace it as soon as I could afford too. The only bad thing I could say about it is that the accessibilityl to the higher frets on the higher strings is a bit finicky. It's a bit difficult for really high sweeps etc. I love the EMG 81 it sounds magnificiant, but EVERYONE uses the 81. It's way to generic, I'll be replacing the pick up probably quite shortly, but I do enjoy the sound quite a bit. It was a toss up for me between the alexi-600 and rr24 but ultimately the Jackson was just way more impressing when it came to playability. I wouldn't mind it having a gain boost of some sort, doesn't necessarily need one but it'd be a nice bonus to the guitar, and I will be putting one in when I put a new pick up in and have an extra couple hundred dollars to spare. // 9

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overall: 8.4
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: LeonidasVath, on january 25, 2011
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Price paid: C$ 1400

Features: According to everyone else, this guitar is a 2007 model, made in Japan. And for a Japanese gutiar, it doesn't get better than this. It's got a Maple Neck-thru alder body, 24 jumbo frets sportin' a beautiful ebony fingerboard. I picked her up in white with black bevels and black hardware. The finish is flawless and soo gorgeous I love it. It's got the "FRT-o2000" korean made bridge, which absolutely sucks. I've broken 2 trem arms and a saddle. As soon as I can afford it I'm putting an OFR on it. It rocks an EMG 81 active pick up, which sounds Killer and is nice and quiet even when it's pumpin. Pretty overrated pick up though, I'm thinkin DiMarzio is on the list of things to do with this guitar. It has just the one volume nob, but that's all you need right? Does anyone actually use the tone nob? It had the Jackson factory tuners, which do the job good enough for me. It's came with a hardcase that I've actually thrown the guitar in (unintentionally) and when I picked it up it was still in tune and everything. So the guitar case itself gets a 10/10. // 7

Sound: I play a lot of metal, but I like to try new things, and I love the blues. I'm also a huge fan of classic rock. I've used this guitar in all sorts of amps, and it always makes me awh. I have a little Epiphone amp (not even sure of the model of anything) the amps definitely older than I am though but it's the nicest sounding little amp I've ever heard, and the distortion is comes with stock is so unexpectedly brutal, but I'm sure the 81 has something to do with that. It tends to make distortion work better I've noticed. It's obviously a metal guitar, but thanks to the alder body and maple neck thru, it can produce an amazingly wonderful clean tone. It's pretty versitile though some may say otherwise. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: When I got this guitar it was set up great, the action was nothing short of perfect and the finish was awesome. The pick ups were set right where they should be, the bridge was nice and level. It played like the guitar shop set it up before they called me to tell me my guitar was here. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Oh, this guitar will take a beating. But not the hardware. Don't trust koreans with products, they fail. Like I said I've broken 2 arms and a saddle in the past 4 months (I haven't even played the guitar for weeks because I can't afford a new saddle or anything because I'm poor). But with an OFR thrown in it you have yourself the perfect guitar for where ever you want to take it. The finish is thick solid and vibrant. You can definitely depend on it. // 8

Overall Impression: I play metal, but lots of other stuff to, like I said before.. God I hate repeating myself. I've been playing for like 8 years. Before buying this product I wish I'd have known the bridge was made in korea, but that probably wouldn't have stopped me from buying it. If it were stolen, if I had the money to buy it again I definitely would, might even buy 2. I love how it plays, like.. It's perfect for me. It shreds. I love the 1 pick up neck-thru 24 ebony fret with a floyd set up, but a SC neck pick up would be a nice addition. I was thinkin the KV5FR but I like the rhoads shape better, and I think a 1 pick up guitar is nice to have, it definitely adds to the tone. The ebony fingerboard was a real selling point for me as well, not a huge fan of rosewood. I'm probably still going to get a KV5FR in the future, so be expecting my review of it as well. Jackson really knows how to make a guitar, that's for certain. What else is there to say besides if you're considering buying this guitar, DO IT. // 9

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overall: 8.8
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: Metallic_Blood, on january 05, 2009
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Price paid: £ 600

Purchased from: Ebay

Features: The Jackson RR24 is a Rhodes V, made in Japan. 24 frets, ebony board, jumbo frets. Fast runs just fall beneath your fingers with this guitar. I have the black finish with yellow bevels, and it looks awesome, I've noticed no flaws and I've had it about 4 months now. It comes with an Original Floyd Rose floating tremolo, and as you'd expect, it stays in tune even with some serious abuse, big bends and wammy-tricks alike. It comes with one EMG, an 81 in the bridge, and one volume control. // 8

Sound: I play metal, various sub-genres and all and this guitar suits me down to the ground, it's what it was made for. I'm using it with a line6 spider 2 and even with this amp it sounds awesome, it's got a very thick, yet biting tone which is great for riffs and lead alike. The cleans are very bright and glassy, they remind me slightly of early Metallica cleans. It makes no noise unless I'm right next to a TV or something. As you'd expect from one pickup and one volume control the tones you can create from the guitar are pretty limited. For me, the sound of this guitar is a 10, but I'm assuming the lack of a neck pickup and the softer sounds it brings would put many guitarists off. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was very good when it arrived (nice and low) although the Ebay shop I bought it from said they did give it a full set-up before it was shipped. The bridge was properly routed and from what I've learned of the guitar it has no hardware flaws to be found. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I believe this guitar would well withstand Live use, I used to gig with a Jackson RX10D (lower end Rhodes V) and that was fine, so I have every confidence in this guitar and would use this guitar without backup happily. The strap buttons are pretty good, they're big and hold the strap well, when this guitar finally gets a chance to gig though I'll probably invest in some strap locks, just to be safe. The finish seems sound, no problems so far. // 9

Overall Impression: I play metal mostly, from Slayer and Metallica to Children Of Bodom and Arch Enemy, Vital Remains (attempts) and styles in between and this guitar can handle them all well. I'm 18 and I've been playing guitar for 10 years now, (only 4 1/2 seriously though) I own a few guitars, the aforementioned RX10D, an Ibanez 2570 (the older one), an Epiphone Explorer (sold), Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus (sold), an old Washburn MG42 and a Fender 12 string acoustic. I have owned only one amp, the line6 spider 2. The RR24 blows them all out though, the RX10D and the Ibanez get used for other tunings. If it were lost or stolen, aside from being mega-pissed off, I would get another one. Before I bought this I tried it in my local music store (890:O) and compared it to an LTD Alexi600 and an RR5 (I was looking for Rhodes V's) and I preferred it to both, the cutout on the Alexi600 looked good, but only until you realize the body on the Alexi600 starts higher up the neck so it needs the cutout. The RR5 was nice, but the EMG sounded more like what I was looking for, plus I love Floyd Rose trems. // 10

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overall: 9.2
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: KungMagnus, on october 29, 2009
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Price paid: € 750

Purchased from: blocket.se

Features: I've just bought a Jackson RR24 limited edition including case, strap and strap locks. Note that the price is for it used. It is made in Japan like the rest of thr pro series Jacksons and features: a 25,5 scale length, 24 jumbo frets, maple neck-thru on a alder body, ebony fretboard, reverse sharkfin inlays, cream/yellow binding on neck/headstock, single EMG 81 pickup, single volume, original Floyd Rose and the tuners are Jacksons brand. The finnish is black with yellow bevels and all hardware is black. // 9

Sound: This thing sounds really good, for metal. I only play metal, may it be thrash, death, melo death, metalcore, pagan, heavy metal...It can handle it all, and I'm playing gutar in a metal band so this thing suit me just perfect. As everyone allready know it only got one EMG 81 in bridge position and therefore the sound is very limited. Some may need the neck pickup but I have come to the conclusion that I never really used it on my other guitar either so it doesn't bugg me. I play through a Vox ad 100vt with a Boss metal zone pedal and a Dunlop crybaby wah. I just gotta say that I really dislike the sound in this amp, even with the metal zone you can't get more than a decent metal tone. BUT! I allso own a LTD V-500 and a Epiphone Les Paul Custom, and my RR24 have the nicest tone of the three through my shitty Vox. So even if my amp is not the greatest my RR24 still manage to lift it a bit and it's not noisy at all, no feedback or anything. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I bought this guitar used and the guy I bought it from was the second owner of it. But I am amazed by how nice condition it was in, looks like new! The only thing is some very slight wear of finnish on the tip of the long fin and a milimeter spot on the headstock. Other than that you could easily have thought it was Brand New. I just had to adjust the floyd and the action a little bit and it was ready to rock. I havn't yet found any problems with it, it's in good shape and seams solid as a rock. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I pretty confident in this guitar and belive it will handle Live playing exelent, everything is of high quality material. The hardware is all black as I mentioned and the guitar is used, but the hardware looks like new exept for some very minor colour coming of the bridge from sweaty playing. The floyd also seems to handle abuse really well, it's all high quality stuff. The guy who owned this guitar before me replaced the original strap buttons with gold strap locks which I'm highly greatfull for, you don't want to risk to drop it. The finnish looks like it is very durable, this is a secondhand guitar and it shows no sign of wear exept on the fin and headstock. I'm absolutly in love with this thing and will gladly be using it Live as my main axe. I will always keep my LTD V-500 as backup if string snaps or something else, unpredicted happens. But over all it's a beast of a guitar. // 10

Overall Impression: Well as mentioned I play pretty much all kinds of metal and it's a match made in heaven for me. I have been playing for almost 4 years now and also own a LTD V-500 and a Epiphone Les Paul Custom. I'm extreamly happy with what I got in this guitar and it was an amazing price aswell, just love it. If I some how lost it I may consider getting another one, if I found the right deal. Maybe I would try to get another Jackson model, King V or RR (I frekin' love Jackson). I really like the ebony fretboard along with reverse shak fins and binding on neck and headstock, gives it a classy look. And you gotta love the original Floyd Rose, gives you many options in your playing. There is nothing with it that I relly don't like. The only thing that could make it better was if it had a neck pickup, then it would just be so complete. Luckily I'm not in great need of one, but it would be nice. // 9

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overall: 7.6
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: guitarprodigy75, on december 01, 2009
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Price paid: $ 650

Purchased from: american music supply

Features: This guitar is awesome. It was made in 2008 and was made in Japan. This sucker has 22 1/2 frets with a thin maple neck and a rosewood fret board. This Jackson has a lot of versitility. It has a transparent black with the white polka dots. It has the Shark fin style Flying V designed by the man himself(Randy Rhoads).It has the Floyd Rose bridge with the whammy bar, which sounds beautiful with the active Duncan Designed pickups. The down side of this guitar is that the only knob it has is volume so you can't change the tone, which is a problem for some people because they are picky about where the tone is set. It has a 3-way selecter for the neck, bridge, and both. It has locking tuners which work great for those Who love to use the whammy bar. // 7

Sound: It is perfect for playing heavy metal and hard rock. The pickups put out the perfect amount of distortion. I use metal planet distortion and a Cry Baby wah. Both of these make this Jackson purr. It has a rich sound and can be loud and brutal with distortion, and soft and beautiful on clean. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: It was set up just perfect at the factory. I plugged in after getting it and WOW it sounded amazing and still sounds amazing after the 1000th time playing it. The pickups are adjusted perfectly. This guitar is virtualy flawless. The only flaws that can be caused are caused by the owner. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will withstand more than Live playing, it will withstand a nuclear holocaust. It is a very dependable guitar. I could play a 3 day ig without changing to my back-up. The finish seems as if it will last forever. The strap buttons are very solid. // 8

Overall Impression: I play heavy metal and this guitar is a perfect match. I've been playing for almost 2 years and I got this guitar shortly after my first year and it was a gateway to learning new songs and making my own music. If it got stolen I would definately buy another one. // 7

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overall: 9.8
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: srob7001, on february 05, 2010
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Price paid: $ 98.93

Purchased from: Sam Ash

Features: Year: 2009 Neck: Large frets, 24 frets, Maple baord Construction: Maple neck through with alder wings Finish: Black with white bevels Bridge: LFR Electronics: EMG-81 and volume control SKB hardshell case included I give it an overall 9 only becasue of the EMG-81. I'm just not that found of them, but since I was getting the guitar for under 100.00 dollars, I wasn't going to gripe. // 9

Sound: The sound with this guitar is prety good. I'm not a huge fan of EMG's but it is sounding great. Eventually it will be swapped out for a passive pick up. I run my guitar into a TS-9 tube screamer and then into my Bugera V22. It is a very quite guitar and has a pretty bright sound due to the maple and alder. But it can still get heavy when it needs to. I can go from sparkly clean to blues to Children Of Bodom with this guitar. I do feel funny when I Strat with the blues and I am holding a Flying V. Sound just doesn't fit what I hold, but I like things to make people go... Huh? // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar was set up perfectly out of the box. I got the last one in the store and it hadn't even been taken out of the box or case. I plays perfect. Low action, great intonation, bridge was set up right. I have yet to notice any flaws with this guitar as of yet. Only wierd thing was it has active controls but it had a ground wire soldered to the bridge. I found that odd so I cut it as actives don't usually use a ground like that. They ground from the input jack. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I don't know if it will hold up for live playing as I don't play live. I am a living room guitarist. The hardware seems fine. It should hold up unless you abuse it. Stap buttons were well placed and fine, but I replaced mine with strap locks. I'm not taking any chance with this guitar. // 10

Overall Impression: I mostly play metal, rock, and blues and this guitar sounds great no matter what I play. I have been playing guitar for 13-14 years and this is the first guitar I have ever owned that lists for over $1000.00. If it were stolen I would kill a bitch. I will never find this guitar again for the price I paid. I love the neck the most. Jackson uses a compound radius neck and it feels great. I also love the shape. I have been wanting a Jackson V for about 10 years now. The reason I chose this guitar? Why not? I was in the market for a $500.00 guitar and I ses this beauty on sale for $600.00 w/ hard shell case. Trade in my RG370DX and get full creist on a LTD I had bought 6 months earlier and I walk out the door with it for $98.93. It's an investment to say the least. I could easily make 6-7 times what I paid for it IF i ever decide to aprt ways with it, which won't be happening any time soon...if ever. // 10

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overall: 9.2
RR24 Rhoads Reviewed by: rickyc2570, on april 05, 2010
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Purchased from: eBay

Features: I got this Jackson RR24 made in Japan couple months ago. It has 24 frets, the neck is a bit thicker than my Japanese Ibanez RG. I've got it in white with black bevels and it looks much better than any pictures you see! It's got maple through neck and alder wings which give a very thick and heavy sound, its EMG active pickup offers the hard edge and this guitar is geared up for METAL! The Floyd Rose Original bridge does its job and offers great playability. Its tuner is made by Jackson not Gotoh but it has no problem at all since it has the Floyd Rose locking system. It is a very nice guitar for metal or hard rock. // 10

Sound: I play metal and currently I have it in D Standard tuning with some EB costum strings (11-56) so I can play some Children of Bodom. It sounds heavier than Alexi's signiture made by ESP but with less midrange punch. I'd say you probably know how an EMG pickup sounds like so there's no need for me to describe it, it's just heavy with hard edge, metal stuff. Some people complain about Jackson's random noise when you're not playing but mine's been fine. Its clean tone is Okay but not totally great. With some preamp to boost the bass and some treble (or rather, get relatively less midrange) it gives some nice dry miserable clean sound which I really like. I'm not giving it a 10 here because I always want a neck pickup to give me some smoother solo (look at Jackson Phil Demmal model!), but if you're after a single humbucker metal guitar you'll find it perfect. If you want an 'every type' guitar then don't even care about this one because it's for metal and hard rock. Some people said it can make some bluesy sound but I haven't tried that. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I don't know how well it was set-up at factory since I bought it 2nd hand and I changed the strings and action soon after I received it. The pickup is in good position, not in the way of playing (my Ibanez's pickups ALWAYS cought my pick). The Floyd Rose Original is good and I'm sure you know it all. The guitar is 'almost flawless'. It's got good low action and nice neck which is very comfortable to play on, but since I have owned an Ibanez I have to say this Jackson isn't as smooth or quick. But it's still very nice. Take another point away here because its body kind of gets in the way when you go onto 21nd-24th fret, most V guitars are like that and I don't like it. Look at ESP SV's extra cut down the end and you probably know what I'm talking about. But after all with the 'not the very best' action and 'not the very best' cut, I still have no problem to play some complicated and fast sredding, sweeping, tapping and all that, so it's still a great built. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Haven't gigged with it yet but all its hardware seem to last forever. Don't know about the strap buttons because I put on DiMarzio ClipLock strap as soon as I received it. Can I depend on it? I'd say yes although I haven't gigged with it. It hasn't shown any problem at all for the couple of months I have it. And I would gig without a backup but partly because my other guitars are in different tuning anyway and I have no backup lol. The paint on tips of wings comes off a bit because it's very easy to smack the wings into something if you're not careful, but that's the same as all other V guitars and it's to do with the person who owns it not the guitar's problem. So if you're careful it's all good, if you crack it don't even blame the guitar. // 10

Overall Impression: I have played the guitar for around 7 years and mostly play some metal, but I always go onto youtube, click on random songs and jam on it. It does well for what I mentioned. I use different guitar when I want some really soft cloudy clean tone but if you're looking at Jackson I'm sure you won't use it to play that. If it was stolen or lost I probably will get another one, unless I suddenly has more money to spare and I'd like to try ESP SV or Jackson Demmalition King (I love Jackson and ESP over other metal guitar manufacturers, and I prefer EMG active pickup. I'd consider those two because they have a neck pickup, as I mentioned before I do use it a lot). But this guitar has no problem at all and maybe it's good to have bridge pickup only so it mantains a bit more wood (Rhoads shaped guitars got everything cut away already). I love its sound and how it looks. I also feel Rhoads shaped guitars are more comfortable to play with than proper V, the short bottom wing doesn't get in the way when you're seating or standing. I compared it with a few guitars, I mentioned ESP SV, Jackson Demmalition King and my Ibanez. I've played American Fenders and Gibsons before but I guess they're for slightly different type of music so I'm not gonna compare them. And a few other guitars which are one or two hundreds pounds cheaper with similar score in reviews but this one is in a different class so don't dream about getting a cheaper guitar with same quality. Look on eBay if you wanna save money. I bought this one because it was perfect for me, the cost, the sound, the features (24 frets, Floyd Rose Original...). But as I said several times, I wish it had a cut to give easier access to top frets (like ESP does) and I wish it had a neck pickup. But after all it's a great awesome guitar all geared up for kickass noise! // 9

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