RR24M review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 7.8 (36 votes)
Jackson: RR24M

Price paid: $ 650

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 6
It's widely known that the EMG 81 does metal very well, but it only does metal. The cleans on this guitar are not the best, not the worst I've heard, for a guitar that was 1200 new, it's cleans are horrible. This guitar was made for one thing, shredding, nothing else. It's tone very brutal it can go from AC/DC rock to Mayhem Black Metal and every other style of rock and metal out there. The EMG 81 is silent, I play it through a Bugera 1960 drivin by a EH Metal Muff w/top boost, a DigiTech Digidelay, a Boss CH-1, and a Carl's custom guitars volume box, all driving a Randall RT412RC cab, not the greatest set up, bet I do think it's tone is good enough to judge whether or not it sucks ass. Again I'm giving it a low rating cause it can only do metal well and nothing else, even though I pretty much only play metal.

Overall Impression — 9
Like I said I play mainly metal, but I do also play Jazz and Blues, and this guitar is not built for those styles. This guitar is for all the shredders out there who love tearing up their fret boards. Don't get me wrong I love doing that but the truth is thats all this guitar can do and I love it. I own 4 other guitars, a Ibanez XPT700FX, a Jackson RR3, a Jackson JS32 King V, and shitty Squier strat. This guitar is the best and my favourite out of all em, I've also played many, many other guitars and Jackson has always been the best brand I have ever played. If this guitar was stolen from me and I found the guy, I would beat the livin shit out of em and then shove the headstock up their ass, if it was lost, I would how f--ken drunk I must have been to lose a f--king guitar. Overall it's the best guitar I have ever played for metal and it has the most brutal tone I have ever heard, if you only play metal buy this motherf--ker, if you play other styles this ain't the guitar for you.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Here is where I think the guitar shines. This guitar is Jackson, and like all real Jackson's it's built to gig and this has been gigged to shit. The guy who had this guitar before would throw it on the floor at the end of every gig and it shows. The paint looks great from afar, but get close and you'll see dings, chips, and cracks all over it. This guitar can take a beating and still play great. The strap buttons, like on all Jacksons are f--king huge, so big that its's a bitch to fit the strap on em' so I know that the strap ain't ever gonna fall off. The Floyd holds tuning great, I give all my Floyd guitars the "Vai" test, basically I just rape the Trem and see if holds tune, if does I keep it, if not I either return it or see if it's worth replacing the Floyd. Despite being very dependable I would never gig without a back up, cause only a Dumbass would do that.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
I bought this guitar used, so I can't comment on the factory set up, but when I bought it, it felt great. The guitar's action was super low with no fret buzz, I had to adjust the pickups to my preference, but I wont count against it because everybody has a different preference.

Features — 6
08 Jackson RR24M, made in Japan. 24 frets on maple fret board, 25.5 scale, neck through construction. Snow White with Black Bevels, Alder body, 1 piece maple neck. Rhoads body (obviously), Floyd Rose FRTO2000 (Asian made Original Floyd Rose), EMG 81, single volume knob, Jackson Tuners. I'm only rating this a 6 cause it's features are limited even though it was designed for shredding, it still is very plain...

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    Lol, some trolls have voted all the comments down. What is wrong with guys here?!?!?!? We are getting some ad spams every day and some trolls rate the gear a 1 and vote all the comments down. What is your guys problem!
    I have this guitar, I got it like 4 years ago. As soon as I got it I noticed a few issues, but I was really ignorant and just didnt give a shit. Fret inlays were not glued in all the way, and they were sticking out. My volume knob was loose, action is terrible even though that is common with new guitars.. It is a very durable guitar, i've dropped it on a garage floor totally by accident, and some how the neck did not snap off. But honestly I should have gotten something else. To this day the action still has problems and the only way to really fix it is to use 9 guage strings in standard tuning which is not going to happen.
    I would like to get this, I am a fan of v shaped guitars. I would probably replace the pickup though. Just my five cents though.
    Im a huge person and the small body on these would just look awkward on me lol. The neck on these feel great though.
    bustapr wrote: its pretty obvious that this isnt good for blues. I wouldnt pick this up, I play anything megadeth/metallica, and a guitar only 1 pickup and 1 knob(volume) wont suit my needs.
    Metallica pretty much only use bridge pickup. And I think you would keep your tone at full if you play Metallica. I could live with my Charvel if it only had bridge pickup. It doesn't have tone knobs, just one volume. It's HH but as I said, I could live with it if it had only one pickup. Though I use the neck pickup/middle position for cleans and sometimes overdrive and solos. But I also use my bridge pickup for those.
    I just don't like Jackson necks for some reason. The compound radius thing makes it really awkward to play for me. Which makes me sad because a lot of Jacksons look pretty amazing :/ oh well...though i will say I'm still considering save for an LTD Alexi-600 lol
    You guys are crazy. This is possibly one of the greatest instruments created. I won't go as far as saying the best though. But c'mon, it's a Randy Rhoads guitar. The guy was the best that lived, and how dare Jackson make a shitty guitar in his name.