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manufacturer: Jackson date: 12/19/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Jackson: RR24M
This guitar is for all the shredders out there who love tearing up their fret boards. Don't get me wrong I love doing that but the truth is thats all this guitar can do and I love it.
 Sound: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 9.3
 Reliability & Durability: 9.3
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.5
 Features: 7.5
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overall: 7.8
RR24M Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 17, 2012
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Price paid: $ 650

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: 08 Jackson RR24M, made in Japan. 24 frets on maple fret board, 25.5 scale, neck through construction. Snow White with Black Bevels, Alder body, 1 piece maple neck. Rhoads body (obviously), Floyd Rose FRTO2000 (Asian made Original Floyd Rose), EMG 81, single volume knob, Jackson Tuners. I'm only rating this a 6 cause it's features are limited even though it was designed for shredding, it still is very plain... // 6

Sound: It's widely known that the EMG 81 does metal very well, but it only does metal. The cleans on this guitar are not the best, not the worst I've heard, for a guitar that was 1200 new, it's cleans are horrible. This guitar was made for one thing, shredding, nothing else. It's tone very brutal it can go from AC/DC rock to Mayhem Black Metal and every other style of rock and metal out there. The EMG 81 is silent, I play it through a Bugera 1960 drivin by a EH Metal Muff w/top boost, a DigiTech Digidelay, a Boss CH-1, and a Carl's custom guitars volume box, all driving a Randall RT412RC cab, not the greatest set up, bet I do think it's tone is good enough to judge whether or not it sucks ass. Again I'm giving it a low rating cause it can only do metal well and nothing else, even though I pretty much only play metal. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: I bought this guitar used, so I can't comment on the factory set up, but when I bought it, it felt great. The guitar's action was super low with no fret buzz, I had to adjust the pickups to my preference, but I wont count against it because everybody has a different preference. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Here is where I think the guitar shines. This guitar is Jackson, and like all real Jackson's it's built to gig and this has been gigged to shit. The guy who had this guitar before would throw it on the floor at the end of every gig and it shows. The paint looks great from afar, but get close and you'll see dings, chips, and cracks all over it. This guitar can take a beating and still play great. The strap buttons, like on all Jacksons are f--king huge, so big that its's a bitch to fit the strap on em' so I know that the strap ain't ever gonna fall off. The Floyd holds tuning great, I give all my Floyd guitars the "Vai" test, basically I just rape the Trem and see if holds tune, if does I keep it, if not I either return it or see if it's worth replacing the Floyd. Despite being very dependable I would never gig without a back up, cause only a Dumbass would do that. // 10

Overall Impression: Like I said I play mainly metal, but I do also play Jazz and Blues, and this guitar is not built for those styles. This guitar is for all the shredders out there who love tearing up their fret boards. Don't get me wrong I love doing that but the truth is thats all this guitar can do and I love it. I own 4 other guitars, a Ibanez XPT700FX, a Jackson RR3, a Jackson JS32 King V, and shitty Squier strat. This guitar is the best and my favourite out of all em, I've also played many, many other guitars and Jackson has always been the best brand I have ever played. If this guitar was stolen from me and I found the guy, I would beat the livin shit out of em and then shove the headstock up their ass, if it was lost, I would how f--ken drunk I must have been to lose a f--king guitar. Overall it's the best guitar I have ever played for metal and it has the most brutal tone I have ever heard, if you only play metal buy this motherf--ker, if you play other styles this ain't the guitar for you. // 9

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overall: 8.2
RR24M Reviewed by: Viotto, on december 07, 2010
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Price paid: € 850

Purchased from: thomann.de

Features: This guitar model was made in 2008. The one I own has got a "Made in Japan" label. This guitar is very similar to the RR24 model, except for the fretboard which is in maple (I guess this is the reason for the M in the model name), while the RR24 has got an ebony fretboard; maple fretboard is smoother than ebony one, and generally doesn't need to be maintained with lemon oil. RR24M and RR24, as their name suggests, are currently the only guitars in the Jackson Rhoads line to have 24 jumbo frets instead of only 22. The Rhoads-shaped body is made out of Alder; available colours are black with white bevels, or white with black bevels. The bridge is an original Floyd Rose. The guitar is equipped with a single active pickup, an EMG 81 in bridge position. There is also a single control, which is the pickup volume knob. Guitar came included with the Jackson V-shaped solid case. // 7

Sound: This guitar is targeted to play metal, and does its job very well! Sound is bright and powerful, distortion can be awesome if plugged into a good amplifier. I play mostly metal / metalcore, and for that, Jackson RR24M + Peavey Vypyr 30W = flawless match! For clean sound, it is good when it comes to metal. It is a powerful, deep tone. Obviously this guitar is extremely metal oriented, and you would like to get another guitar if you are an all-around player or you rarely play heavy music. However I am able to play blues stuff with this guitar, due to the reliability of the Peavey Vypyr amp! The sound is too powerful for genres such as blues, but I am not a blues enthusiast so I play it rarely: instead I usually play stuff like Bullet for my Valentine, and in this case I can obtain a sound which is almost the same as the original. Same thing for bands like Children of Bodom, Iron Maiden etc. The original Floyd Rose floating bridge allows to heavily use tremolo and bendings without losing tuning. This guitar can also be extremely silent, even with volume control turned at maximum level. Sometimes I forget to Switch off the amplifier since I can't hear any sound from it when I leave the guitar without playing. You are also able to play fast and well defined notes without background noise. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Guitar arrived without noticeable problems, I am very satisfied about it. Action is very low, distance between strings and pickup is extremely low (about 1 mm) but strings don't touch it and there's no fret buzz. This means you are able to comfortably play very fast stuff! I feel the Rhoads style comfortable and I got used to it almost immediately. This guitar, thanks probably to the alder body, is lightweight. I noticed it comparing it to my Ibanez GIO guitar, noticeably heavier. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This is a straightforward guitar and I think it can withstand live playing without problems. I haven't had major problems after 5 months playing this guitar, but I noticed the fretboard bindings tend with time to lose their black finish which stains the bright-cloloured maple fretboard. However fortunately it seems that the bindings remain black without discoloring. I am very cautious with the body finish, I often clean it with a cotton cloth. It easily gets dirty due to fingerprints, being a good-looking shiny finish. In the same way, I think it can be scratched quite easily, but fortunately until now it didn't happen. Besides the above mentioned finish problems on the fretboard and body, I think the guitar hasn't got any other durability flaws. // 7

Overall Impression: I love this guitar. I bought it because after my cheap Ibanez GIO I wanted a better guitar, metal-oriented, and Rhoads shape has always been attracting me. For what I play (metal / metalcore) it suits me great: 24 frets, EMG 81 active pickup, Floyd Rose floating bridge, low action, powerful and bright sound, lightweight, comfortable and good-looking. I have no regrets about my choice! // 9

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overall: 9.6
RR24M Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 24, 2011
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Price paid: $ 750

Purchased from: Music Farm

Features: This killer guitar features a 24 fret neck-thru maple neck with jumbo frets with black toothshark inlays, one active EMG 81 pickup, an original Floyd Rose with nuts, a single volume knob and an amazing finish. Mine is white with black bevels and was received with the hardcase. It was a special offer from the Music Farm on Ebay. // 10

Sound: Well, I'm a big Jackson RR fan but this time I wanted a guitar with 24 frets for the different solos I wanted to play such as Children of Bodom's songs.This guitar is perfect for my style. DO NOT BUY IF YOU NEED 2 PIKCUPS. This guita as 1 pickup. It's not a surprise so if you tend to use the neck pickup a lot, please do not buy. This guitar is for Metal/ hard rock players who likes to solo and use pinched harmonics a lot. I use my Marshall MG100HDFX with less gain than usual because of the active pick up and a bit of reverb and it's just great. The sound of this guitar is amazing and the clarity of the maple neck is just pure holy bonus. BTW the 24th fret is really easy to reach thanks to the neck-trhu that doesn't have thick back plate and the body also seems a little less larger than usual. Active pick up and bad clean? I don't think so. Really clean and interesting clean sound. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Honestly, I couldn't tell you if the guitar was properly set-up by the factory for I did not play with the original set-up for more than one hour. As soon as I got it I change the strings so I changes the set-up. But I'm pretty sure it was ok. The finish is just Killer and flawless... you look at it and it inspires respect, you won't feel like you're worth playing it. I had 1 flaw, only one and it seems, according to other reviews, than mine was exceptional. After maybe 3 months my guitar started to make noise that I had no control over. My luthier first thought it was the preamp of the pickup so we changed it for an EMG ALX with the gain booster but it didn't solve the problem. Turns out that it was the back cattery cavity that wasn't properly isolated. We relocated the battery in the back cavity and now everything is perfect. I'm giving 8 instead of 9 because it still cost me a pickup and repair/instalation fees because of the factory. // 8

Reliability & Durability: If I was ever to play live, this guitar would last forever. The hardwares look solid. I can't talk about strap buttons because as soon as I received it I put some strap locks on. Really awesome Floyd Rose, very reliable. The finnish looks like it's there to stay. Only thing is of course it's white so it will eventually turn to yellow-ish white. I don't think you'd need a backup for this guitar but you know... that's not a chance I would be willing to take. Shit happens. It's a 10 but if you like your guitar to stay like it was on the first day, I suggest you don't buy the white one... especially for smokers. // 10

Overall Impression: Well I didn't buy this guitar to play jazz or blues. I bought it for metal in low tuning like Drop C and it fits well. I like to play sharp, loud and make the guitar scream and that's what this guitar is begging for. I've played lots of guitar in my 3 years of playing but I always had a thing for Jackson RRs and this guitar made it even worst. I wish I could have bought it in Black though but at that price that was like the best deal ever. I recommend this guitar to any metal player. If you're used to play with rosewood fretboard, you might need some time to adapt to the maple fretboard at first. If it was stolen or lost? If somebody was to steal this guitar, I would probably turn into some kind of super hero who'd kick some criminal ass until I find the one who stole my guitar XD. IT IS MY PRECIOUS. If it was lost? how the hell do you lose a 5foot3 hardcase that weight about 30 pounds? Anyways, I really recommend this guitar to anyone who likes to play metal and likes to play with Vs // 10

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overall: 8.8
RR24M Reviewed by: NewGroove, on december 19, 2012
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Price paid: € 700

Purchased from: Used

Features: Well this guitar has 24 frets on maple fret board, 25.5 scale and neck through body. Mine is Black with white stripes and for me it looks great. I bought it used and the previous user had changed the pup for j95 active pup. It has a little equalizer built in (three knobs each with two options to choose a combination/sound) to change the gain boost. It works really great on this guitar. Sound has been the best I've ever heard for metal. It has one volume knob and of course one pup on bridge. Locks and Floyd rose. // 7

Sound: Notice that this guitar doesn't have a standard sound. I play all kinds of genres but metal is a huge interest. For metal this guitar is perfect. Honestly with the J95 pups gain boost this has been the best sounding guitar I've ever played. For metal. The clean sound in mine is sharp but a bit trebly, but its manageable for some clean stuff. But for serious playing I wouldn't use it for anything else than metal. Some occasion it can fit well for heavy rock. The clarity that this guitar brings is great and its best shown through good (not meaning cranked up) distortion. The guitar roars so much that it almost has to let play heavy stuff. With out the gainboost the clean sound could be used but still there is just one tone for that and if you don't like it.. Well then you just don't. I bought this guitar for metal and it has suited me for that better than anything else so I give the sound perfect 10. If you want variety don't even think buying this but if you like straightforward roaring heavy metal sound this is a really nice piece of wood for that. I've played this guitar thru many amps and with the gain boost it just outruns many other guitars on how the sound comes out of the cabin. Its so clear and well just there in your face. ROAAAAAAR. Much easier to hear everything. Some of my friends who don't know but a few riffs on a guitar sound a lot better on this thing. Like really a lot. I'd like having a bridge pup on some arpeggios and shreds but it hasn't bothered me so much on this guitar because it sounds so good. But I'm wondering how good variety you would get out of this guitar if it had a good neck pup fitted in too. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was setted by the previous owner pretty low so I raised it a bit. Everything else was top notch and I've loved the feel of this guitar ever since. The maple fretboard collects alot more crap from your fingers so it will get dirtier a lot easier than a rosewood FB. Or maybe crap just makes its presence more easily visible on maple.. The guitar was and has darkened a bit there where the inlays are but it doesn't bother me. I put on 11-50 strings and lowered it from open D to C. It is nice. Guitar is easy to play (if used to RR shape) and I've found that its a lot easier to do sharp clear solos and leads on this than anything else I've played. It feels really solid its not heavy but still feels like a good piece of wood. If you know what I'm saying. // 9

Reliability & Durability: It keeps tuning really well and I'm having a hard time to recall when was the last time I broke a string. For me really reliable and I like to play hard, bend hard and use a lot tremolo. This is the guitar of choice for me on a metal gig. If not a metal show I wouldn't use this guitar. Strap buttons haven't failed me once and I'm sure that this guitar would withstand the most drunkest and wildest shows. I wouldn't like to play without a backup guitar but with this I think I could play with minor worries. For this is the guitar I'm gonna hold on tight and I think I can rely on this guitar. // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar is for metal and it server its purpose there better than I expected. Of course it has not a standard pickup but I think this review might fit in well. For me this combination of Jackson RR24 (heh obviously) J95 pickup and MAPLE fretboard has been superb on metal playing. The maple fretboard feels awesome and sounds clear but I'd also like to own a rosewood RR24 someday and see what I could sound with a J95 pickup. I've owned this for 1,5 years and I've found it to be the most suitable choice to play heavy music. I'm gonna record something on the clean sound too because really its not bad but there just is only that one tone.

// 9

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