RX10D Rhoads review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (135 votes)
Jackson: RX10D Rhoads

Price paid: $ 417

Purchased from: Mid-Michigan Music Center

Sound — 10
This guitar is directly strictly to metal and shred fans. The pickups do a great job with transfer the sound with minimal noise, and gives assertive tone whether on clean channel w/ both pickups or on distortion on the bridge pickup. The sound is surprisingly well rounded on clean channel despite the metal look to it(Think like Seven Mary Three's acoustic version of Cumbersome). It's very good for both clean-channel playing, as well as the metal and shred you grew up with.

Overall Impression — 10
An axe like this exists to be played Live, although I am not able to do so at this time, and plays even better than it sounds. It is durable, but the moment you get reckless with it you'll probably end up paying to get the spike replaced. The spike and the possibility of low action upon delivery from the manufacturer to the dealer to the player are the only things you need to worry about. Want something that can play like it looks? You've got it. Want one that's not so ridiculously expensive, but has top of the line hardware? Right again. Need something that isn't a hollow-body, but can give deliver a shimmering warm tone? Check. For the metalhead that needs to shred, this axe is what you're looking for.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Durability didn't seem to be a big thing driving this guitar's sales, but it turns out (after constant use for a while) that it is stable like most guitars. Just playing it for, say, a couple weeks gives you the feeling like it will last, if taken care of. If you took it on stage and thrashed it around trying to break it, you wouldn't have a hard time. The large point looks as though it would break easily if it were smashed onstage or run over with a car, but just playing it wouldn't bring you any worries. This guitar's finish will hold up, but don't hit it on anything, I made that mistake the night I got it and it chipped right on the large point. If you take it onstage without a replacement backstage, don't go hitting it on the floor or the amps!

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The pickups and action upon first receiving it from the store were just where they needed to be. With this system, however, watch if your action is too low, since the one I have seems to hint toward needing adjustments in a month or so. The model I got didn't contain any flaws that I found aside from the audio cable input slot needing to be screwed back tightly to the body.

Features — 9
This guitar practically IS a feature all its own. The crimson-swirl finish is the easily most noticable feature, followed closely by the Duncan Design pickups. This is a 2006 model, but I was lucky enough to find it at Mid-Mich Music. I have yet to receive the special-order hard case, so I don't know about that unfortunately. It does, however, have the massive benefits of a double-locking Jackson bridge system and 22 frets. Has a 3-way Switch w/ passive pickups, and master volume knob, giving you just what you need to pick up and play.

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    I just bought one of these today for $299 at Mississippi Music, brand new. Annual Closed Door Sale... gotta love 'em. I love it so far. I got a Jackson DK2M Dinky Pro Series as well, so needless to say I haven't really been playing with this one too much, but I love the shape of it and it sounds awesome through my Line 6 HD150 stack. The only thing I don't like about it is the fingerboard. The guitar I got was black, and it had the brown fingerboard. It doesn't look bad , but it would look a LOT better with either an ebony or the ash-looking one. Everybody knows black and brown don't go together. Ehhh, who cares, though... still looks and sounds awesome.
    im thinking of getting this guitar or the epiphone g-400 custom or fender hss standard strat as a "backup" to my les paul ultra. any suggestions? i play all types of music from jazz to metal and all the guitars feel equally as awesome but im leaning more towards the strat. if anyone can help me id really appreciate it! thanks!
    I got one of these from a friend to "test drive" before buying. I really like it, the 22XJ frets, nice and fast neck BUT I think there's something wrong with the volume poti or something. Sometimes it doesn't work at all and it's like the volume would be at zero while it actually is at max but it will work properly after some time. I also thought about replacing the bridge pickup with either an EMG-H4 or a Seymour Duncan Invader. Could you guys please help a little?
    How much Australian ($) do you reckon id need to purchase this beauty? OR should i just ship it from some countrie
    this is my second guitar i got b4 a Squier (lol) it cost me a fortune cuz i live in malaysia, which has different currencies and exchange rate so 50 USD or pounds can get up to 150 or 250 RM (malay currncy) i got this for 1795 RM (cost me a fortune) altho the price had been reduced from 2000+, the shop had a megasale so i decided to stop by and look for some guitars and there it was, the guitar hunged on the wall, waiting for me, i fell inlove with it almost instantly and i almost forgot the guitar i like which was the ESP alexi laiho series. I quickly snatched it, ask the dude for testing, it was awesome i say, the first shark fin/V guitar ive played in my whole life, i bought it, went home and played some shit, but this guitar costs approx 500$
    Save your money for a little bit longer and get the RR3They dont call it a pro series guitar for nothing.
    what should I get : this one or an epiphone Xplorer ???
    I have this Baby almost two years and i can say its a guitar good "just for image". Thats true its light and easy to use but time to time you realize its good just for metal and grind. It has 22 frets...you cant get a higher tone if you tune it down.Also the toggle switch is direct under the floyd and if you play solos and if you need to switch it is a problem.
    I like this guitar, I'm planning on buying 1. After reading the reviews, it's given me some info about it, thanks to those people that made the reviews.
    [B]C [R]ich
    **** yeah i love this style..im plannin on gettin an RR1..just cuz i heard there good but fuk yeah! jacksons rule
    Shinozoku wrote: I hate to burst your bubble, but the RR3 is actually a lower end model tan the RR1, which features genuine Seymour Duncans, an origonal Floyd Rose, and a maple thru-body neck, which is topped with an ebony fingerboard. The RR3 is like an upgrade to the guitar you currently have, with an alder body, diferent pickups, and a master tone knob, I believe, in addition to the volume and p-u selector. So.. which one are you actually getting?
    My friend has a RR3 & it dont have no original floyd rose, it has the licensed one & it has a bolt-on neck. They used to come with Duncan designed pickups, but then they upgraded it to JB/Jazz pickups & jacked the price up.
    I was looking at these a while back to...picked up an RR5 for $750...retail was $1500...its sweet
    Yea they are made in Japan, well atleast "newer" models. Mine doesn't say anything and it was used when I got it.