RX10D Rhoads review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reliability & Durability: 5
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.8 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.9 (135 votes)
Jackson: RX10D Rhoads

Price paid: € 300

Purchased from: Pro-musica, Cork Ireland

Sound — 8
The sound when I first used this guitar was fairly good for a cheap guitar, and with distortion is sounded amazing, the bottom pickup which is designed of duncans, really bring out some really good tones and a sweet distored sound, the top pickup sounds amazinging when playing leads and solos, I had this guitar over 2 years now and I still use it today, but a few things did go wrong with it along the way, which I will note the the reliablity and durability section.

Overall Impression — 6
If ur into metal, and want a cheap reliable guitar, this is a good buy, but just keep good care of it and it should last longer until you decide to move up to maybe a more expencive Jackson, or personally I'd recommend an E.S.P. this guitar over all is pretty great and I would recommend buying it if ur just starting off on ur way to becoming a serious guitar player.

Reliability & Durability — 5
at first this guitar was pretty good for the money, but, you get what you pay for does come into the situation here, after a few months of having this guita with out any problems, I got hold of a whamey bar(which I didn't get with the guitar) and using it was not very good, it didn't keep in tune very well when I used it, waether it was down to the floyd rose, or the locking bridge, is anyones guess, but I didn't used it after that, as with most Floyd Rose guitars, they are tricky to tune, but this was really difficult to do,.. A few weeks ago I noticed the pickups starting acting up, they wouldn't pick up the sound very well, and you would only hear a sound for about 2 seconds, I eventually fixed this just by opening up the back and giving everything a clean, then the 9th fret got VERY buzzy!, I never recalled dropping the guitar which could have caused it, and I stil have that buzz.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The action this guitar can get to again is great, a little string buzz but nothing that you would have trouble with, the finish however, I bought the black finish, it looked great and very metal! But got damaged very easyly, a small bump and it wud be effected.

Features — 7
This guitar is simple but very effective in a way, It has a single know which controls volume(no tone knob which was a little let down) has 22 frets which is good for lead, and the low action that this guitar can get to is really something, its great for solos and lead, it also has a registered Floyd Rose and locking nut.

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    This is a solid guitar. The Jackson tremelo is surprisingly really stable and the Duncan Designed pickups are actually quite good. If buying new, it would most ikely be worth it for the RR3 though.
    d_lord1 wrote: is it worth paying 50 extra for an rr3?
    Very much so, i had an Rx10d and after about a year or so i sold it, the neck dive was horrible and the tremolo was cheap. It played well but those 2 cons outweighed the other factors.
    megadethfan 666
    why do i keep hearing people saying jackson is not metal because they are owned by fender when all members of Iron Maiden, john 5,James Root and Yngwie Malmsteen all use fender and thats not even talking about the people that use jacksons Adrian Smith(Iron Maiden) Mark Morton, John Cambell(Lamb of God) Matt Tuck(Bullet for My Valentine) Randy Rhoads(Ozzy Ozbourne)R.I.P. Phill Demmel(Machine Head) Christian Olde Wolbers(Arkaea) Criss Broderick,David Ellefson,Marty Friedman(Megadeth) Scott Ian(Anthrax,The Damned Things) Buckethead Ben Moody(Evanescence) Mark St. John(Kiss) Kirk Hammett(Metallica) Rob Cavestany(Death Angel) Chris Cannella(Autumns End) Robbin Crosby(RATT) James Root(Slipknot,Stone Sour)
    I just picked one up at a pawn shop for 180 and the guy threw in the black and red jackson soft case with it. Totally worth the money. Awkward playing at first but you get used to it when you throw a strap on it.