JT-300QMT review by Jay Turser

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.1 (21 votes)
Jay Turser: JT-300QMT

Price paid: $ 130

Purchased from: Guitarman Laurel Delaware

Sound — 10
I bought this guitar to get that Fender Strat sound and this guitar sounds great! I mostly play blues but this guitar takes me to those Eric Clapton sounds easily! I'm using a Marshall G30RCD Amp with out any effects I do have a digitek rp 200 but I guess I've been into the strait to the amp sound for a little while! This guitar is absolutly silent until I pick a string and it has more sustain then any of my other guitars it's almost endless! The 5 way Switch really covers every thing from Rich full and bassy to crisp and clean! This guitar has made any sound I tried from Eric Clapton to david Gilmore it is surprisingly very versatale!

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression on this guitar is I think someone switched the price tags lol! I actually went to buy a Fender Stratocaster and I came home with this Jay Turser! Plays like a Fender looks like a Fender it's a Jay Turser!!! I've been playing 4-5 years now and this is my third Jay Turser guitar I have the Warlord(crazy flying vee, And I also have a double nek turser as well! I love all my Jay tursers and this by far has the best quality of them all! If it was lost or stolen at 130.00 bucks I would replace it in a heart beat! I asked all the right questions before I bought this guitar! Guitar man I laurel delaware has sold me 5 guitars now and has never steered be wrong! He could have sold me a Fender it was his recomendation that I try this guitar it's a great deal! How many times have we heard that line! well looks alone you could buy this guitar but playing it is a pleasure! I love everything about this guitar! It does have a tremelo arm and I'm not a big fan of tremelo arms and I mostly play slide guitar But I messed with it and she stayed in tune! I compared this guitar to a Fender Strat and I chose this guitar because I feel like it is the better product! I wish it came with a hard case but I'm not complaning at this price I could afford my own hardcase!

Reliability & Durability — 10
Would I play this guitar Live? You better believe it! The hard ware should not be on a 130.00 dollar guitar! I told I few people I paid 600.00 and nobody doubted me then I told them the truth then they think I lied! Strap buttons are solid as a rock! This is my third Jay Turser and never had any problem with the strap buttons! Would I play any guitar without a back up? no but this guitar would handle all I'm gonna dish out I'm sure! The finish looks like it's a mile thick and looks like it will be here with the cochroaches after the end of the world!

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
Set up well it's set up perfectly! The action isnt too high or to low! There are no unwanted fret buzzes! The pickups seem to be adjusted correctly! This guitars maple top is book matched beutifully I have no complaints on the looks of this guitar I think it's way way underpriced! The Fret job is flawless there is not one fret sticking in or out on either side of the neck they are as close to perfect as one could guess that it could be! But on the 21 first fret they missed filling in the groove for the last fret on the low e side of the neck! The hardware is gold plated and lovely no nicks pits or nothing it's flawless! Hardware is all tight and should stand the test of time!

Features — 10
Ok First let me Start by saying this guitar should be way more money! This guitar would be good at any price! Ok This is a new this year model for Jay Turser made in Japan(most are any way)It Has 21 frets and it's a Strat copy! It has a Alder body with a quilted maple top that is absoulutly beutiful! This guitar comes in Transparent blue, Amber, Transparent Red, and tobbacco sunburst which is the one I selected! This Guitar has a high gloss transparent paint! A maple neck and a rosewood finger board! With a inlay on the back of the neck it looks like oak but could just be stained to look that way. Three smoking Single pick ups with a 5 way selector switch. Classic stratocastor style double cutaway! There are two tone and one volume knobs! The pickguard is white pearloid that really helps pull off this guitars Good looks! And all the hard ware is gold in color!

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    tried the less fancy model of this, and was built exceptionally well for the price. utterly horrible buzzing from the pickups, so I assume an electrical problem, and not a problem with the line in general. would make a rather nice modding platform.
    Don, I'm glad you found something you obviously love. I have the Quilted Amber finish and I too think thiis is an outstanding value. Overall, I would rate it an 8.8 because although I concur with you assessment for the most part. The out of the case pickups are good enough for smaller venues but somewhat weak for anything other than that. I plan on changing them out with Lindy's to make the really my main gig axe, yes I like that much, as I'm not taking my expensive pieces out to get them mistreated or ripped off. Of course this change will bring the total investment to around $400 for a solid piece with HSC. Play the fool out of it, I am mine.
    First off let me say that I am an old guy who has been playing forever. In my close to 50 years of playing I have owned almost every guitar imaginable. Several Fenders and a few Gibson's. I saw a Jay Turser QMT stratocaster on ebay for $105 and bought it because it looked good. I planned on changing pickups, bridge and pots but when I received it it sounded just as good as my older strats...better even. I am a gigging musician and I played it at some of my gigs and got many compliments on its looks and sound. The only turn off was it said Jay Turser on the headstock. Guys would say Eww a Jay Turser. I had an old Fender neck laying around but it was for a Telecaster. It bolted on and it said Fender on it. Knowledgeable people would comment that it is a strat with a tele neck. I liked the playability and looks so much that I decided to buy a 1972 Stratocaster maple neck for it. The neck cost a lot more than the guitar and it was a big job putting it on. I love the 7.25 radius and low frets so I got to work. Took some cutting and the neck needed a shim after converting it from a 3 bolt to a 4 bolt. My friend is a luthier and I had him set it up. It is amber quilted maple with gold hardware. I blocked the tremolo. This strat quacks with the best of them, looks and plays beautfully. I play through a Marshall JCM amp or a Fender Super Champ, both tube amps. I didn't touch the electronics at all. I couldn't get a better sound from it if I tried. After years of playing it almost continously the switch is starting to go. I will replace it with a Fender 5 position switch. Now you talk about cheap....this is as cheap as you can get...almost...and it is one of the best guitars I have had in decades at any price.
    Wow last time i write a review late at night but all constructive critism is appreciated.I'm sorry if i seem a little happy with my guitar purchase but if you actually played a jay turser guitar you most likely really like it.
    guitardudedon wrote: Wow last time i write a review late at night but all constructive critism is appreciated.I'm sorry if i seem a little happy with my guitar purchase but if you actually played a jay turser guitar you most likely really like it.
    Maybe you think that about your guitar because you've never tried a good old Fender or Gibson guitar, with a Marshall amp and some crazy Vox pedals. What i mean is, that you feel so proud of your guitar because you never tried better brand gear, and you see your guitar like the best of the best, while in fact there are better brand guitars.
    ^ Brand isn't everything, some Epiphones play better than the low end-midrange Gibsons, mine does. It cost about half the price the Gibson would have cost me (and I have played Gibson Pauls, and Fender Strats so I have some comparison). Can't say I've played a Turser though, no input there.
    I have a JT300 Guitar, It sounds ok to me but then I am new to guitars. Up to a point you get what you pay for. But how much of you $ on a Fender or Gibson is for the quality and how much is for the name ? Ps should I have lessons or just learn from books and web sites ? Mike
    all 10s huh? Maybe Jay Turser wrote this review. All kidding aside I must say that this guitar is pretty darn good for the price, or even a bit more. The build quality is excellent. If you are looking at Squires give this guitar a look too. You may end up taking one home.
    I have a JT les paul knock-off. It isnt that bad for what i paid for it, just a little over 200 bucks. Solid starter guitar that will last awhile
    Shazazmic wrote: I think he might be reviewing it relevant to it's price? That would make sense, as these guitars beat out starter pack guitars, imo.
    i was suprised by the quality of the jay tursers so far & ive had a gibson nighthawk & a couple sgs & it sounds & plays just as good as those.i threw in a seymour duncan screamin demon & it really beefed it up & added some grover tuners & still cost under $200 bucks(guitar was used 50 bucks),just ordered a jay turser JT50 SG custom so can't wait to see how that plays & maybe throw in a 498t pip to give it a real gibson sound.
    SayHello2Heaven wrote: lol. A Japanese Made Squire Strat Beats the pants off of this guitar. My buddy just got one and I'm not impressed with it at all. Action lis a little high, the pickups buzz, the selector switch feels flimsy and cheap... 7 at the highest, no way it's a 9.8
    Okay, the FIND a JAPANESE Squier strat for me, especially one for $130, opkay then , shaddup. I am looking at these after looking at the ungodly horrible Squier Bullet Strats for $150 at guitar center. The affinity's are better that they used to be, but the $150 range bullets are pure junk, I tried to tune 4 of them and the tuners all squeaked and slipped. Look, find another $130 guitar, compare it to this one, then make a comment, newbie...
    I actually really like Turser guitars and I think the beat out most of the the cheap Squier crap. I have played the strat copy a couple hollowbodies and had a 51 p bass copy all of which were great for the price. A few used parts of ebay and you have a solid instrument. If i was running the guitar into vintage amps or analog pedals a fender MIM would probably be a better choice but through anything digital its hard to tell the difference. Heck with a boss gt pedal I could rig up a cigar box with piezo and still get a decent tones from it. For me its all about playability and i think Tursers are great for the money.
    A lot of what I see here seems to come from people that are too young and ignorant of guitar knowledgs all together. First of all like peatea, I have been playing for 45 years and have played everything, including guitars most of you have never even heard of. I have over 50 guitars and not one is a real Fender or Gibson. I make my own guitars and those for other people as well as doing setups. I am a retired Mulimedia Specialist from a worldwide corporation and a computer technology teacher at the local college. One thing I know is the name on the head stock means absolutely nothing. You people who bought one and the string action was too high that you thought they were junk aren't guitar players. Hey, get the guitar, reset the saddles on the bridge, put on new strings, make sure the neck has that extremely light bow it needs, set your intonation, set the pickup height correctly and then play it. What most people don't understand is very few Fender and Gibson are made in America. Not since they started farming things out to Mexico, Korea, Indonesia and Japan. And as far as I am concerned some of the best guitars are from Japan. I have a 1974 Electra MPC X320 that was made by the Matsumoku Company and are now considered some of the best guitars ever built and I bought it new back then for $500,which was more than a Strat or SG of that time because I understood the quality. I build custom guitars for myself and other people now either completely from scratch or by mixing different new parts together and I have used many Jay Turser necks because they are the straightest, best finished, highest quality necks I have found, and that's including Fender. They all buy their parts from the same place. Pots, switches and capacitors from Japan, woods from Canada, Africa, Japan, Hawaii, US and many others. What's this all about? Buy a guitar that you think looks good, stay in your price range and make it into what you really want. 9 times out of 10 it's not the guitar but the person who thinks he knows what he is doing when they try and play it. Why do the greats like Clapton and Stevie Ray and Robin Trower play Fenders? Because they were special built, given to them and many times payed to play them. Come on people, give credit to the great players not the stupid equipment. I can make any guitar sound like $3000. That's what knowledge is for! And by the way kids, I wouldn't go mouthing Japanese guitars too much, you may have Joe Satriani wrapping his Ibanez around your face.
    Project Pat wrote: Megalomaniac46 wrote: I think this guy is getting way too excited over this guitar. Well, he's a musician, he's probably on drugs
    Thats just the way it goes in the music bidness!
    vegetassj4 wrote: is there a signle period in that review or all of them exclamation marks?
    i counted 2
    Megalomaniac46 wrote: I think this guy is getting way too excited over this guitar.
    Everything was exclamated...and it didn't need to be..lol he seemed so happy to write this review
    First! These guitars are so very far from being all 10s it is ridiculous. My friend has one, and while their quality definiely surpasses other guitars in the pricerange, to give it all 10s and one 9 is a stretch
    I think he might be reviewing it relevant to it's price? That would make sense, as these guitars beat out starter pack guitars, imo.
    lol. A Japanese Made Squire Strat Beats the pants off of this guitar. My buddy just got one and I'm not impressed with it at all. Action lis a little high, the pickups buzz, the selector switch feels flimsy and cheap... 7 at the highest, no way it's a 9.8
    Peter Reardon
    I love this guitar - in fact, it was my first ever electric. Honestly though, a 9.8 is too high. It's definitely one of the best guitars you can get for the price. Based on that, I'd rate this guitar an 8.5
    this is a good guitar.....or your $150.00 coat will make you feel warnme than a $50.00 one
    SayHello2Heaven wrote: Action lis a little high, the pickups buzz, the selector switch feels flimsy and cheap... 7 at the highest, no way it's a 9.8
    well what were you expecting it to be like? a MIA fender strat?
    kill 'em pretty
    You see when you constantly end sentences with exclamation marks! like this! it sounds as if you're constantly surprised! which makes for a read that's hard to take serious! !
    My Friend has a Jay Turser Les Paul Copy Cherry Sunburt its really nice it sounds great, this might not be as good as his.
    Project Pat
    Megalomaniac46 wrote: I think this guy is getting way too excited over this guitar.
    Well, he's a musician, he's probably on drugs
    just ewww....it a purple strat with little sunburst finish... umm...gay?
    So if you all are basing your opinions on brand names and not by actually playing these guitars, just hear me out. I have a Jay Turser Deluxe Tele and it sounds great! Little noise, nice rich tone and it plays as well as my high end touring guits. I primarily play a Nash relic butterscotch tele, 2001 SG Classic w/p- 90's, American 72" Thinline Tele, MM Albert Lee HH, Jay Turser Deluxe Tele and honestly the Turser gets Damn good tone and I get other cats asking about it after shows. I have used it in small, med and large rooms and big outdoor shows, an it sounds great I have been a touring musician for 15 years, an these are great guitars at a way more than reasonable price range. I haven't done anything but change out the bridge and the stock Tuners also. American made instruments these day's don't have the quality they once had. (Example) I bought a Gibson LP Trad Pro last year, an I positively hated it. Neck issues, Muddy as hell, poor electronics.... Ect an I play through a Savage 2x12 and a Matchless 2x10 most of the time..... An it sounded like a cheap POS, an obviously it was not what I expected from a AM Gibby. Don't judge based on brands, as I've played some no name guitars that ended up becoming very high end names now! Bashing for the sake of bashing is pointless, an you can't go through only buying by brand. I had to have MM replace my Albert Lee 2 times in as many years due to neck issues with their guitars. Just my opinion here. An your rig has a lot (In my opinion everything) to do with your tone and sound too. I run a bunch of boutique effects, the Savage, a Matchless and I've made some cheap ass guitars sound pretty sweet through my set up. Don't buy brand hype. Play what ya dig, an what feels and sounds good to your ear!