SL1 Soloist review by Jackson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (40 votes)
Jackson: SL1 Soloist

Price paid: $ 441

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Sound — 10
Jackson guitars usually have a more 'metal sound' they say, and this doesnt seem to be an exception. With the amplifier I tried in the store I fell in love instantly in this guitar. It sounded really nice I thought. But with the amplifier I bought along with it (Peavey Rage 158 crap amp) it doesn't sound nearly as good. But with a distortion pedal I think that will work out! I cant complain on the sound at all actually, makes very good sound on almost all types of riffs.

Overall Impression — 10
It's a very good metal guitar if you are to call it that. I really love the thin neck and the fretboard, what I felt is missing is on the Tremolo though, on a friends Ibanez guitar that had a floyd rose tremolo there were some knobs for fine-tuning down on the guitar, that would make it easier tuning with the tremolo in place. On the other hand, those knobs weren't very reliable since if you tapped them they would move out of place and make it go out of tune, so I guess I'm ok without them! What I thought is wierd is the fact that I had such problems identifying the guitar, since it was the Japanese model it wasnt all that easy. I haven't managed to find it on any larger instrument site either. If lost/stolen I would have a hard time buying a new one since I can't really find it. So I would start looking like crazy for it, since for that price it's hard to find a guitar that good! Hell this even got the tuning knobs on the upper part of the head, which I feel is 'right'. So I really like this one.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I can't feel or sense any upcoming problem with this, it can take some bumps without any malfunction, I don't play any gigs. But I don't know what could happen to this guitar that could make it unplayable, I would no doubt use it to play a gig if that was the case and I would still feel pretty safe without a backup. There are lots of tiny scratches on the backside of it from being used, but that's only visible close up in the right light. I think it's got a few years behind it, and it still looks as good as new!

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
I bought this used in a music store, so it was all set up, they had polished it up since the last owner and it still is nice and shiny after a few weeks of intensive playing. The sunburst finish had one scratch on the backside of the guitar, but it's hardly noticable and doesn't affect the playing at all, so I don't care. It was all set up and ready to play.

Features — 9
It's a Japanese made model of the SL1 Solois guitar (Dinky type). I don't know which year it was made of the original price, I bought it used. There are some differences from the American version. This guitar has a 5-way selector, 1 volume and 1 tone knob. 24 jumbo frets (rosewood fretboard I think) quite thin neck so it feel good playing it, floyd rose tremolo.

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    No way you sold a real SL1 handmade and all that. And if you really did you should have called me first, I would've given you 100$ :O
    also.. if you read his profile he lives off welfare and live in some woods in the middle of nowhere. $60 isn't bad.. he could of got a bottle of whiskey in a brown paper bag for that. Being serious though.. even if the guitar looked f**ked but still in full working order.. it's still worth atleast $600
    The Mass Debate
    This is not an SL1 you are reviewing, it's an imported version of it. The USA models are much better quality.
    First review said that Rage 1508 is crap. This guy knows nothing about amps. Don't listen to him.
    that's true but i still dont like the distortion from the Rage 158, but it's just dandy with a dist pedal so basically i just meant that i was a bit disappointed that didnt get a "complete" amp since i had to get additional distorsion o_O
    i use to have this guitar until i sold it at a local pawn shop for 60 bucks it sounded pretty good with the marshall looked good two itz just the pick ups that i wasn't impressed with.....p.s my cousin sold my marshall 5 hourz later i now dispise him he also peer pressured me to sell my jackson aswell.....y am i so stupid FU*K!!!!!